PERSONALITY – Patience Owiredu-Yeboah
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Patience Owiredu-Yeboah

Welcome to personality show where we bring your way great people of God, as part of our duties we bring to you a precious pearl from Evangelism committee. Please relax, read and enjoy what she has to tell us.

PC: Can you tell us about yourself?

Personality: I’m Patience Owiredu-Yeboah, 21 years old, a second year chemical engineering student. I’m currently in Baby Brunei, room 43k.I come from a family of six: my parents, three guys and myself; the only lady. My mum is a Teacher so wherever she is been transferred, I go with her. I attended apostolic primary school, Presby and later to St. Peters Catholic School all in Somanya. For S.H.S I went to YIKROSEC for a year, my dad was the chaplain there, but when he retired there was a lot of issues so I was transferred to Methodist Girls Senior high school in Mampong- Akuapim Ridge, where I completed SHS.

PC: How was life back in S.H.S?

Personality: well, before I went to Methodist Girls Senior high school, I heard of lesbianism. There was a day I even saw a letter under my desk from one of them asking me to be her girlfriend which I rejected. There was nothing like PENSA because it was a mission school, we just go for S.U. School life was okay, I didn’t have any difficulty since my parents new the bursar, who also happen to be an elder of the church.

PC:  Any nickname back in S.H.S?

Personality:  Yeah, Diamond. The name diamond came up when we went for a science fair at Koforidua Sec. Tech. the boys there get excited whenever they see girls around, so when we alighted, the boys started shouting “diamond! Diamond! , this girl is a diamond” and it eventually became my nicky. But I no longer respond to “Diamond” by the way.

PC: What can you say about knust in regard to your program of study?

Personality: Reading chemical engineering in knust is good. I remember when I first came to knust, I was asking myself, “is this really knust” because I used to hear a lot about tech. some people will say, “I was in kat”, and others “I was in conti” I asked my mother whether we were at the right place, I thought we were in knust senior high school because the things I saw weren’t what I was expecting. But when I got to the faculty, it was okay even though chemical engineering, we do not have all our laboratories, I think it is okay meanwhile it is quite challenging and our lecturers too challenge us to study more.

PC: What can you say about pensa-knust?

Personality: Even though I was born into the church, the first time I came to pensa, the population was so large, so I thought you wouldn’t be able to do some little things you want to do for God so I decided to join campus Christian fellowship (CCF) or lighthouse but I was there one day and I said, why should I go to CCF or lighthouse, I didn’t know of committees by then but when I got to know, I joined one. And I realized with committees you can feel free to do the little things you can do. For now I love everything about pensa.

PC: Why evangelism committee?

Personality: ever since I was a child I had this passion for souls that I always tell God that, He should help me win at least one soul in a month and as some people referred to me as a fresh girl I try to use that to interact with guys to share the word of God with them and I also loved to help people, like visiting the orphanage so I decided to join evangelism committee since most of these things are done in the evangelism committee.

PC: Do you have any walk word?

Personality: Mine is “love again” that’s my walk word. There is a girl I knew from high school, and I came to the same room with her but when we came she changed. She does things that normally I don’t think someone will have a heart for so I decided to use that walk word so that when someone offends me, I will have the heart to forgive.

PC: What is your mission and vision in life?

Personality: my vision is to own an orphanage home and my mission is what I am doing now. I am in the “we care” ministry under the evangelism committee; we raise funds to support the poor.

PC: What are your plans after school?

Personality: after knust, well I have a job…. Yes am saying it by faith. That is, to work in GNPC alongside managing the orphanage. So after school, I will start working and may be doing my master’s as well.

PC: What is your favourite bible verse?

Personality: Luke 17:32 “remember Lot’s wife”. My mum taught me that; she told me that whatever am doing, I should know the consequences. For example, if you fornicate and become pregnant, God will forgive you but the consequences will be: school dropout, not accomplishing the dreams you had.

PC: Who is your favourite bible character?

Personality: Ruth. She had a kind heart to stay with Naomi even after losing everything. Naomi was not her real mother, assuming I grow up and one day I lose my husband, following my in-law for the rest of my life will be something hard to do, but Ruth had love.

PC: Who inspires you in life?

Personality: my mum. She inspires me a lot, she always wakes up as early as twelve midnight to pray for her kids and that inspires me a lot to even wake up early as well and study just to put a smile on her face.

PC: What was the most memorable day of your life?

Personality: my birthday, this year 24th was a Sunday, when I woke up I prayed to God that I know that people will call to wish me but for today, I want a gift. That day I wore my nicest dress to church, And both pensa secretaries wished me a happy birthday at church. After close of service, I went to my room then I had a call that someone has ordered a cake for me, they sent me another cake from someone I didn’t know and later in the evening, my father called to bless me.

PC: Are you born again?

Personality: yes. Although I was born into the church of Pentecost, I did all the quizzes you can think of even to the regional level I didn’t know Christ but there was this particular day, I was in JHS3 by then when my pastor asked me to raise up my hand to declare my faith but I told him I wanted to do it on my birthday. That day I had a strange dream, I saw a very tall man in a white robe and he called me by my native name. He said “why did you reject what your pastor told you, don’t you like me anymore, why don’t you come to me?” then I asked “who are you? I know I am in Christ” the man shoke his head and said you have not confessed to the world, go to your pastor to confirm your faith. I woke and I told my mum then she led me to Christ before going to church the next Sunday.

PC: Do you have any testimony to share?

Personality: yes, a lot but I will share one. When I was in form 2(shs), I registered for Nov/Dec. After the exams, I went to the market to get my provisions for school , but before that, I used to tell my mother that I have a feeling that I’m about to die. When I got to the market, a woman started calling me to come and buy earrings, by then I was standing in front of a shop and there was a little boy standing beside me so when the woman called me, I took 3 steps away from where I was standing, There was this huge vehicle full of cassava dough and sugarcane, I didn’t see anything, not knowing the vehicle had crushed the boy to the extent that his eyes popped out. I just took few steps to the woman, I didn’t know what happened next, but before I realized I was at the hospital out of shock. My mum said, at that particular time she was in school and she had the feeling to visit the mission house. So she used all the money on her, bought some items to the mission house, the pastor gave my mum an apple and said “on this day, whatever the enemy has planned against any of your children we cancel it, all your children will live, you will not bury any of them”. My mum said, after the prayer she decided to take the apple though she didn’t like apple but that day, she took some. After taking the apple, less than 30minutes, she had a phone call that I was at the hospital, she came there and they told her what happened. It was God who saved me from that premature death and I can never explain it.

PC: Have you been grabbed?

Personality: YES! I have been grabbed.

PC: Do you have any advice for those in a relationship?

Personality: my advice for those in a relationship is first, put God first and create a boundary, for instance as a Christian you should say “no sex”, “we can’t sit at a secret place alone” and let him understand. If you set those boundaries, there is no way one will go against them because if you take things for granted, the devil will come in.

PC: Do you have any advice for the ladies and the gentlemen?

Personality: well, with the ladies, I sometimes have a problem with the skirts some of our ladies wear and with the guys, I don’t have any problem with theirs but then we should all try to always come to church on time .

PC: Do you have any hobby?

Personality: I like fashion so what I do during my leisure is to make designs.

PC: Do you have any prayer request?

Personality: ok. I want the church to help one of my brothers in prayers so that God will bring him back to His mission thus His calling and God should give my father long life to live and see me graduate.

PC: God bless you so much for reading till we come your way next week remain fruitful.