MEET Lady Ruth Pratt
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Welcome to the personality show where we bring your way great people of God, as part of our duties we bring to you a virtuous lady from computer committee, who’s always seen with lovely smiles on. She’s Lady Ruth Pratt. Please relax, read and enjoy what she has to share with us

P.C: Who is Ruth?

PERSONALITY: Well, Ruth Pratt is a second year sociology student and a member of the computer committee in PENSA-KNUST. I hail from Abora in the Central Region but stay at Tarkwa with my parents of who I’m the second born to. I had my primary and JHS education at Fanti- Mines Preparatory School and New Atuabo John Taylor M/A respectively. Then I had admission to Aburaman SHS in Abura Dunkwa- Central Region.

PC: Then you seem to have “Fante” genes.   

PERSONALITY:  (laughs) Oh yes… Yekrom Fante.

PC: S.H.S is a place people learn to live…either for the better or worst. Some people change, others don’t. How was yours like?

PERSONALITY: Well, I give God all the credits for his intervention. I went through a lot of challenges because I didn’t like the school at first.

PC: Really?

PERSONALITY: Yes, I regretted going to school and I felt like God has not been good to me concerning my grade and the school I had, it was something I couldn’t understand. Neither did I know that God was preparing me for something greater than what I could imagine. When I got to understand my reason for being in the school, I gave God all my will for his purpose to be established in me.

PC: So what was that purpose?

PERSONALITY:  Mmm… Becoming the PENSA Vice president wasn’t something I dreamt about but with God nothing was impossible. My status as PENSA Vice president  helped  my Christian life and my academics as well. So if I find myself in this noble institution then it was God who wanted to do something in my life. That is why He sent me to Aburaman SHS where I had the opportunity to gain admission to KNUST.

PC: Is KNUST a school of your choice? 

PERSONALITY: I can say that I was destined to be in KNUST. The processes I went through before coming here is a miracle.

PC: Wow! Will you mind sharing with us??

PERSONALITY: Yh… I quite remember after first term in SHS, I opened a Facebook account and when it came to the column for tertiary institution I wrote KNUST though I had no idea about the school. Then second year I decided to go to UG with my friend because there was a scholarship package for Aburaman students who will gain admission to UG. In final year, I decided to come to KNUST because most of my mates wanted to come here.

PC: Eish.. peer pressure.

PERSONALITY: Oh no! Unfortunately the day my mother went to buy the forms, KNUST forms were not available so she bought UG and UEW. So I was expecting any of the two institutions to call me but I had a call from a friend that we have gained admission to KNUST thus students from less endowed school. Then I understood that God really wanted me to come to KNUST so I prepared for school and came with my mother.

PC: What a testimony! With regard to your programme of study, what can you say about KNUST?

PERSONALITY: I see KNUST to be a wonderful institution with its students morally and spiritually upright. Before I came to school I went to see a friend who told me a lot about KNUST especially the spiritual lifestyle of the students. She said; “if you come to KNUST and you are not able to serve God well, then I don’t know where else you can do that”. Truly, when I came here I got to understand her well. Since my programme of study involves a lot of reading, my expectation was to have easy access to many reading materials but finding those books at the library is difficult. Also, Sociology is the science of society so it needs to be examined more practically than theoretically.

PC: What makes PENSA-KNUST special to you?

PERSONALITY: PENSA-KNUST is among the best denomination to find on campus; a place where each member is treated in a special way. Though it is said recognizing a small fish in a big river is very difficult, PENSA treats its members like  big fishes in a big river. Even with the largest population, it is able to attend to the needs of each and every member. The mode of fellowship  and organization of programs in PENSA is just as I had anticipated.  I’m so happy to be a proud member of PENSA-KNUST.

PC: Any reason for joining the computer committee?

PERSONALITY: At first I didn’t know which committee to join because I saw myself to befitting in all the committees.

PC: Then you are very versatile.

PERSONALITY: Oh I just wanted to join all the committees so that I can learn a lot from them but that wasn’t possible. I then decided to join Bible Study but I couldn’t make it for the first meeting because the time and venue wasn’t favorable to me so I joined my roommate who was in computer committee (C.C). I don’t have regrets for doing that because I have learnt a lot from this adorable committee. The enjoyable training sessions and the prayer meetings are not something to joke about. I’m glad to be in this wonderful IT family. I can say that with the help of C.C, I have an IT mind.

PC: Has there been any transformation after giving your life to Christ?

PERSONALITY: I thought if you are born into the church then you are automatically a member in the body of Christ and there is no need to declare your faith in Christ until my mother shared a testimony on the need to declare your faith. I gave my life to Christ when I was in JHS 1 and I have never regretted for doing that. Since I invited Christ into my life, I can’t recollect the last time I did something on my own. Sometimes I submit my plans to God and by the time I realize, it had been changed to something different above my imagination. Two years later, after I had given my life to Christ, I became the best BECE candidate amidst 4 schools and had a scholarship to SHS.

PC: Nice! Do you have any walk word?

PERSONALITY: “Forgive and forget”. I tapped it from my mother after narrating a hurtful encounter with a friend. She told me that what I’m experiencing is as a result of unforgiving spirit which was causing harm to my Christian life. She told me that I should understand that as I am surrounded by different people, it is that same people who will step on my toes and whenever such things happen, I should let go of the damage caused and move on. Since I heeded to her advice, I have been able to cope with people from all works of life, I’m not bothered when people do something bad to me. I’m grateful to God for that.

