PERSONALITY – Awuah Rita Akua
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Awuah Rita Akua

Welcome to personality show where we bring your way great people of God, as part of our duties we bring to you a virtuous lady from Ushering committee. Please relax, read and enjoy what she has to tell us.

PC: Can you please tells us a little about yourself?

Personality: My name is Awuah Rita Akua, a final year political science student. The only child to Mrs. Margaret Awuah and in A.S.M hostel room 2. I am a member of the Ushering committee, l had my primary and junior high education at Salem Educational complex in Kumasi then I furthered on to Kumasi Girls senior high school popularly known as KG then finally in KNUST.

PC: How was life way back in Senior High?

Personality: I was a little stubborn. I was even given the nick name “illegal” because I most often go contrary to the rules on campus. Some rules like “No food is living the dining hall” but I will surely find a way to smuggle the food out and also “NO bathing after prep “but I will do the other way round. So life in high school was cool aside being illegal. This is because I was never caught not to talk of a being punished, so I actually had a good time in high school.

PC: Are you born again?

Personality: Yes, I became born again way back in high school that was SHS 3. Even though was born into a Christian family, I wasn’t much of “Christ like”. Actually we were Catholics, We use to wake up very early to go church but I don’t. So in high school we had a revival where the minister spoke to us to give our lives to Christ and I did in order to get closer to God.

PC: Had there been any transformation after giving your life to Christ?’

Personality: Yes, I became calm from that hard core personality I was and even became the choir organizing secretary.

PC: Meaning you were no more “illegal”?

Personality: Not totally “illegal “because there were certain things I couldn’t stop doing, such as bathing after prep.

PC: In some few words describe PENSA-KNUST?

Personality: I see PENSA as one big loving family, because if it wasn’t PENSA I wouldn’t have become a strong believer as I am now and even a member of the church of Pentecost.

PC: What is your take on PENSA-KNUST theme and focus for this year?

Personality: This theme and focus actually helps you to know more of Christ and also excel in him.

PC: There are about eight committees in PENSA-KNUST where did you join the Ushering committee?

Personality: well, joining the Ushering committee wasn’t a plan thing, it was actually a committee day so we sat in that regards, I was sitting between the organizing and the Ushering committee. Creating the demarcation I was among Ushering committee. I would have left because it wasn’t my initial plan to join the Ushering committee, but the way and manner they received me, I really felt at home so I had no option than to stay till now.

 PC: What is your “walk word” in life?

Personality: this is the time for Gods favor. I actually had this from my presiding elder. I am always with God’s favor wherever I go.

 PC: Do you any testimony?

Personality: Yes I have a lot, I will share one, I was in second year by then. My uncle had travelled to the States and for so many years hadn’t got his papers. So during our annual harvest at church, my presiding elder said “any amount you have on you write your prayer request on a paper and come along with your money” so I did that. My prayer request was that, my uncle should get his papers by the end of the year. So after four months my uncle called and said he has gotten his papers and not only that but also he has been accepted into the USA Navy. So this is one of the testimony I have to share for our God is faithful.

PC: Where or whom do you take your inspirations from?

Personality: My mother, this is because even as a single mother she try as much as possible to provide for me whatever I need and even though am the only child, she also takes care of my other cousins. She is just a petty trader but she always try to provide our needs. That really motivates me so much that I want to achieve it greatly in life so my mother will enjoy the fruit of her labor.

PC: Who is your favorite bible character?

Personality: Ruth, this is because Ruth was firm in her decisions, she never allowed whatever her mother in-law say to change her decisions.

PC: On the other hand, what game do you enjoy most?

Personality: l like football because I used to play football back in high school.

PC: what are your hobbies?

Personality: I enjoy cooking and watching movies.

PC: Talking about movies, which of the movies so far would you say is your favorite?

Personality: “Haves and Have Not” this is a movie about the rich and the poor, whereby the rich think they influence society and so have no respect for the poor. It is actually a TV series. And with the single movies, I will go for “War Room”

PC: Have these movies had any effect on you?

Personality: Yes, particularly the War Room, it gave me the assurance that when you make your request known to God through prayers he will surely answer you.

PC: can you tell us about the most exciting moment in your life?

Personality: That happened first year in the Ushering committee, when we went for socializing because the way people received me, interacted with me, in fact I felt at home.

PC: Have you been grabbed?

Personality: No I am single?

PC: What are some of the qualities you want to see in your future spouse?

Personality:  I just want a true believer and someone who is more matured in Christ?

PC: So what are your plans after school?

Personality: Well after national service, I want to further my education to read law because I really have the passion to be a lawyer, even at home they call me “Akua Lawyer”

PC: What advice do you have for the youth?

Personality: My advice, youth of this day should have patient in all aspect of their life in that they should wait upon the lord because the lord’s time is the best.

PC: What would you like to see changed in PENSA services?

Personality: I just want the members to comply with whatever we tell them as ushers that when we direct them to sit at a particular place, they should please obey us.

PC: Lady Rita, What is your take on grabbing in the church?

Personality: Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with it. I even think it will build a strong relationship since both are Christians.

PC: What are your likes and dislikes in life?

Personality: I hate to be lied to and I like surprises.

PC: Who is your mentor?

Personality: Mrs. Rita Agyemang Budu, she is a judge. I took her as a mentor because she takes firm decisions and that no one can influence her decisions, she is also committed to her work.

PC: What one thing can’t you do away with?

Personality: its movie, in fact am really addicted to movies that I can’t do away with it

PC: Your prayer request?

Personality: I want to achieve some three things which I won’t disclose, before I leave campus

PC: Thank you very much for coming. In fact we appreciate it

Personality: Thank you.

PC: God bless you so much for reading till we come your way next week remain fruitful.