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I can dream of almost everything in this world but what I actually seek to achieve in reality is to be known as a “Man of Honour”. An Honourable Man, I am sure your first pick for me will be a Minister or an M.P. and probably continue to presidency where I will avowed as His Excellency but should I should fail in both in the former and latter, I can still condescend as an Assembly Man, after all I will also be called Honourable though I may not enjoy the bliss of flashy cars, being an envoy in a convoy where cargoes and tipper trucks have to pave way at my arrival or departure and I think I will smash ticos overboard should they cross my path. I very much nestle a life like this where I can sit on my couch and cross my legs as I feast my lips with high quality brandies and my teeth with the toughest elephant fibers. I will have servants at my behest but trust me when my shoes are full I won’t marry. Why marry? When most of the university girls are here searching for sugar daddies. Why marry? When my money can fill my pants with all the feelings and fantasies I need. Why marry? When my puppy’s supper can pay ten times the most expensive slut in Vienna for days. I will swell my head up in the chants of the people “)disika, chief, sika nyinaa wura” and probably add “tug u me so”. I will adorn myself with the most expensive clothes and jewels as I accrue to my names all the titles on earth “Dr. , Prof., Ing., Emeritus., Evangelist, Prophet Kwaku Kusi” and mind you if you omit one you are dead. This is just about half of the things I want to do. No one can bring me to book or even try to advise me because my money will shut you up before it chokes your throat.

My thought were this perverse until I was summoned at the “Men of Honour” conference organized by PENSA-KNUST. The speakers were of like caliber as my dreamt of life. Two professors ministered in the space of (4) four days and it was here I got to know who a true “Man of Honour” is. First let me point out that Honour belongs to God and He bestows it on men. (Psalm 84:11). In knowing this I have realized being a man of honour has nothing to do with your wealth or acquisitions. It also has nothing to do the “does and don’ts” but it is a state portrayed in character. Men of Honour stand for God and they showcase Christ; it is their principal motive that God can be seen in all their actions even as they glow the radiance of Christ in their inaction. Integrity is their virtue; they are pure and transparent, they respect and obey all by showing no partiality or favouritism in their judgment. To them “the right must always win the case.” Men of Honour show steadfast reliance on God; they trust in the abundance of God and on His provisions they rely on, they do not envy the possessions of another man. God is first in their lives. They never execute vengeance or counter insurgence because they believe that God is the rewarder of the deeds of men. To the ladies they are gentle and lovely. Men of Honour are ever willing to die for her. They will suffer for righteousness sake unlike the gigolos, when offered Potiphar’s access to paradise they do not check the rattle of the beads be it “TA-TA” or “BUM-BUM” instead they flee. Men of Honour are diligent and assiduous; they pay attention to details and work meticulously in getting the best out every task, there is no vestige of laziness or pride on their path. Before my words start boring let me say Men of Honour are committed; they can be taken by their words since they choose their words correctly and make sure they fulfill their promises. They are reliable and loyal.

Finally I know who I want to be, A MAN OF HONOUR.  You must also be A Man of Honour, if not start journeying towards there.


Charles Kusi Akwaboah
Editorial Committee
Year 3.