PERSONALITY – Obeng-Sekyi Godfred
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Obeng-Sekyi Godfred

Welcome to personality show where we bring your way great people of God, as part of our duties we bring to you a fine gentleman from organizing committee. Please relax, read and enjoy what he has to tell us.

PC: Can you please tell us about yourself

Personality: My name is Obeng-Sekyi Godfred, a final year BSc. Telecommunication Engineering student, born on the 3rd of August, currently living in Taifa, Accra, but I come from Kwahu Obo.Am from a family of six and apart from myself and my dad, there are no other males. I am the second born though. My siblings are Eunice, Charis and Priscilla who are working, in Accra poly and Efutu Shs respectively. I attended Saint Lawrence Complex at North Kaneshie, then Mfantsipim School in Cape Coast and soon to complete the journey in KNUST. I am a proud member of the organizing committee, and in Providence Area, New Franco room (8) eight. My contacts are 0501370936/0261279269

PC: How was life back in jhs and shs ?

Personality: Jhs was quite enjoyable, and very interesting. I was a cool boy and I remember myself studying for studying sake with no real aim until form 2 when it really dawn on me that there is something called B.E.C.E. I was also the school prefect in the final year. Back in shs, things were quite different from the jhs stuff. I had to adapt quickly to my new world. It was a great experience though. I know for sure that Mfantsipim really shaped me in diverse ways. I was a general science student and I didn’t know anything about pensa then because we didn’t have pensa in “botwe”. I was part of a music ministry named Calvary Road Incorporated.

PC: Do you have any Nicky?

Personality: In form one, I used to be called Skinny due to my skinny shorts and trousers but in second year, another guy used to dance, he was also called Skinny and he became very popular within a short while. To prevent my name from just going under the carpet, I rebranded to Ski, and that has ever been my nicky.

PC: Why Knust?

Personality: I actually couldn’t wait to go to the university. So I bought forms for both Legon(UG) and Knust with hopes that I would get to UG, because it was close to my house and family but then by the grace and infinite wisdom of God, I am finally here and Knust had what I actually needed that is Telecom Eng.

PC: Has Knust met your expectation?

Personality:  Yes, and a little no. No, because I didn’t think engineering will be this complicated, I thought it was going to be simple maths logic and not wild integrations and some incomprehensive series. But yes, because I have really met great and outstanding people here, spiritually, casually; intellectuals, people who are smart, and have one way or the other shaped me to becoming a better me.

PC: What can you say about Pensa Knust?

Personality: Pensa, I love Pensa. It’s a great and wonderful family. The church is organized and systematically arranged. The executives make sure they get renowned and influential people to touch on vital topics very well and I have been blessed being a part of such a family.

PC: Why the organizing committee?

Personality: I actually planned to join the Bible Study or Prayer but I remember myself sitting with now, assistant off-campus overseer, Amos Kittah who happens to be my classmate in shs and we were like let’s just sit here and join the committee and it was the organizing committee. And I can say that I really love the committee, it has many interesting characters and various inspirational and godly people who have in one way or the other drawn me closer to Christ and I believe that its soo in other committees and that each and every one of us should be fully active in our committees and we will experience a touch from God.

PC: What are your plans after school?

Personality: After here, I plan on doing my national service on the field for a year and further my education most probable into telecom business.

PC: Do you have any walk word?

Personality: Hmm, I wouldn’t know how to answer that but then I occasionally tell people “You wouldn’t know, but for grace”. It came as a result of thinking that you did extremely well in an exam, presentation etc. and when the results are out, you realised you merely passed as a result of God’s mercy.

PC: Any testimonies?

Personality: Hehe, my whole life is a testimony. I remember my very little sister, Priscilla became very sick at one point in time. Jeez, she was very sick, her skin was breaking, she was barely breathing and trust me, you can think of all the worst things that can happen to someone and they were all on her. I remember myself crying with my siblings and mum during our prayer times on a number of occasions. We (the kids) started running shifts at the houses of our aunts and uncles, relatives and friends of our parents. Those times were very hard times and it really lasted for quite a while, almost close to three years. The poor kid was just suffering and we all could feel for her. But then if God be for you, who can stand against you. By the grace of God, she received her healing miraculously; she actually got healed when everyone had proclaimed her a living-dead and it’s all to the glory of the Lord. But that wasn’t the end, due to the long span of her infirmity and stuff, my parents were really broke. Like seriously broke, my mum stopped working and was doing the hospital stuff and my dad had taken bunch bank loans to cater for the hospital bills and stuff. We were hard on cash, my parents even opted that some of us stay at home for a year or two so that they recover everything before sending us to continue schooling and even send us to the government school. But then I know that but for grace, I wouldn’t have even been here, and even if I was I would now be in first year. (lol) Miraculously, we didn’t stay home for any year and we have been eating, making bunch expenses and schooling without any break or any of those stuff and I know for sure that the Lord has been so good to myself and my family.

PC: What’s your favourite verse in the bible?

Personality: it will be very difficult but then my favourite chapter is Romans 8, especially the last verse which says NOTHING CAN SEPARATE US FROM THE LOVE OF CHRIST.

PC: Who is your favourite bible character?

Personality: Shamgar, his name appeared in just one verse of the bible. I was fascinated about that reason but  then that was his purpose in life. So I also wanted to just be able to serve my generation and let my star shine in every corner I find myself.

PC: What are your hobbies?

Personality: I like reading but then I do enjoy video games (fifa) a lot

PC: Are you in a relationship?

Personality: Not yet but we are still working on it.

PC: what are some of the qualities you saw in her and is she in PENSA?

Personality: She must be Christ-like, humorous, adaptable, decent, neatly dressed at all times and yes, she’s in PENSA.

PC: Are you born again?

Personality: Yes I am, raised up in a Christian family (both Pentecostals) but I gave my life to Christ after my first term in shs but then I didn’t really give it to Him fully because I didn’t really understand it till my third year in shs, since then my life has not been the same.

PC: What is your mission and vision in life?

Personality: My mission and vision is summarised in Acts 20:24. Putting smiles on people’s faces and giving others a glimpse of hope and a better tomorrow.

PC: What is your take on the theme and focus of this academic year?

Personality: Growing into Christ and excelling in the knowledge of Him. Well, every living creature grows so what’s the point in being a Christian and not growing. How do you expect to know God better? About excelling in Him, it’s a must; we are all supposed to at least get to the point of the Meshach, Shadrach, Abednego, Paul where we count all but lost when we compare them to Christ.

PC: Do you have any advice for the church?

Personality: Fist Corinthians 15:58. (organa anthem) Let’s all stand strong and firm in the Lord, we are young and want things done fast and easy and are in times where not all our plans will work customarily, but we shouldn’t try dubious means to get to our destination. It doesn’t show the love of Christ in us. And God is a rewarder of those who diligently follow after His statutes to the very end.

PC: Do you have any prayer requests?

Personality: That peace shall reign in the country even in this election year. And that the peace, wisdom and love of God will envelope my family.

PC: God bless you so much for reading till we come your way next week remain fruitful.