PERSONALITY – Martin Koranteng Okornoe
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Martin Koranteng Okornoe

Welcome to personality show where we bring your way great people of God, as part of our duties we bring to you a fine gentleman from Editorial committee. Please relax, read and enjoy what he has to tell us.

PC: hello, please this the personality crew and we are glad to have you here today. We will like you to tell us about yourself.

Personality: My name is Martin Koranteng Okornoe the first born of my parents I have three siblings two boys and a girl we come from old Ningo in the greater Accra region but have lived in Ashaiman all my life I begun schooling in Ashaiman and then later in Tema further to Enum bonus senior high school. I am the shy type who does not like talking too much but once you come close to me you will find very interesting

PC: how do you see KNUST?

PERSONALITY: KNUST in fact, is a nice place to be. Life is easy on campus. That is to say you wake to see your washroom being scrubbed for you and also with quite a number of Christian events too, things are just nice. And so far, so good.

PC: how has your field of study being with respect to progress and development of interest?

PERSONALITY: Initially, I had a wrong perception about History because I had always wanted to read law and for that matter was not very interested in the programme. From the beginning I thought history was in all reading about the past but after few studies, I realised that all the issues faced in our current times can be traced back to history for some mistakes of the past not to be repeated. And that’s how powerful history is.

PC: Any plans after school?

PERSONALITY: I still want to continue my education after school and hopefully find myself in the law field.

PC: why editorial committee?

PERSONALITY: I exempted myself from a committee based on funny reasons, and decided to join the Editorial Committee because I minored in English, which I thought, will be useful in editorial. On the contrary, I ended up not utilising my knowledge in English but rather my ‘yet to be discovered’ skills in photography. Hence my current job, photography.

PC: what can you say about PENSA KNUST?

PERSONALITY: it’s really a nice place to be, considering the fact that you get to know a great deal of people but most importantly all the presidents of the church I’ve encountered have just been on point.

PC: what is your hobby?

PERSONALTY: I like to play Football

PC: Do you have any walk word?

PERSONALITY: yes and that is “I live everyday not because life is good but God is good”. In that life is not always good but with God, life is good.

PC: Who motivates you?

PERSONALITY: My dad. He is persistent and hardworking

PC: What has been your most exciting moment in life?

PERSONALITY: that was when I went to check my WASCE results. And again when I received an invite from an Aunty outside one day on campus here to come for summer holiday but unfortunately that was changed to my saddest day when I was denied a visa with the reason that students don’t like coming back when they go for a visit.

PC: whose is your favourite Bible character?

PERSONALITY: Daniel he was very prayerful.

PC: what is your favourite Bible verse?

PEROSONALITY: Mathew 11:28 “come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”

PC: What is your take on growing into Christ?

PERSONALITY: Growth is an essential process for all Christians and it’s very necessary. That is the reason why when a famer sows, he expects to reap after growth. This shows the importance of Growth. But in other to grow, you have to excel in the knowledge of him.

PC: what will you want to see change in PENSA?

PERSONALITY: we need to balance the local songs with the foreign ones.

PC: what don’t you like

PERSONALITY: Disrespect and force accusation.

PC: Any testimony?


PC: have been inconsistent in your Fellowship with God.

PERSONALTY: Sometimes but whenever it happens I don’t stay dirty, I run back.

PC: have you grabbed

PERSONALITY: No. am patiently waiting for a God’s time.

PC: what would you look out for in your future lady?

PERSONALITY: She should be beautiful and hardworking

PC: Do you any advice for the youth of today.

PERONALITY: We need to be up and doing. No laziness.

 PC: How do you combing all your activities with studies?

PERSONALITY: It is by GRACE. And so the least chance I get I study.

 PC: Are you born again if yes has there been any transformation

PERSONALITY: Yes, it was when I came to university, during a particular programme. And I have seen a changed in my life.

PC: any advice for the church?

PERSONALITY: we are doing well, but we can do more.

PC: Do you have Prayer request

PERSONALITY: Yes it will be my family help me pray for them.

PC: God bless you so much for reading till we come your way next week remain fruitful.