PERSONALITY – Bonsu Joy Dadson Martinson
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We are certain that by the Grace of God we are enjoying our vacation after delivering the good news of the Gospel of Christ and “The Perfect Rest” He brings to all through our village evangelism.
We as a crew will also like to satisfy the pleasure of our readers with the life and words from our immediate past President Eld. Bonsu Joy Martinson Dadson.


Please we will like you to introduce yourself to the Church?

I am Bonsu Joy Dadson Martinson, first of five children born to Ps Abraham Kwame Bonsu and Mrs Esther Bonsu of the Church of Pentecost Tema Greenwich Meridian District. I have three lovely sisters and a brother. I prefer to describe myself as calm, cool and collected.

And kindly trace us through the root of your academic background starting from where your started schooling to where you are now (telling us of the portfolios you held through this journey too?

 I started schooling at Agogo Asante Akyem, I attended Creche there and Kindergaten at my hometown in Tarkwa, a small mining town called Teberebie. I had my primary education at Pentecost Preparatory School (PPS) Takoradi. My JHS days were spent at PPS, Techiman due to the transfer of my dad. By God’s grace I excelled in the BECE and got admitted to Prempeh College, where I studied General Science. I was in Guggisberg house. I was the senior prefect in JHS. I was also the SRC Vice President and PENSA Secretary at Prempeh College in my final year. In the third year, I was the PENSA Organizer for my house and an ex officio member of the Civic and Science clubs.

What at all drew you to KNUST?

Actually, nothing drew me, I had the opportunity to travel which couldn’t materialize so I just had to do with the only option, which was KNUST, and I have fallen in love with KNUST ever since.

How inspiring has life here been and have all your expectations been met regarding your program of study?

Life indeed has been really good, though it started on a very shaky note, I had people like my hall overseers (Ovrs. Lord Nkrumah and Luke Agyeman) who really helped shaped me. Two persons who really affected my life positively were my PK coordinators, Eld. Moses Asmah and Alexander Kumi-Larbi JNR. They really made time for me, and this helped shaped me spiritually, socially and academically.

Concerning my program of study, I survived! That’s all I will say.

Please we will like to know if you’re born again and what circumstance led to that?

Yes, I am born again. Growing up under the keen scrutiny of my parents and prying eyes of inquisitive church members wasn’t easy. One had to always put up a good face. I was an extremely bad boy who cared less though, but I was nurtured with a lot of love from my parents in the word of God. In the senior high school, the love that I had always known found me out and I have enjoyed it since. I was the PENSA organizer for Guggisberg house and I realized people really looked up to me especially the juniors and even my mates, but I was struggling myself. Eventually it hit me that I had to just fall blindly into Jesus’ loving hands and I was going to be alright, things have changed since then, though not always good, but God has been faithful.

Have you experienced any transformation so far?

Yes, I have experienced a lot. I had anger and temper issues and a lot of secular music influence because I grew up as a small boy in the midst of some really bad grown-ups who my parents trusted could have taken care of us in their absence. They were quite reckless and it did affect me. I have received freedom from stuff am so shy to talk about.

Before we come to PENSA can you briefly tell us of your Vision and Mission as an individual?

Vision and mission really confuse me, but let’s put the two together, because there is only one thing I want to achieve in life and that is to be a good example of God’s love to everyone that I meet.

Drawing you back a little is there any lesson you’ve learnt from your childhood that has sprouted you towards these heights?

Yes, most definitely. My father has been the most important person in my life and I have learnt quite a lot from him. I have learnt to work hard without complaints, to love without fear of disappointment and to give my all like there is no tomorrow. One thing I love about him is his work attitude; he just doesn’t get the work done, he gives his best at very work regardless of what.

Now to a question we know you have been looking out for, please describe PENSA?

PENSA is like a home. There are so many children with a father willing and ready to give his best for his children. The problem is that, like every home, some of the children readily listen to the father, others need cautioning, others some more love, others rebuke, but what is fabulous is that the father doesn’t give up on any of them.

 Martinson Joy how did it feel being the President of PENSA-KNUST, and what are some of the duties that comes with this role?

The feeling indeed was like being on cloud nine. It felt weird sometimes because I wasn’t amongst the best people in PENSA. Yet it was great and yet demanding. The duties generally span from coordination to direction. You direct the flock as to where to go and effectively connect PENSA to the mainstream church whilst working closely with the Youth directorate of the church

And being a member of the immediate past executives, we will like you to shortly appraise us of the Theme and Focus and the inspiration that brought it forth and lastly how well you feel the members caught this vision?

