MEET Salomey Konadu Bondah
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Welcome to personality show where we bring your way great people of God, this week we bring to you a lovely pearl from the Music and Drama committee. Please relax, read and enjoy what he has to share with us.
PC: Please can you give a brief introduction about yourself?

Personality: My name is Salomey Konadu Bondah a second year student reading BSC Business Administration. I am in a family of 5 and the second born as well. I hail from the Eastern part of Ghana Kwahu Abetifi precisely. Currently I live in Kumasi.

PC:  Can you trace us through your educational background?

Personality: Well, I had my basic education at Crown Prince and Modern international school then went on to St Louis Senior high School then finally in KNUST. Interestingly all my schools has been in Kumasi.

PC: So how was life back in St Louis?

Personality: Hmm, it was a mixed feeling though. The good, the bad and the ugly. The good side has to do with the friends I had and the bad aspect has to do with the punishment we received from our seniors. I was the secretary for the Cadet group and the Vice president for the Debaters club as well.

PC: When given the opportunity to go back to any high school, will you turn to your almamater?

Personality: Sure, the reason is that, the discipline I received has really shaped my life.

PC: Has the single sex school had any influence on you?

Personality: Not really, because I haven’t realize any changes after high school.


Personality: The main reason has to do with, because KNUST is closer to home and besides it is equally good as the other schools.

PC: Two years on campus and still counting, how has life been?

Personality: So far so good. In terms of academics and social it has been good. In terms of spiritual aspect, last year I had the opportunity to minister at DRAMA PRAISE and early part of  year I also performed during INTELLECTO.

PC: Most personality say PENSA-KNUST is a family on its own, what do you also have to say about PENSA-KNUST?

Personality: Well. I wouldn’t say anything so different from them, it is true, PENSA-KNUST is a large family, love and caring thus when you really get involve in their activities especially when you join a committee.

PC: Talking about a committee, what influenced your choice of committee?

Personality: I really love and enjoy dancing and singing. That’s the main reason why I joined the Music and Drama Committee.

PC: What is your take on this year’s theme and focus for PENSA-KNUST and have they impacted you personally?

Personally: I believe as Christians, the one we are following said, He is holy therefore it is mandatory for us to do same and perfect it. Standing firm in Christ, is very necessary because there are many trials we will definitely go through, so we ought to stand firm in christ. In fact this theme and focus has really helped and I believe it will carry me along.

PC: What circumstance led to you been born again?

Personality: Actually, I’m one of those who were born into the church, so through Sunday school then when I got to youth where we were allowed to join the adult, during one service, my pastor asked if anyone wanted to give his or her life to Christ. Even though I had done that before I thought it wise to do it again and I did that, and from that day, my life hasn’t been the same.

PC: Among the lot of characters in the bible, which of them is your favorite?

Personality: In fact I really like all of them, but the one who tops all is Jesus Christ.

PC: What is your favorite bible verse in the bible?

Personality: Actually I have two of them, they are Psalm 119:11 and Joshua 1:8. These two verses have really helped me, for instance the first one, prevent me from sinning against God and the second one always reminds me of bible.

PC: Now to social life, do you enjoy any sporting activity?

Personality: Not really but I only watch football, even that one is very little. I support Real Madrid just because of Cristiano Ronaldo.

PC: Aside watching football what else do you do during your leisure?

Personality: I love to read books, study my bible and also watch movies.

PC: This is one of the few questions which most readers are keen to know. Are you in any relationship?

Personality: Not yet, because I haven’t met the right person yet.

PC: Talking about you not meeting the right person yet, what are some of the qualities or features you want to see in your future spouse?

Personality: I want a God fearing man, who is caring and loving.

PC: What keeps you moving in life?

Personality: My mom and Jesus christ, they really inspire me.

PC: Can you share with us, your vision and mission in life?

Personality: My vision is to go to heaven empty meaning I want to utilize everything or gift God has given me and my mission is to work towards that.

PC: Any testimony to share?

Personality: I have a lot of them but I will share one. When I was child, I had this severe and strange headache. Whenever it comes, I feel very uncomfortable and uncontrollable. So one day, we went for church service then the pastor prayed for me and by the grace of God, I was healed and up to date, I haven’t experience such pain again.

PC: What is your take on Christianity and fashion?

Personality: Hmmm! I believe Christians should place much emphasis on their dressing. Most people are of the view that we worship God from our heart not our dressing but I want to tell them that, that same bible says. What is in our heart, is what comes out, therefore Christians should be watchful of their dressing.

PC: Many people who see you from afar, have different perception about you, can you really tell them who you are?

Personality: hahaha, I must say I’m very friendly and sociable, so any body at all can approach me at any time.

PC: Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years?

Personality: I want to have my own business and also be a consultant.

PC: Do you have any advice for the youth?

Personality: Simply I just want to tell them that, “you will become what you will do” they should be more spiritual minded.

PC: Any prayer topic you want the church to pray about for?

Personality: I want to know God more, so I beseech the church to remember me in prayers

PC: Thank you very much for your time

Personality: It’s my pleasure