PERSONALITY – Gertrude Aboah Nana Yaa Awuah
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Welcome to personality show where we bring your way great people of God, as part of our duties we bring to you a wonderful pearl from Prayer Force committee. Please relax, read and enjoy what she has to tell us.

PC: Can you please tell us something brief about yourself?

Personality: My name is Gertrude Aboah Nana Yaa Awuah. A third year human biology student am in prayer force committee. Am from family of 6. a perfect combination my parents,two boys and two girls I’m the third born. I started my nursery at NAGIES Basic School then moved to Oasis Christian Academy till JHS three and furthered to Wesley girls senior high the one in cape coast and now here in knust am in hall 7

PC: How was life back in shs and were you having any nickname?

Personality:  my mates used to call me “Kashish” just because they wanted to differentiate me from the other Gertrude in our class, but life back in shs was terrible for me when I was in first year because the whole of my life I had been in Kumasi and leaving my family for the very first time to such a distanced place, there was no visiting , a different environment so many changes and to add salt to injury the seniors were also hash on us it wasn’t easy for me in first year but then from second year to final year I really enjoyed it.

PC: What can you say about pensa-knust?

Personality: Pensa is a wonderful association which has really impacted my life, especially my committee members thus comparing myself to when I came to first year in fact there has being a great improvement.

PC: What can you say about knust as a whole?
Personality:  knust has always being my dream school because of the shs experience, I wanted to be closer to home this time around. And also my parents and some of my siblings were also in knust and pensa members of course.

PC: Do you have any walk word?

Personality: Yes….. “Live each day as it comes” I believe every day is a new opportunity God gives us so you’ve got to seize this opportunities and do what you suppose to do, impact as many people as you can in fact do everything so you have no regrets at the end of your life.

PC: What can you say about your program of study and how you able to blend with church activities?

Personality: hmmm, Human Biology it’s tough no doubt about that. But God’s grace is seeing me through. one thing that also drives me is the passion I have for the course which has being there since childhood so I love what am doing in spite of it toughness and combining it with church activities the most important thing is time management; time for God must be for him and that of studies must be as such, once God is given the first place in your life he takes care of everything for you.

PC: Who is your preferred bible character?

Personality: I love Esther. She was just an orphan who came out of her home to another place and availed herself to be used by God, so God took her to a higher position and she was able to affect and saved the life of many Jews. That tells us that no matter whom you are and where one is coming from once you avail yourself, God can use and take you far.

PC: Do you have any favorite bible verse?

Personality: Yes Numbers 23:19 “God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? Or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good.”

PC: What is your vision and mission in Life?

Personality: Am still praying about it but I feel God is directing me to saving souls and to impact as many peoples as possible to bring more to the saving knowledge of Christ and my vision is to be used by God.

PC: What are your plans after school?

Personality: Okay I have three more years of school and two years of housemanship (national service), after that I would like to work a while then specialize as a surgeon and of course get married and have children I will also like to take some time off for missionary work.

PC: What keeps you going?

Personality: I tell myself that God loves me no matter how down I am in life thus the greatest thing to know in life, for God to come and die for me. And I have also seen God’s hand at work in my life so many times its swag for God to love me.

PC: Why did you choose prayer force over the rest of the committees?

Personality: Prayer force, honestly I love the way they pray. I didn’t understand the zeal and the passion with which they pray, standing on their feet for about two hours just praying so I decided to go pay them a visit and after that meeting I was so tired when I got to my room and decided not to go back again but God had his own ways and so their next meeting I found myself there again and finally landed in prayer force committee but I have met great people in there who have really being a blessing unto me.

PC: What do you think you will be or want to be remembered for in your committee?

Personality: if I had not being made the secretary of my committee they would have remember me as the quite girl who always comes for meetings. As the secretary I want to be remembered as a good secretary, as a woman whom love God and prayer as well and an interesting and fun person.

PC: Are you born again and have there been any transformations?

Personality: Yes am born again way back in JHS, my school was a kind of a Christian school so they organize crusades and other programs for us .so one day I was just sitting down and the owner of the school came to me and started talking to me about Christ meanwhile I grew up in a Christian home and so I knew all that he was talking about but that day it really touched me and I had no option than to surrender to Christ. There has not been any drastic transformation but then the normal thing we used to do and gradually Christ is transforming me.

PC:  Do you have any hobbies?

Personality: Yes I have a lot of hobbies; I like to read, I write as well and depending on my free time I watch movies.

PC: What can you say about the theme and focus of the year?

Personality:  let me deviate a little and talk about all the themes since I came to first year. it’s being like any theme that comes out was actually directed to me in person pertaining to what God wants to do in my life and how he wanted me to grow at that particular time and I believe it’s not only me but all of us so I would urge us all to be involved in any theme God gives the leadership because it’s meant for our growth and be part of all the programs and teachings, lets allow ourselves to be impacted may be once you live pensa you might not get such opportunities again.

PC: Lady Gertrude have you been grabbed?

Personality: No please this not the right time for now I want to focus on my education because am still having about five more years to go.

PC: What are some of the qualities you will like to see in Him?

 Personality: First and foremost he should be God fearing, a matured Christian who bear the fruit of the spirit and most importantly he should love me

PC: Do you have any testimony to Share with us?

Personality:  Yes, let me share two; after WASSCE before admissions came I had backslidden, not taking my Christian life serious and doing a lot of things, when admissions were about to be released anytime I was going to pray I felt like God would not listen to me because of all that I had done but when the admissions came I say to the glory of God I still had human biology and got to understand that is all about grace. the second one; it was just this vacation myself together with my family were on our way to Accra we had been speeding throughout but all of a sudden the driver felt he should slow down and as soon as he did, we heard an explosion when we came out of the car one of the tires had completely exploded. If he had been speeding like he was doing at first I would not have being here today giving this testimony so I thank God.

PC: Who inspires you in Life?

Personality:  My parents; when my dad was in medical school he was also the leader of so many groups and he was able to combine all with his academics and even now his zeal and passion has not gone down still working for God which has made him a great father. My mum is also a wonderful and amazing person I would love to be like her. She plays a lot of role in the church yet she makes time for her family am really inspired me.

PC: What do you think a lot of people don’t know about you?

Personality: I want them to know that am not that reserved type they think I am and also when I first meet you it takes a while for me to open up to you and once I open up am a very free person and  I always speak to you.

PC: What would you like to see changed in pensa

Personality: I would really love to see a pensa full of love, where the people love each other Like brotherly love and see the needs of people and we are able to help them and pray for one another a pensa where each member is fully committed and purposed in his/her heart to be fully grown in their spiritual life get to know God for themselves before living PENSA.

PC: Do you have any request to make?

Personality: Yes. I believe that every pensa member have something within so I want to give my contact out so as many as can call or text to declare something into my life or even just say Hi. The number is 0501384349 your call or text will be greatly appreciated.

Personality: shad out to my parents, roommates, all PENSA-KATH executives, all friends inpensa and prayer force members 

PC: God bless you so much for reading till we come your way next week remain fruitful.