The theme and focus are much linked, it is the core of our Christian faith, to Excel in Knowing our Lord and Growing into Him, it is a forever unending task that will guarantee us a lot of pleasant and eye opening experiences with our Lord.

The congregation’s acceptance of the theme and focus can be directly inferred from their participation and willingness to live for the Lord and to do the Lord’s work. It is fairly good I should say, but there is always more room for improvement as long as we remain in this body of limitations.

Please we will also like to find out what you wish could be implemented by the current house and take out your word as to some of the challenges they should expect?

God leads us all along different similar routes, they are different because we go on different paths, similar because we end up at the same place. I cannot clearly state the route the Lord is taking them on, but am convinced they know and it is all clear to them, whatever good thing He lays on their heart, they should be bold enough to do it. Concerning challenges they should look out for the subtle ones, they always turn out to be most dangerous, some are complacency and familiarity. They should keep working hard and not be used to how God works but rather fix their eyes on who God is, how He works He can easily change, who He is; ‘He doesn’t change.’

Coming back to your personal life, has there been any challenges while growing in Christ and how do you chunk out such difficulties in order to mature in Christ?

A lot of difficulties my brother, a lot, as I said earlier am too shy to talk about them, but this is how I came out. I realized that most of us are in a problem and we have given too much attention to the problem, instead of looking unto the one who can save us. I had issues, what I did was that I forgot about them, as if they never existed but they did. I took my devotional life serious though occasionally I will slip back also I changed my company, I realized my environment wasn’t helping me, so I changed it and looked for a challenging company, people who will challenge me to do better, regular at church, taking interest in things I knew were beneficial, it wasn’t easy but I kept on consistently till I realized I had not slipped in a long time, then after sometime I realized I didn’t even have the desire to want to intentionally slip, I could stand on my own, I paused and said eureka! Then I continued.

Please let’s tackle your motivations in one question, who motivates you in this life and who is your favorite Bible Character?

My favorite bible character is Jesus Christ! It astounds me that God will decide to be a man, I called that vulnerability. He decided to be vulnerable, that makes me want to know Him better.

Talking of motivation, I look no further, my mom and dad. They are great. I love my dad for principles, I love my mom for her imagination; she is like Oliver Twist, always asking for more, she inspires you to dream till your imaginations can’t even hold it, dream till your head blows!

 Share with us your favorite memory verse also.

I love what Jesus says in Luke 4:18-19

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me,

because He has anointed me

to preach good news to the poor.

He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners

and recovery of sight for the blind,

to release the oppressed,

19 to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

That scripture presented me a lot hope when I was in tough times.

 How do you see yourself after school any plans or things we should watch out for?

Yes there are plans but honestly I am the kind that loves to disappear so I won’t ask you to watch out for anything. There are plans and I know that as long as I am in His hands, I will be on track, the future is great, for sure! It is great for all who hope and trust in His provision and plan accordingly.

A question many itch to know the answer to, let us ask it the KNUST way, Joy are you Grabbed, have you Grabbed or has someone Grabbed you?

Honestly, the topic of grabbing doesn’t excite me that much because, I haven’t had very pleasant past experiences. I think it is a personal stuff.

Thank you!

What are some of the qualities you expect from your future wife?

God fearing, very hospitable and she should love kids, a lot I mean. Period!

What is your favorite food, and do you have any Hobbies?

I adore Jollof. You can see I spelt Jollof with a capital ‘J’, please accord Jollof that honor.

Two things I love to do are read and observe (whilst listening to music).  I read everything wholesome, from news from all over the world through health to finance, politics, I read everything, posters, billboards, everything! I enjoy observing too, gives me funny inspiration. Whenever I observe keenly I see something different I didn’t notice the first time.

In the future, when I have enough money, one of my hobbies will be travelling to see new places. I do it even now, just that I can’t go far.

Please do have any needs you will want us to bare you up in prayer?

 My prayer request is actually for Ghana. Personally I think we are way behind. I wish we could all spend time in prayer for the motherland for God to give us visionary leadership in the years to come, and also for the church in Ghana, that we would not lose our holy confession.

Finally, the words of a dying needs to be taken serious. Please what are your last word to the whole of PENSA?

Let me point out first, I am not dying.

‘ Old soldiers never die, they only fade away.’

General Douglas MacArthur.

You are in the right family (PENSA). Please stand firm in Christ, when you stand firm in Him, you give Him enough reason to stand Firm for you!

Thanks for the opportunity!

Bless you!