PC:  Have you ever been inconsistent in your Christian lifestyle?

PERSONALITY: Yes. Some years ago it was difficult for me to stand when I face any challenges. I easily forget who God had made me and the power He had given to me. I easily diminish the power of God in me and start blaming God for the challenges but when I started maturing in Christ, I never gave in to that habit.

PC: Your favourite bible verse?

PERSONALITY: I have a lot but the one I took when I came to KNUST is Exodus 33:14 “And He said my presence will go with you and I will give you rest” (NKJV).

PC: Why do you like it?

PERSONALITY: This verse tells how important the presence of God is because if you don’t have His presence, nothing you do will succeed and you will never have rest. Many people are suffering because they are leaning on their wealth, knowledge and strength instead of asking for the Lord’s presence. In everything you do, you need God for it to succeed. Without God it will be futile. After I had this verse, I always pray for the presence of God and this has brought me peace.

PC: Who is your favourite bible character?

PERSONALITY: I like Joseph the son of Jacob and Rachael. I admire the character of Joseph who was able to forgive his brothers and showed mercy to their household. Sometimes I imagine how I would have reacted if I was Joseph who was sold into a foreign land where he spent many years as slave and later his brother coming to seek his help without them knowing that Joseph is the brother they sold into slavery. Maybe I would have taught them a lesson but Joseph didn’t do that. He forgave them and showed love. I always remember Joseph as someone I look up to in terms of forgiving the wrongs of others.

PC: “Forgiving baby” can you tell us your mission and vision in life?

PERSONALITY: (Amidst laughter).. My mission is to bring people to the saving knowledge of Christ and my vision is to become someone who is grounded firmly in Christ that people will look up to. I want to use my personality and capabilities to draw people closer to God.

PC: God bless you for that. Has there been any regret in life?

PERSONALITY: Amen. Yes. When I was in SHS, I had the chance to win souls for Christ but I misused it because of my unwillingness to let go of a grudge I had with someone. This really affected my academic, social and religious life. As for now I have learnt my lesson so I wouldn’t give the devil any chance and I know that God will use me for something greater.

PC: You seem to be really inspired. What is your source?

PERSONALITY: I take my inspirations from the Bible and my parents. I mostly take them from my parents who also refer me to the Bible and I always thank God for my parents. Whenever I’m going through  difficulties, I go to them. I also see them as  mentors.

PC: Hobbies? 

PERSONALITY: I like reading a lot, singing and craft work.

PC: Do you have any testimony to share?

PERSONALITY: Yes. All my life is full of testimonies, right from my childhood to this stage is a testimony. In all my school from basic to tertiary testifies the wonders of God. I would like to share one I had when I came to KNUST. As I stated earlier I had admission based on students from less endowed schools so I was asked to read French, which I didn’t like because I wanted to read Political Studies. In SHS we were compelled to read French as one of our elective subject so I didn’t have any passion for the subject but I had no choice than to study and pass my exams. I was shocked when KNUST gave me French, because I never thought of pursuing French in tertiary so I nearly withdrew from coming but my mother convinced me. But after my third French class, I saw myself not to befitting in the class. That day I wished I hadn’t come, I wept and called my mother who assured me that she would do something about it. Also I went to see two lecturers and some faculty executives who were willing to help me out. As I prayed, God answered my prayer and my programme was changed to Sociology. I always thank God about that.

PC: Wow!

PERSONALITY: Yes. I could see that if it hadn’t been the intervention of God, I wouldn’t have been able to change. At that time, I had finished with my faculty and department registration. What marvels me is that, during the period that I was seeking for change of programme we were supposed to have our matriculation but the date was postponed. If it hadn’t been that, I wouldn’t have been able to change the programme. I can say that for my sake God caused the matriculation to be postponed and I say this to the glory of God.

PC: Wonderful.. Do you enjoy any sporting activity?

PERSONALITY: I enjoy all field and track events. I really enjoy watching the Olympic Games anytime I get the opportunity.

PC: Olympic games? Then you’re one in a million girl. We would like you to use this platform to tell those out there who you really are?

PERSONALITY: I’m a very simple girl who wished to be loved and cared for by people around me. I always cherish my friends especially those closer to me. I am approachable and I don’t discriminate. I’m willing to offer help in times of need and always want to put smiles on the face of people.

PC: What is your take on “once saved forever saved” ?

PERSONALITY: Once saved is not forever saved. I was taught that there are three types of salvation. The first one is the instant salvation; this is the salvation one gets when he/she gives his/her life to Christ. The second one is progressive salvation, which Paul admonished every Christian to do thus to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. The last one is what Christians will get when Christ comes. So as Christians, we are expected to protect our salvation by doing what God wants us to do in order not to lose our salvation.

PC: Educative. What are your last words to the people out there?

PERSONALITY: What I would like to say to everyone is, no matter who you are God still loves and cares for you. Never lose hope, set your eyes on God who is about doing something great in your life. The LORD who saw me through all my challenges will also do far beyond your imagination.

PC: Do you have any prayer request?

PERSONALITY: My first prayer request is that God should use PENSA to win more souls. My next prayer request is, God should bring my relatives who are still in darkness into his marvelous light and God’s favour should be upon my family.

PC: Thanks Miss Pratt. It was nice meeting you.

PERSONALITY: The pleasure is all mine (smiles).

Bless you!