Samuel Kweku Afari
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The personality arena comes to you today with another thrilling moment where we get to hang out with one of our very own, Samuel Kweku Afari, a final Metallurgical Engineering student.


Can you tell us about yourself?

I am Samuel Kweku Afari, born on the 4th of March 1998. I am 23 years of age and I pride myself to be the only child of my parents. I come from Abesim in the Bono Region where I started earlier part of my junior education at Sacred Heart Preparatory School. I moved to Tarkwa to continue my junior education at Golden Age School complex and that is where I had my basic education certificate after completion in 2014.By God’s grace I furthered to have my senior high school education at St John’s School in Sekondi where I read general science. Whilst in St. Johns School I served as the Sports Prefect (2016/2017). I completed St. Johns School in the year 2017 and by God’s grace had the opportunity to start my university education the same year at my dream university KNUST. I am currently in my final year reading BSc. Metallurgical Engineering and I am a proud continental and proud member of the ushering committee. I served as the assistant prayer secretary and the Timothy Family Head of PENSA KNUST Ushering committee in my second and third year respectively. In the church’s vision to possess the nations at all fronts, I was challenged to also move into politics and I successfully served the materials engineering department of KNUST as the president (2019/2020). I currently serve as the Assistant Head Usher, SCC ushering sub-committee. My hobbies are playing FIFA, playing football and graphic designing. I am motivated to cause a change in my generation and take a lot of men from the streets and put smiles on the faces of many. Therefore, failure in life is not a thing for me, because I believe that a generation depends on me and God is preparing me for something bigger. So while I wait for the big exposure, I endeavor to learn much and equip myself adequately for the task ahead. For heavy is the head that wears the crown.


What is your temperament? (Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholic, Phlegmatic)



Tell us about your salvation story

It was in St. Johns School that I got to accept Christ as my Lord and personal savior and that has been the best decision I ever took in my life. Pastor Joe Beecham came to minister at one of our Sunday services and I was so touched by the ministration. I was enthused by what kind of understanding he ministered with and was curious about who Jesus Christ was and what He could offer. For although I was born into a Christian home, there were still a lot that I didn’t know as at then. He led an altar call and I gladly gave my life to Christ on that day. I cried for a longtime thinking about the ministration and the decision I had made to walk with Him from that day.


Share with us your fondest memory in St Johns Senior High School

My fondest day in St. John’s School is my last race (100m) in the inter-colleges athletics competition. When my name was mentioned as part of the final 8 persons who made it to the final of the 100m race, the chants from the crowd was just amazing. Standing in the lane and watching my colleagues chant my name and cheer me on gave me a different kind of energy I’ve never experienced in my past athletic years.  Although I was afraid initially because at a point in time I thought I was going to come last in the race looking at my competitors, however as I cast my eyes into the crowd, all I saw was love and believe. They believed in me even more that I believed in myself and that motivated my spirit and I went for it neglecting my fears and I successfully placed 3rd. My greatest achievement in my athletics life up bagged in a grand style.


Was KNUST your first choice institution for tertiary education?

Yes, KNUST was my first choice institution for tertiary education


Can you tell us some of the career opportunities a degree in Metallurgical Engineering presents?

Metallurgical plant engineer (mining company), Quality engineer at a processing industry, Failure analysis engineer, Process engineer, Process development director.


What is your favourite thing about PENSA-KNUST?

The system in PENSA-KNUST is structured in a way that, if you are a young person who wants to grow spiritually, should you involve yourself actively in the various committees you will be well trained. If you are dedicated there’s a lot that you can learn, you make wonderful friends and feel a sense of belonging. Personally I must say that being part of ushering committee has helped me a lot. Now I can relate with people easily and spiritually I know that I’ve grown from where I used to be. The pairing system in the church is also another wonderful thing. The pairs keep each other in check and gives the sense of feeling that you have someone to call a friend who is also making an effort to help you grow spiritually.


What is your take on this years’ theme?

Maturing in Christ, manifesting His glory

In our quest to mature in Christ, one must be deliberate and willing to learn more. The position of depending totally on men of God must go. We must personally endeavor to know Him more. It is through this decision to know Him more than will help us mature in Him. I believe that your perception about who God is can be determined by how well you know Him, either through hearing or personal knowledge of Him as may be revealed through his word which is a light unto our path or through personal encounter with Him. It is at the point of personal encounter with Him that one may know Him more and more practically. So with time you will realize that there are somethings you no longer do or may have altered how you use to do them. The journey to mature in Christ is a personal affair and an individual responsibility. We must mature from the point of just having a knowledge of Him but to a point where we can say that we have experienced Him. We take on the nature of God in all our ways and the glory that comes with it is the souls who see us and wonder what kind of faith we believe in and are attracted to join us in faith.

