PERSONALITY – Elder Yaw Dankwa
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Elder Yaw Dankwa
How miraculous could it be that our day of this interview actually coincides with his birthday. We bring to you the words and touching experience of Eld. Yaw Dankwa; our erstwhile Vice President.

PC: Hello, please this the personality crew and we are glad to have you here today. Can you please tell us something little about yourself?

PERSONALITY: Am in the person of Elder Yaw Dankwa. I hail from Dadiesoaba from the Brong Ahafo region, although from the Akan matrilineal custom, am From Ankase from the Ashanti Region. My dad is Mr Philip Williams Asamoah Boateng and my Mum is Mrs Esther Gyamfi. Am the 10th born out of 14 of which by the Grace of God four of us have peacefully departed.

PC: Tell us about your educational background

PERSONALITY: I started preliminary education, nursery, right through to stage five at Ankase Methodist School in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. By the Grace of God I was later relocated to Penfield International school at Ntonso also in Ashanti Region where I completed my basic Junior High Education.

By God’s Grace, I am an Anuanom. This is the conventional term bestowed on Students from KOS, Konogo Odumase Senior High School. And right after SHS I gained admission to KNUST to Read BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE.

PC: How was life back in KOS?

PERSONALITY: I was a staunch Christian who never wanted to compromise my Christian standards. I had some little difficulty due to the demise of my dad but still, Grace sailed and will still sail me through. I joined the S.U and eventually I was appointed the prayer secretary of the association and also the PENSA president. I had my academics under control and things were moving great spiritually too.

PC: Any nickname in SHS?

PERSONALITY: From the Akan naming custom comes a title in the form of an appellation. And from my name Dankwa its title is “APAN”. And so “apan” was somehow a nickname for me back in SHS


PERSONALITY: to begin with I would say I believe nothing happens by chance. KNUST because I just desired it. And so I bought forms for KNUST only.

PC: How do you see KNUST?

PERSONALITY: KNUST has been a blessing to me. This I think is because of the able administration of our own Prof. William Otto Elis. He has been a wonderful person. This confirms scripture that when a righteous man leads a nation there is peace.

PC: How has your field of study with respect to progress and development of interest?

PERSONALITY: Well I didn’t get the programme of my choice. I believe every cloud has a silver lining. Though I wanted to be a banker, I accepted Biological science. Initially I didn’t like the programme because we were always drawing plants. Fridays became a difficult and tiring working day for me.

Having gone through it all, I have realised that indeed the proof of the pudding….  And I can boldly say that my programme is the best.

PC: What has been your sad and exciting moment on campus?

PERSONALITY: Death cases. This really makes me sad. Republic Hall week together with its unhealthy atmosphere drawing people away from the light also kills my joy. Furthermore it saddens my heart when I hear of a conflict between the two Halls, KATANGA and CONTI, all in the name of tradition. Moreover I simply do not understand why a student will want to join the traditional council of these two halls. Contrary to the sad occurrences, my heart is elated with much joy whenever I see students gathered at a sitting under the tent of S.C.C and any other Christian gathering. It tells me that the future is bright

PC: Which committee?

PERSONALITY: I had passion for soul wining so I  was in the evangelism committee. Later I joined the Bible studies committee because by then I was the assistant University Hall overseer and I could meet with the evangelism committee more often.

PC: What can you say about PENSA KNUST?

PERSONALITY: It’s really a nice place to be. It’s a spiritual field where we grow get in touch with some of our Fathers you so want to commune with. The basic rule is if you allow yourself to be “PENSED” you will be a blessing.

PC: What is your hobby?

PERSONALTY: Football, long tennis, basketball but my favourite is volley

PC: Growing into Christ and exceling in the knowledge of him. What is your view on that and how has it impacted your life?

PERSONALITY:  From the Biology I know, when a seed it’s planted it becomes a gene and it is expected that an offspring of the same kind will be produced. And so if a seed of righteousness is implanted in us which is of Christ, its expected that we grow and become like Him who gave birth to us. So our main focus as Executives was to make the people know that they can be like Christ. So then you realised that if you can grow and become like him then you really have to grow but you see to grow to into someone you need to fellowship with that individual or learn more about the person to really know what you have to do to be like him, hence excelling in the Knowledge of Him.

This is one major instrument that has actually impacted my life because a leader can’t give what isn’t. It has really caused me together with the executives to really put in much effort in our studies of scriptures.

PC: What is your walk word?

