PERSONALITY – Belinda Owusu
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Belinda Owusu

Lovely people guess what it’s another week and as the semester comes to an end Personality Crew(PC) comes your way with another fantastic personality

On the show this week is a virtuous lady from the computer committee whom we would rather like that she speaks for herself. Let’s start the ball rolling.

PC: Can you please tell us about yourself?

Personality: My name is Belinda Owusu, a final year BFA. Painting and sculpture student. I was born on the 15thof March  in Kumasi here but I come from Dunkwa On Offin,I have lived all of my life in Kumasi. I attended Vicande Preparatory School at Asuoyeboah. I’m a proud product of St. Louis Senior High School. Myself together with my siblings are three in number, two girl’s one boy. The only boy called Emmanuel is a third year computer science student at University Of Energy, Sunyani. Theresa our last born is in Afia Kobi Girl’s Senior High School. My parents are Mr. and Mrs. Owusu. I am a computer committee member. Am also a resident of SRC hostel in room 2D. My contact is 0206639321.

PC: How was life back in shs?

Personality: SHS was kind of entertaining to me. We studied and enjoyed ourselves as well. My buddies were fun to be with but we sometimes parade some stubbornness as well. It’s one of the usual attitudes of teenagers. I remember we were the first form one class to be punished in the school. I read Visual Art in school. My school, St. Louis is a catholic school but we had protestant community that is the non-Catholics. And we were given the opportunity to worship as community ones every month and among the community were PENSA, PMSU, Adventist, AGCM etc. I was part of PENSA and I remember we use to meet in the afternoon after church to study the word of God and learn some new songs as well.

PC: Do you have any Nicky?

Personality: My friends use to call me BEL-GEE. This Nicky was derived from my name. As part of school life I customized it on my shirt and that has made it more popular in the school.

PC: Why knust?

Personality: I think KNUST has a lot of opportunities for Visual Arts students of which I am one. So I considered it the best option for me in Ghana.

PC: Has knust met your expectations with regards to your program of study?

Personality: I will say yes, even though that was not the cause I chose am happy with it now. I chose industrial art because I wanted to offer textiles as my major but had Bfa. Painting and sculpture. Before admission came I went to visit my shs Gka. Madam and I told her I chose industrial art, she told me, I should have selected Bfa. Painting and sculpture and it’s amazing when the admission came I had that one, so I think it is the will of God.

PC: What can you say about pensa knust?

Personality: PENSA is really a fantastic family to be part of, I have been in pensa right from first year and my life has been transformed greatly.

PC: What drew you to computer committee?

Personality: I registered to be part of the ushering committee in first year but, I didn’t know when and where they meet till second year. My roommate was in computer committee so she told me a lot of the things they do which was linked to my course as well, so I joined them and I must say it’s a wonderful family.

PC: What can you say about the theme and focus of pensa this year?

Personality: Growing into Christ and excelling in the knowledge of him is a very wonderful theme that every Christian should passionately keep in his or her heart. I believe once you have accepted Christ as your lord and personal savior you must grow and excel in Him. The maturity of a believer is as equally important as his/her salvation. That’s the state Christ desire for us. To be like Him.

PC: What are your plans after school?

After first degree I will continue to the master’s level and pursue even PHD, because I will love to be called Dr. Mrs. Belinda owusu. Am sure by that time I would be married already so my husband’s name will be added to mine. Lol.

PC: What is your mission and vision in life?

Personality: My mission on planet earth is to accomplish the will of God for my life and to bring people to the saving knowledge of Christ in order to populate the kingdom of heaven. I feel overwhelmed and my heart bubbles with joy when am able to meet someone’s need. My vision is helping the needy and putting smiles on the faces of people.

PC: Are you born again? If yes, tell us about your born again experiences.

Am a born again Christian, actually I was born into a Christian home, my dad and mom are both Pentecostals so, I use to follow them to church but, I really dedicated my life to Christ when I was in JHS and my life has not been the same since then. I think when the storms of this world started drowning me, that was when my love for Christ amplified and I drew closer to Him.

PC: Do you have any walk word?

Personality: Trust God, be yourself.

PC: Any testimonies?

Personality: Hmmm actually my whole life is full of testimonies, if I decide to share all I won’t finish. In fact God has been good to me. But I will like to share this one, it was a Sunday evening 1st Nov 2015, when we went for conti and src workers meeting at paa Joe, I felt something moving around my legs so I decided to look down only to see a black snake moving on my legs, so I shouted Jesus and move from there without the snake biting me. I thank God so much.

PC: What is your favorite quotation? Explain

Personality: Proverbs 3: 5-7; “Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your paths. Do not be wise in your own eyes, fear the lord and depart form evil”. As Christians we should trust in God alone, man disappoints. We should let our focus be on God even when the storms are strong and we don’t know what to do, believe me, if you don’t doubt in your heart, the storms will calm down.

PC: Who is your favorite bible character?

Personality: The woman who bled for 12 year in the bible, I like her perseverance, she was not intimidated in any way and her great faith that led her to her healing. And also Dorcas because of her good works and kind heart.

PC: What inspires you in life?

Personality: What inspires me in life is to see believers flourishing in life. Especially seeing women on the frontline zealously working for God.

PC: Any hobbies?

Personality: I love to draw, design and also cook.

PC: Have you been grabbed or have you grabbed?

Personality: I think I have met him and he has found me. Lol

PC: What are some of the qualities you saw in him (grabee)?

Personality: I wanted him to be a Christian, someone who have the fear of the lord in him and jovial because I like laughing. Lol

PC: What do you think your friends don’t know about you?

Personality: Personally I am not the talking type. I think they don’t know that I can really talk when you engage me with a conversation and also like teasing.

PC: What advice do you have for the church with regards to dressing?

I believe that the content of a container cannot be different from the label on it. If Christ is in us then let’s proof that in our outward appearance too. Virtuous ladies and faithful gentlemen in Christ my humble plea is that we should let our dressing give glory and honor to God and let our apparel transform life’s by the help of the Holy Spirit. 1 Timothy 2:9.

Any prayer request?

That God will grant me the Grace to live a purposeful life, excel in the knowledge of Him and pursue His agenda.

PC: God bless you for reading and we pray more grace even as you continue your exams this week.