MEET Twene-Adu Asare Fordjour
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Welcome to the personality show where we bring your way great people of God, as part of our duties we bring to you a fine gentleman from the Prayer Committee. Meet Mr. Twene-Adu Asare Fordjour. Please relax, read and enjoy what he has to share with us.

 P.C: Tell us about yourself

Personality: My name is Twene-Adu Asare Fordjour; the last but one born of my parents. I’m from Goka in Brong Ahafo but live at Agboba in Accra near Madina. I’m now in a Homestel at Ayeduase.

P.C: Any challenges while growing up?

Personality: I didn’t start schooling early because I used to go to the farm with my mother while my older siblings were in school. So when I started schooling at Presbyterian school in Koka, I spent just a term in KG1 and KG2 then I was pushed to class 1.

P.C: Eiiiiish shark!

Personality: (laughing) Oh it’s by God’s grace. I then moved to Accra to attend Eden school complex, now North Legon School complex and later to St. Andrews JHS to complete my basic education. I had admission to Presbyterian Boys’ School, Legon, to read General Arts.

P.C: Did you nurse the dream of reading Administration then?

Personality: My dream was actually to read Quantity Surveying but when I applied, I was admitted for Geography. Since Geography was not my choice of course, I waited for another admission and had Business Administration.

P.C: How was life in S.H.S?

Personality: Well, I wanted to attend Mfantsipim School but my brother didn’t want me to be far from him so I chose Presec. I was a day student for four years. Most of us who attended Presec know that if you are a boarder, you will really enjoy the SHS life. Being among guys is quite great, you have some freedom without restrictions because when there are females around they try to shape your life. I really enjoyed the company of guys probably because almost all my siblings are guys. If I’m given the chance to go back to SHS, I will choose Presec because the teachers I met there and the experiences I had really shaped my life.

P.C: Interesting. So how did the ‘blue magic’ guy end up here?

Personality: I wanted to school in University of Ghana but KNUST’s admission came early and the programme I had was just right.

P.C: Then will you mind sharing your views about this school?

Personality: Well, there are some aspects I have enjoyed, some not. For instance the library system, accommodation and the structure of the school are not the best. Looking at the accommodation system now, most of the students are outside the school premises and the school authority could have done something about it, like asking for assistance from investors to build more hostels to accommodate students on campus just like what other institutions are doing which will help curb robbery cases and safeguard the lives of the students.

P.C: And the good…

Personality: Studying with people from all works of life is a nice experience which I enjoy so much; you learn different behaviours of people, the rich and the poor, the brilliant and the dull. The other I enjoy most is here you are allowed to speak the language of your choice.

P.C: Yeah, welcome to Kumasi! Any moments you wouldn’t forget?

Personality:  When I was in Unity Hall, I enjoyed the gospel side of their morale which only last for a short time then they changed to the other songs. Actually I like jama music. When we use jama to praise God I become very happy.

P.C: What can you say about PENSA-KNUST?

Personality: PENSA has helped me a lot. There are things I’m doing now that I wouldn’t have done some time ago. Though I used to pray, I got to know that I was nowhere when I joined the prayer force. I’m trying to be better now. I’ve got few friends from PENSA and even personal ones who advise me.

P.C: You seem to like PENSA a lot. What makes you like it?

Personality: I love prayer a lot so anytime we have prayer sessions, I become happy. I remember when I was in first year before the sermon comes, there will be a travail session and it made the church because the church was always on fire. The following year, by the direction of the Holy Spirit, the church went into studying which was also good because praying without knowledge is fruitless.

P.C: Talking of prayer, I believe you are in the Prayer committee?

Personality: Yes. At first I wanted to be in two committees: the prayer force and bible study but after looking at my time table and my schedules, I decided to choose prayer committee because I was in the prayer tower and thought it wise to continue my prayer life and be an intercessor for the church.

P.C: “Perfecting Holiness” and “Standing Firm” is PENSA-KNUST’s theme and focus what is your take?

Personality: I have always been telling people that holiness is possible. I believe if holiness is not possible, God wouldn’t have told us to be holy because He is holy. According to the scripture, it is written that on the turban of the priest is inscribed; “Holiness onto the Lord”. Once we are a royal priesthood, we are to be holy because we can’t bear the name as Christians and still lead our old lives, though we might sin but we shouldn’t remain there. The only way to perfect holiness is to obey. People find obedience to be something difficult but obedience sum the law, if we are able to obey we can perfect holiness. God has made every spiritual gifts available to us.

P.C: What change would you like to see in PENSA?

Personality: I know that the work in PENSA is big and the leaders are doing well but my concern is PENSA is committee based. If you are not in a committee, you will not really feel at home. Also once you belong to a committee, you are restricted in relating to people in other committees. It takes few people to be able to relate with other committee members. If we are able to blend the committees, it will be okay.

P.C: Do you enjoy any sports?

Personality: I’m a football fun. I love to play football but I have stopped watching. I don’t watch because the arguments that will rise and the noise in the TV room. I wouldn’t also watch it in my room because I see it to be time consuming.

P.C: Has KNUST been able to meet all your expectations?

Personality: KNUST School of Business has become one of the well-recognized business schools though it is just ten years. KNUST is the only school to offer Degree to students who pursue a course like Logistics and Supply Chain Management and it is a plus to the school. I can say they are doing well. Though we are expecting more from the school.

P.C: Have you grabbed?

Personality: (laughing out loud) not yet. I’m still searching just that the scrutiny process is very long. When it comes to matters of relationship, it is very delicate so I have to prepare adequately before I venture. I have observed a lot of people who are suffering because of the wrong choices they made.

P.C: Then what is your criteria for choosing a partner?

Personality:  In choosing a partner, spiritual background is very important. Moreover the educational background should be good, she must be presentable and understanding.

P.C: Who is your favorite bible character?

Personality: Jeremiah. His life really motivates me.

P.C: What vision do you have in life?

Personality: My vision in life is to have an organization which will seek to cater for the welfare of people especially, the needy.

P.C: Is there any particular thing you are addicted to?

Personality: One thing I will say I’m really addicted to is my bible, because if I don’t read my bible a day, I feel very uncomfortable.

P.C: Impressive. Then you’re born again, right?

Personality: Yes. Even though I was born into the church, I actually gave my life to Christ in 2008 during the African cup of nations when my father had a serious accident. And I said to myself, supposing he had die, where would he have gone? So from that very day, I gave my life to Christ. I realized that life without Christ is worth nothing.

P.C: So with this experience, what will you tell fellow brethren who haven’t yet given their lives to Christ?

Personality: Well, what I want to tell them is that, their sins shouldn’t drive them from Christ because He’s ever ready to accept them no matter what. So, they should avail themselves.

P.C: Has there been any inconsistency in your Christian life?

Personality: Yes, but by the grace of God and with the help of some Christians brethren, I have been able to overcome them.

P.C: Any testimony for the church?

Personality: In summary, what I will like to say is that, my education is a testimony to God. It has not been easy for me.

P.C: What actually motivates you in life?

Personality: The life stories of people who struggled yet, made it in life. It actually tells me that, no matter the circumstance I find myself, I can also make it in life.

P.C: Any prayer request?

Personality: Yeah, I want the church to pray for it growth through evangelism. So that people will get to know of Christ.

P.C: Do you have any advice or final words for the church?

Personality: This advice particularly goes to the freshers. I just want to tell them that, if they really want to enjoy PENSA-KNUST, then they should be active committee members.

P.C: It was nice interacting with you, Mr. Fordjour.

Personality: (All smiles) It’s a pleasure.

God bless you for Reading!!!