PERSONALITY: SUCCESS DOESN’T COME ON A SILVER PLATTER. You have to work. Regardless of prophecy work still has to be done.

PC:  Mission and vision in life.

PERSONALITY: My mission, I believe is to bring people to the saving knowledge of Christ especially children and so am a Sunday school teacher. My vision is to end suffering of the little ones by also bring them closer to Christ and this I believe is driven by my unpleasant experience at a fragile stage in childhood. This is why am passionate about Evangelism.

PC: Who motivates you?

PERSONALITY: My dad. He is tenacious and he is hardworking

PC: What is your take on ones saved forever saved?

PERSONALITY: Ones save forever saved I think is a doctrinal canker leading most people on the broad way. Roman 8: 1.”therefore there is now no condemnation for them that are in Christ Jesus” is where the issue stems from, but hyperopic study from the King James Version further reads “ therefore there is….for them that are in Christ Jesus who no longer walk by the flesh”

The flesh and spirit are in constant conflict so the moment your soul supports that of the flesh you become known as canal. The Bible say to be canal is death. Those whose soul supports the spirit are the spiritual ones and so when Christ comes it’s only those who are spiritual will be magnetised to the Kingdom of God by the spirit of God. The truth is we are supposed to perceive righteousness and holiness.

PC: Whose is your favourite Bible character?

PERSONALITY: David. This is because I’ve always seen myself as that after the demise of my father. I became a laughingstock simply because we were not well-to-do. Inferiority complex was the issue all because of my background. What this made me realised was that God has been my shepherd throughout. The sharp transition from avidity to this grace state to insofar that people who ones mocked me want to just grasp palms and many other blessings are the reasons why I liken my life to that of David.

PC: Favourite Bible verse?

PEROSONALITY: John 1:14   people learn from the way we live our life and not mainly by preaching. From this verse we get to know that and the word became flesh. This means the word appeared physical not spiritual and so  if we read the scripture and allow it to materialise in us,our lives would be that of Christ.

PC: Who motivates you?

PERSONALITY:  Apostle Dr Kwabena Ntumi. He was strong in Faith despite the challenges he went through. I admire his humility and his love for people.

Another man is Apostle Dr Opoku Onyina. I look up to him for his discipline and punctuality. I cherish him a lot. His spiritual life is one of a kind and I so much want to get to that level.

PC: What will you want to see change in PENSA?

PERSONALITY: We need to make balance the local songs with the foreign ones.

PC: Anything you don’t like

PERSONALITY: Disrespect and force accusation.

PC: Any testimony?

PERSONALITY:  My brother and I were saved from a accident.

Another one was one evening at SHS where I had a demonic attack where my bed was literally rotating and I remember seeing demons with weapons of war. I remember I was entangled with a rope and I couldn’t shout Jesus though I tried. Suddenly I bright light just emancipated from me burn away all the demons to death. That was when I remembered that he who dwells in the secrete place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty.I thank God for the victory.

PC: Have you been inconsistent in your Fellowship with God?

PERSONALTY: Well it was before I was Holy ghost baptised. After one Holy Ghost baptism service things started steadying up. The issue in Christianity is that it is a step by step growth process. So you might not be to strong now but as you continue to press on you will get there. Always have the consciousness that God is with you.  That is the main trick.

PC: Have you grabbed?

PERSONALITY: Yes please.

PC: What is take of grabbing in the church?

PERSONALITY: If you don’t grab how will you marry. It should be known that GRABBING IS FOR THE MATURED. The church is not against it but it’s about what it entails. If it’s not healthy then it’s not in the interest of the Church. Although time changes and for that there should be a corresponding effect of change to match it, the integrity of the truth must not altered.

PC: What do you look out for in a lady?

PERSONALITY: Dressing, spirituality and the question of whether she fits into your calling

PC: What is your take on Christianity and Fashion?

PERSONALITY: People now follow their leaders than God and so if something is wrong as far as the leader said yes they are convicted. I believe the dresses we put out there is battled or praised by your inner man. For that reason whenever you feel you are not fit so put this outside then don’t. There is no fixed dressing but if Christ will not be pleased then kindly think twice.

Moreover I think we also sometimes copy blindly. we should look at our environment before we decide on what to bring out.

P.C: What would you like to see changed the next time you visit PENSA?

