PERSONALITY – Evans Adu Gyasi
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Evans Adu Gyasi

Welcome to personality show where we bring your way great people of God, as part of our duties we bring to you a fine gentleman from Computer committee. Please relax, read and enjoy what he has to tell us.

P.C: Can you tell us about yourself?

Personality: I am Evans Adu Gyasi, a second year Agricultural Biotechnology student. We are in a family of 7; my parents, four boys and a girl, I am the first born of my parents. Wenchi in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana is my hometown. I started my basic education there through to JHS and later continued to Osei Tutu Senior High in Kumasi here. I like making new friends but keep the old ones. My name is actually a compound name “Adu-Gyasi”. My phone number is 0245050419.

P.C: How was life back in S.H.S?

Personality: At first I didn’t understand the way of life of the students because they always insult themselves and use abusive words which I didn’t like since I was not used to those behaviours,  I later realized it’s the habit of boys. I heard of gays in the school of which two of them showed interest in me and they started giving me gifts but “my school father” revealed to me that they were gays. I was an active member of a prayer group, well known in Pensa and class rep for Science one. I am a proud Abrempong.

P.C: Do you have a nickname?

Personality: Yes, “AGE” from my name thus my initials, Adu Gyasi Evans.

P.C: What can you say about knust?

Personality: Well, Knust was my dream school. I use to hear a lot about knust, especially the halls of residence like “conti” or “kat”. Personally, I wanted to be in “kat” because it is the only hall not part of the options but you will find yourself there. Although I had “conti”, I developed interest and I love the hall. Knust is a big place where you will meet all sorts of people coming from different places and background so you don’t have to look down on people because of their physical appearance or how they behave. It is a city on it own.

P.C: What can you say about pensa-knust?

Personality: Well pensa-knust is a great group. Before I came to pensa, some people from pensa came to see me and told me where pensa meet for service every Sunday and I decided to join them for service. Immediately I saw the congregation, I said “wow! This group is full of pretty ladies and nice gentlemen so I will stay here”. That day, I sat with a lady and I saw it to be a privilege because I had always been staying with boys, so after the service we were told to make friends with those around us and I had the chance to chat with the lady. I see pensa to be a great family and I wouldn’t leave pensa for a different denomination.

P.C: Why computer committee?

Personality: I wanted to join the prayer committee since I was once a prayer warrior but I taught of adding IT to “Prayer IT” because I really love IT as well so I joined computer committee to get to know more about IT. Computer committee is a nice place to be especially the training sessions.

P.C: what can you say about your programme of study?

Personality: At first I didn’t like the programme so I wanted to change to either degree in nursing or medicine because my dream was to be a Doctor but I didn’t’ get the chance. I started to like the programme after our orientation where we were encouraged to appreciate the programme. Agricultural Biotech is not about chemicals as some people presume it to be, its genetic manipulation; shortening the lives of organisms so that we can get them in due time. It is a technology from God.

P.C: How do you understand the theme for this academic year and how has it impacted your life?

Personality: okay, growing into Christ and excelling in the knowledge of him means to live a Christ-like life. As Christians, we are not to conform to the things of the world and also not do what the worldly people do, having the bible as our guide which helps us excel in the knowledge of Him. As for me, I’m already excelling in the knowledge of Christ; my way of life testifies and how this theme has influenced my prayer life.

P.C: What game do you enjoy?

Personality: I used to like sports, especially soccer but I have little interest in it now. I was once a football player but my mum didn’t want me to be a footballer and she was always on me so I decided to stop playing or watching football.

P.C: What are your plans after school?

Personality: After my national service, I will continue my education to acquire a PhD before I get married.

P.C: What is your favourite bible verse?

Personality: Matthew 7:21 “Not everyone who says to me ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven”. This bible quotation was given to me by my Sunday school teacher when I was graduating from Sunday school to youth. Anytime I see people praying, shouting the name of God, then I remember the quotation. So it is not about the shouting but doing His will.

P.C: Who is your favourite bible character?

Personality: Joseph, if you read genesis chapter 39, it talks about Joseph in Potiphar’s house and verse 12 says “he fled from fornication” and I really like that verse because it had happened to me before. I was in the house one day and a female friend came to visit me, all of a sudden she started hitting me and I knew what I had to do because my cousin taught me those tricks about ladies so I quickly left the room to my mother’s place of work without her knowledge.

P.C: What was the most memorable day of your life?

Personality: It was a tragicomedy. It was my 18th birthday, I was really excited because my dad promised me that when I turn 18,he will  buy me a gift and also teach me how to drive so that I can go out with one of his cars. That day, a friend gave me a Champaign and while I was climbing down the stairs I fell and had a deep cut, some of the broken bottle entered my palm so I was sent to the hospital to be treated. Although I was happy I turn 18 but all the joy turned to sadness.

P.C: Are you born again and has there been any transformation after you gave your life to Christ?

Personality: yes. Before we graduated from Sunday school to youth, my presiding Elder conducted a test based on what we were taught during that period. I passed the exams and joined the youth. After my exams, that was 5th September 2009, and I received my first communion on 4 July 2010 and this transition really impacted my life. At first I didn’t understand “to be born again”. Anytime they call out those who wanted to receive Christ, I go until one day a friend sat me down to explain what it takes to be a born again and I fully gave my whole to Christ.

P.C: Do you have any testimony to share?

Personality: God has been so good to me and has done great things in my life. I had an accident with my dad’s new car on a day before coming to knust and God delivered me from death. All my life is full of testimonies; how I came to knust, how I paid my fees was marvelous.

P.C: Have you grabbed?

Personality: yes.

P.C: What is your take on Christianity and grabbing?

Personality: Grabbing is good depending on how you do it. You can have a platonic relationship depending on your mindset and abiding by the rules you will set for yourself.

P.C: What do you expect from your future wife?

Personality: She should be prayerful and understanding, a lady who can really intercede on my behalf.

P.C: Do you have any advice for the church especially the youths?

Personality: They should try to understand each other, although it is hard but they should try to do that so that there will be unity and harmony in the church.

P.C: Do you have any walk word?

Personality: Yes, “Understanding humans”. I try to understand why some people behave in a certain way and I try to put myself in their shoes so that I may not step on their toes or degrade them. So I am quick in saying sorry.

P.C: Where do you take your inspirations from?

Personality: I take my inspirations from people around me. I don’t like to be with people who discourage and try to bring me down, I like those who encourage and advise me. My cousin’s wife is someone I always want to be with, she had taught me a lot and I really appreciate her. I didn’t like her at first but when I got to know who she was, I clanged to her and she has been a blessing to me.

P.C: Any advice for those in a relationship?

Personality: All I have to tell them is they should have a platonic relationship and set some rules for themselves. With the platonic relationship, you are not involving any erotic things like “sex”, “kissing” but if you know you can’t, then don’t go in for any relationship now.

P.C: Do you have any prayer request?

Personality: I want the church to help me pray for my parents and entire family for love and unity.

P.C: Thank you for your time AGE

Personality: Welcome and thanks as well.

PC: God bless you so much for reading till we come your way next week remain fruitful.