PERSONALITY – Nii-Awuley Lartey
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Nii-Awuley Lartey

Brethren guess what it’s another week and personality crew comes your way with another fantastic personality

On the show this week is a gentleman from the Organizing committee whom we would rather like that he speaks for himself. Let’s start the ball rolling.

PC: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Personality: I am Nii-Awuley Lartey, a semester 7 student pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Technology and Management. I come from a wonderful family of six and also from Bortianor in the greater Accra region of Ghana. I had my kindergarten and primary education at St. Peters Preparatory school at Nkwatia –Kwahu. I continued the rest of my primary education outside the country. I completed JHS at Christian Home School in Dansoman and proceeded to St. Augustine’s College, Cape Coast for my secondary education. I am a proud member of the organizing committee.

PC: Can you tell us a bit about your life back in SHS?

Personality: Life in SHS was very interesting. I was the taciturn type so I usually expressed my views better when I was with friends and classmates. Though I didn’t want to get noticed in school, taking part in sporting activities, which I had interest in, made me quite popular. I later became a student leader.

PC: Why did you choose KNUST out of the many universities you could have chosen from?

Personality: I chose KNUST because it is, if not the best, one of the best universities in Ghana and they offered me the courses I needed to help me realize my career goals. Also, I wanted to know how life in Kumasi felt like because back in SHS, my friends from Kumasi had said a lot about life in the Ashanti region, Kumasi to be specific. I also yearned to live life away from my family.

 PC: Has your course met your expectations?

Personality: I will say yes because tech has very good academic facilities, qualified and able lecturers who prepare and equip us to face the world. Though things have not been as I expected them to be, I give thanks to GOD for how far he has brought me in my academic pursuit.

PC: What do you think of PENSA KNUST?

Personality: Pensa KNUST is a wonderful family to be part of. As a church on campus, it is doing all it can to spread the gospel and inculcate the fear of God in its members and all who avail themselves for God’s use.

PC: Why did you join the organizing committee amongst the lot?

Personality: Hmmmm I don’t even know how I got into the organizing committee. Initially, when I came to first year I wanted to join a committee but didn’t know which one to join so I told my overseer about it and she later directed my friend and I to the current organizing head who also welcomed us and took our details .Me joining organa has really helped me improve upon my social life. I have really learnt a lot and have not regretted joining such a family.

PC: How do you understand the theme and focus of this year?

Personality: I believe it’s time we Christians get to know God for ourselves and it is through that we will know his plans for us. When we grow in him we shall know and understand his ways and everything we do shall be successful.

PC: What are your plans after school?

Personality: Very soon I will be out of school, then national service.  I want God to help me secure a lucrative job and help me establish my own firm. I think God has a purpose for my life and I want to grow and become one of the successful personalities and also finance God’s ministry.

PC: Can you share the circumstances surrounding you being born-again

Personality: Yes I am born again. It all started when I heard the word of God during one of our Wednesday worship service back in JHS. I confessed and accepted Christ as my lord and personal savior, accepting Christ is the wisest decision I ever made and it has really helped me in my Christian walk.

PC: Can you please share with us your favorite bible quotation?

Personality: I like 2 Timothy 2:15 where Apostle Paul admonishes us to study the word of God to show our selves approved. I believe as Christians we ought to know God personally and establish a strong relationship with Him .The bible is the mind of God concerning our lives and his purpose for us. When we know him we will be able to unlock the mysteries of His Kingdom but if we are ignorant of who we are and the power we possess, many things may go wrong and any false doctrine we encounter may sway our faith in Christ Jesus. Jesus, knowing this, told his followers that they err because they don’t search the scriptures.

PC: Who is your favorite Bible Character?

Personality: Job because he had faith in God even when he was going through a difficult time, he never gave up his faith and trusted God fully1 and in the end God rewarded him greatly.

PC: Do you have any testimonies to share with us?

Personality: My life alone is a testimony ….I remember I travelled with my parents and was told not go out into in the cold but I refused and went out, the cold was severe that I fell sick but God being so good, my dad arrived early and took me to the hospital. But for that timely intervention, I would have been in a wheel chair by now. I give Glory to God that am still on my feet.

PC: What inspires you in life?

Personality: The fact that God says in his word that we should fear not for He is with us all the time one person who inspires me most is my dad. He is a disciplinarian and a very caring and hardworking man who loves what he does.

PC: Do you have any hobbies?

Personality: I like watching movies and listening to music

PC: Are you in a relationship?

Personality: No, I am not in a relationship.

PC: Do you have any qualities you desire in your future beloved?

 Personality: Well everybody wants the best in life. I want her to be, first of all, God  fearing ,prayerful ,someone who is very understanding ,intelligent ,beautiful and patient  and above all a lady who can be by me in all situations.

PC: What is your view about modern society with regards to dressing?

Personality: We should be very particular about the clothes we put on. A Christian has to be very decent in all aspects for we are the standard those in the world look up to. The church should make sure decency is promoted and maintained

PC: Do you have any prayer request?

  • I want to thank God for my life and how far he has brought me .I want him to bless  my parents and grant them good health and long life
  • It’s my prayer that God will bless my friends and all my loved ones
  • It’s my humble prayer that God will bless the youth of today and use us for his work to expand HIS kingdom

God bless you for reading and stay blessed till we come your way again next week. Best wishes in your Examination