PERSONALITY: I am praying to God that this current executive will put more money into the building complex so that we can move from the hall as soon as possible to the place to have our service there. After I handed over as the vice president, I mostly sit outside and I observed that those who sit outside during church service at Africa hall find it difficult to hear whatsoever they say. I also pray that God should open crazy doors for PENSA to gain money to purchase a bus. Sometimes I feel sad when I see people coming from New site and other places to campus for service, some even use their monies for transportation. So the Lord should open doors so that we can purchase a bus for our people.

I’m also expecting that the spiritual life of the people must be improved and this current executive should respect time, they should blend things in order not to waste time because we are students. Also the members should have inner strength and the zeal to come to church early.

I’m expecting another PENSA which is more glorious and far better than this.

P.C: We would like to know your plans after here

PERSONALITY: Well, I will be a T.A then after serving as a T.A, I will move on to pastoral school.

P.C: How were you able to combine your academic work with the office of vice president?

PERSONALITY: Okay, I think it is all by the grace of God, there is no specific strategy once you occupy the office there is an abundance grace to help you carry on with the work. It is the grace and maybe the little discipline you attach to it. What I realized from the office is that, the little effort you make, God makes is bigger and fruitful.

P.C: Why is it that there are more males in the executive than females?

PERSONALITY: PENSA work is just like the church of Pentecost’s work, the work is tedious but it is not like the ladies can’t do it very well. Most at times, we consider a lot of factors like security and their distance. The Africa hall overseer with her workers for instance has to sleep at the hall a night before their meeting day. Also when we go for an all-night service, some of the guys are to escort the ladies to their various hostels so including more females in the executive will really affect the work.

The executive board consist of the president, vice president and the secretary, when you go to other tertiary institutions their population is not huge so a lady can manage but PENSA population is huge and sometimes you will be running errands, attending other programs so if a lady is to do those works just imagine what will happen.  So these factors are considered but we are hoping to see more ladies as hall overseers so with time we will get more ladies. For the L.C.C, they are assistants so we can have more ladies there and with God it can be possible. I believe that God cause change in the executive, He can even make a lady the president of PENSA and I’m hoping to see that time.

P.C: What can you say about who you really are to the people out there?

PERSONALITY: What I can say is those who come closer to me know  that I’m of a noble personality, I always want people around me, I want to interact with people to share what I have with them. My main focus is to get people’s attention even if it takes me to wash for you; I will do so to gain your attention so that I can also impact you. Not only spiritually but social and other aspects of life. This is Yaw Dankwa, a small boy but implanted in me by the grace of God is the fire of God who is ready to impact people and help people as well. I always want to be myself not anybody else; if my mother is a farmer I will tell you, if I spend GHS 1.00, I will tell you. It is better to be yourself than to copy blindly, that’s how I live my life; I am content with what I have.

P.C: What is your favourite food?

PERSONALITY: I would like to start with what I don’t like. I don’t like fufu.  I eat but I don’t have interest in it so it’s better I say I don’t eat fufu because if my sisters prepare it, I will eat different food though I like pounding fufu a lot. My favorite food is rice balls and groundnut soup and sometimes jollof rice with chicken.

 P.C: What would you like to share with the youths of the Church of Pentecost?

PERSONALITY: First of all I thank God for this opportunity given to me to share my thought with the youths, it seems the center of gravity of Christianity is in Africa now, the Fathers are about leaving the scene but anytime I’m into prayer the question I ask myself is “are the youths ready to take the batons that our fathers are handing over”. The youths are the mediators between the older generation and the younger generation emerging so if the youths are not well prepared how they can relay the baton to the new generation. My advice to the youths is that Christ should be their focus and they should put in their possible best that Christ is made known to everyone. The youths must be holy and righteous; their zeal towards the things of God should be stronger, they should rise up and protect the Christian faith and doctrines. They must work harder and excel in all aspects; they must also aspire for position in politics, chieftaincy and other sensitive areas in order to impact the lives of the people and that Christ should be dispense in those areas.

P.C: Do you have any appreciation?

PERSONALITY: My first appreciation goes to God for been a shepherd of my life for the past four years, the next person is my Mum for been a supportive Mother, my siblings and anyone who contributed one way or the other to make our tenure of office successful I give God praise for their lives. Lastly, to the woman by the grace of God I have found, she has been instrumental.

P.C: What is prayer request?

PERSONALITY: I will request the church to pray for me that the zeal that I have towards the things of God will grow stronger and the doors for preaching the gospel should be open so that more souls shall be won.

Bless you!