PERSONALITY – Asumani Elvis
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Asumani Elvis

Welcome to personality show where we bring your way great people of God, as part of our duties we bring to you a fine gentleman from Prayer Force committee. Please relax, read and enjoy what he has to tell us.

PC: Please can you tell us about yourself?

Personality: My name is Elvis Asumani a third year material science student 21 years of age and in a family of five, also the first born of my siblings. Am a member of the Prayer force committee. I’m currently in Ama Serwaa hostel room 8 opposite old Franco. I had my basic education at Jakings educational center then later furthered on to Apam Senior High School popularly known as where I studied general science.

PC: how was life back in High school?

Personality: I was that reserved type  I encounter Christ back in high school and that was when I got to know more , so I joined Scripture Union ,had good friends in my hall I used to pray together with.

PC: How has life on knust campus being?

Personality: knust is a good place to be I would like to use this opportunity to thank God for at least gaining admission to knust. Initially when I came I was not comfortable because I was not offered the program I had wanted but now I have overcome since I realized its God’s will for me to be here. Knust is also an environment one can build his or her spiritual life and can create other opportunities.

PC: Do you have any hobby?

Personality: I like reading a lot especially Christian literature and also watching and playing football.

PC: what has been one of your challenging moments on campus?

Personality: One of my challenging moments on knust campus was in first year, always isolating myself . I didn’t want to approach people, I wanted to be alone which was very bad and it did not help me at all.

PC: what of your exciting moments?

Personality: my exciting moments has to do with when I got to know myself very well thus from weakness to strength, because it very painful when people say things about you that yourself you don’t even know.

PC:  As an individual what really motives you?

Personality: well, what motivates me is the word of God, because the bible says we were created in the image of God so this gives me an assurance that is not just existing, but God has got a plan for my life and serve as a guide life for me.

PC: Why prayer force committee amongst the lot?

Personality: The reason is that, I wanted to build myself in the word of God, prayer and also intercede for the church and others.

PC: What are some of your observation of the youth of the church?

Personality: Yes, one thing I have identify in the youth of the church is laziness, therefore as youth we have to rise and study the word of God, because we have all the energy now to do everything for God.

PC: what is your take on this year’s theme and focus?

Personality: in fact it is a powerful theme, as a believer you have to grow into Christ thus conforming to the image of Christ(Eph 4:12-13) so that you know more of Christ you shouldn’t be at one place. Even as humans we grow physically so there is a need for as to grow spiritually as well.

PC: Has the theme have any effect on you personally?

Personality: Yeah, it really pushes me to yearn more for Christ

PC: Can you tell us one thing you dislike?

Personality: okay I don’t like working under pressure

PC: Have they be any transformation after born again?

Personality: Yes, it has really helped in my spiritual growth and my prayer life, helping me draw closer to God.

PC: Do have any role model?

Personality: Yes and that is Apostle Joseph Mintah, president of All for Christ Youth ministry which I happen to be the Vice president. He really inspires me a lot.

PC: Do you have any bible character you look up?

PC: Apostle Paul. This is because, he really stood in for Christ and that made people aware of the saving knowledge of Christ. He also made people got know the word of God by preaching to them and also established a lot churches

PC: Are you in a relationship?

Personality:  No

PC: What are some of the qualities you want to see in your future spouse?

Personality:  she should be humble, God fearing, and someone who understand my vision in life.

PC: what advice do you have for the church?

Personality: God is actually coming for sinless church or members so let’s all be heaven conscious

PC: Any prayer request?

Personality:  yeah, my prayer request is that we all will come to the saving knowledge of Christ.

PC: God bless you so much for reading till we come your way next week remain fruitful.