The glory that will prove that, one of the best decisions one can ever take is to give their life to the Lord Jesus and take Him as their Lord and personal savior. A glory that reveals us as true images of God, that when they see us, they no longer recognize the person as he is in human nature but they see God in us. In the church’s vision to possess the nations, as members who believe in this vision, it is our responsibility to make sure that we put ourselves in good conditions to be able to fulfill this purpose because of our growth in Him, having His glory as an addition to excel amongst our peers and stand out wherever we go.

Mathew 5:15 says “in the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. Our good works will come out of the depth of our maturity in Christ and the light will be the glory that will come along with it. And this will cause men to draw closer to God.


Which committee are you a member of and why?

I am a proud member of the ushering committee. I joined the committee in first year second semester and I’ve never regretted. Although funny enough I joined because I was crushing on a lady in the committee. How she went about her activities caught my eye, how she smiles and welcomes people to church. However, after joining the committee I felt a sense of belonging. My initial intentions of joining the committee to get to see my crush everyday vanished, I had fallen in love with the committee and the people. They are simple amazing individuals who are very receptive. I have never for day felt insecure around any of them. I have made friends and people I can call a family from the committee. Through the ushering committee I’ve learnt to overcome my shyness, I relate with people easily and well. I believe strongly that the ushering committee is just not any committee, it is a ministry on its own. In the sense that not everyone is allowed to serve at a King’s table. I believe that as ushers, we’ve been given the privilege to coordinate services. As the first point of contact when anyone comes to church, we have the ability to influence them either positively or negatively in the sense that our reception of them may influence how they will be at service, that smile can turn a person having a bad day to get a good one and receive blessings from God. It is therefore eminent that as ushers we prepare ourselves adequately enough spiritually, for God can use us to cause a movement in His church.


How do your balance your academic life with your role in the church and SCC?

I believe strongly that when God gives a responsibility, he grants one the grace to carry out the task. He just needs a heart that is willing and a mind that is dedicated. As a student I believe that my prime reason for coming to the university is to acquire knowledge in the given field of study. Due to the nature of my responsibilities in the church and SCC, it demands lots of time and as such, I utilize the least opportunity of free time I get to study. Knowing the times of meetings in the spiritual and academic calendar, I give myself targets for each semester academically and I strategize towards achieving them. My principle is one, there is no substitute for hard work. Based on the courses for each semester, I identify which of them are my strengths and which of them are my weaknesses, and I dedicate more time to studying the courses I am weak at, meanwhile not neglecting my strengths. If I know that there is a course that I can get an A, I make sure that I just don’t get an A but strive to get a stronger A so that just in case I do not get better marks for the courses where I am not really strong in, the stronger as will compensate for them


Who or what inspires you?

The desire to make it in life, not to have in sufficiency but in abundance so that it wouldn’t be that I will have just enough for my nuclear family but more to be able to take many from the streets and put smiles on the faces of many who are somewhere in this world, whose daily prayer is that the Lord brings someone their way and change their lives.


What is your walk word?

Romans 8:31

What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?


Would you rather have seen the miracle of God parting the sea or have seen Jesus walk on the sea?

Jesus walk on the sea

What is your favourite food and can you prepare it?

Jollof rice specifically prepared by my mom, and Yes! I can prepare it.


Are you in a relationship? If yes tell us about this precious pearl

Yes, I am in a relationship. She’s a precious pearl who is also a sister in faith (in PENSA) She’s in her final year as well.


How far is too far in a Christian relationship?

Anything or activity that sweeps you off your faith and make you feel a sense of regret. Anything contrary to what the Bible says about relationships and whatever the church preaches against that is in accordance as prohibitions in relationships. The Holy Spirit is in us and directs us to know the truth. So even if the Bible doesn’t speak of it, you will feel a sense of guilt that will prohibit you from going too far.


What do you look for in a future spouse?

I look forward to marrying a goal oriented woman, who is God fearing, loving and caring and is challenged not to be ordinary and also be supportive of my visions and together we take up the world and leave a legacy worth emulating.


Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I see myself having completed my national service and working in an oil or gold mining company and about 3 years into my first building project, getting ready to settle and start a family.


A word of advice to the church

The grace of God didn’t come to replace human efforts; it came to complement it. In that when our efforts can no longer get us there or are not enough to get us there, it comes in to make things happen. However, it all begins with the person making an effort to do something. We live in a generation where many are hiding behind religion and acting lazy and ignorant. Prayers and fasting alone will not cause things to happen. Our God is a God of principle and as such recognizes human effort and input. We must strive to seek His face in all that we do and be hardworking in our ways. We shouldn’t let religion and beliefs make us think that even if we do not make any effort, the grace of God is available for us. No, it doesn’t work like that. The grace is available to perfect the ways of men but first we must take a step. In our businesses, academic life, and life in general, we must be hardworking and do our best in our human capacity and pray to God to perfect them to achieve our intended purposes.


God bless you lovely reader. Catch you on our next exclusive encounter as we bring to you yet another intriguing personality.