MEET Patricia Quaye
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Welcome to personality show where we bring your way great people of God, this week we bring to you a lovely precious pearl from the Ushering Committee. Please relax, read and enjoy what he has to share with us.

PC: Please can you give a brief introduction about yourself?

Personality: My name is Patricia Akweley Quaye. A twin and a final year student reading Chemical Engineering. I’m in a family of ten including my parents. I come from Osu in the Greater Accra Region but currently living at Mamprobi, a suburb of Accra.

PC: How did your education start?

Personality: I had my Basic and Junior High education at Johanna’s Educational Center (RUDJOH) in Accra, then moved to New Abirim Senior High where I had my first year high school education, then continued to Akwamuman Senior High School all in the Eastern part of Ghana then finally, KNUST.

PC: Patricia, how was life back in high school especially you being in the boarding house?

Personality: Hmmm, interestingly my social life was limited to my immediate circle of friends. I describe such life to be a learning conscious arena, denying all circular activities and staying glued to my books, apportioning little time for fun but I would encourage my brethren to have a balanced life with respect to fruitful social and academic activities.

PC: Why did you choose KNUST over other tertiary schools?

Personality: Well, when it comes to sciences, KNUST is ranked the first and since my course finds itself in the sciences, I chose to be here. Again I want to be far from home to be self-reliant but yet cautious.

PC: Would you say, you have regretted choosing KNUST.

Personality: Not at all, even though I wasn’t offered my dream course, I have never regretted coming to KNUST. To add to that, one particular statement that kept me going is ‘whatever your hand finds doing, do it whole heartedly’Ecclesiastes 9:10a.

PC: Patricia, What do you have to say about PENSA-KNUST?

Personality: Wow, PENSA-KNUST is one of the biggest spiritual family we have on campus. I describe PENSAto be a spirit-filled movement, where I feel at peace with myself. There is this inner sense of joy that springs up which can’t be explained in words, when I’m with this family. I seem to forget all that troubles me and find myself limping in joy everywhere. Infact, I really enjoy everything about PENSA.

PC: Which committee do you belong to and why that particular committee?

Personality: I am in the Ushering committee. Initially I had wanted to join Prayer force or Music and Drama but their meeting days and time were not favorable to me that was why I joined the Ushering Committee coupled with the desire to put smile on peoples face and by the grace of God I haven’t regretted joining the Ushering Committee.

PC: What is your take on our year’s theme and focus?

Personality: I believe as Christians, it is a must for us to be holy and without blame because God has even told us to be holy because He is holy and also we also need to stand firm in Christ no matter the circumstances.

PC: Who is your favorite bible character?

Personality: I like Samuel so much because he was an obedient child and due to that God spoke to him. The Holy Spirit begins to develop in us as we surrender our life in faith and obedience. So do I also want to be an obedient child.

PC: Whom do you take your inspiration from?

Personality: When I feel estranged from God or spiritually weak, I find my inspiration and nourishment from my daily guide and God’s Word, feeding my heart and mind with His Word.

PC: What do you do during your leisure time?

Personality: I take a stroll by the road side to view the dazzling lights of the cars, admiring nature whiles listening to music and sometimes watch movies.

PC: Are you dating and what is your take on relationship especially the one involving Christians?

Personality: Yeah, but he is not on campus. For me relationship isn’t bad at all but what goes on in the relationship really matters; it should be something that pleases God.

PC: Patricia, what is your mission and vision in life?

Personality: This is not our real home but a place for learning, accomplishment, growth and sanctification. It all comes down to keeping our eyes on the light and bringing our loved ones along. Hence my mission is to help, serve and ease others of their burden.  My vision is to see that all come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

PC: Can you share with us your happiest and saddest day?

Personality: My happiest day happens to be my birthday, I feel sooo special when I am treated like a queen, getting all the attention from loved ones with their well wishes and surprised gifts and visits. And my saddest day was in the year 2013 when my WASSCE result was released and did not go well as I expected.

PC: Do you want to see any change in PENSA?

Personality: For me, I’m comfortable with everything going on in PENSA, but I just want to make an appeal to Music and Drama Committee that, they should allow more people to minister.

PC: Do you have any testimony to share with us?

Personality: Yeah I do, my life itself is a testimony on its own, but would share one out of the lot, My leg got swollen unexpectedly, causing a great discomfort and severe pain where I couldn’t walk, I stood up in anguish and commanded the pain to leave but thanks be to our redeeming God who heard me and granted me an instant miracle which I would never forget. This miracle has changed my view of faith in God. He still Listens, comforts and sustains.

PC: What is your take on Christianity and fashion?

Personality: Fashion is one of the things which has come to stay, each and every day new things keep coming therefore as Christians we should look out for the good ones and put on. We should try our best to dress decently without exposing our body.

PC: What is your final advice for the youth?

Personality: Hmmmm, our lives can seem overloaded with fears, struggle, and heartaches and sometimes we may feel as if we are losing on every front; Academic challenges, financial woes, family discord, disappointment from family and friends and not getting what we desire. In such times, however it is reassuring to remember that we have a remarkable resource. Therefore humble yourself under the mighty hand of God that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your cares upon Him for He cares for you (1Pet 5:6-7) He is capable of handling the cares that overwhelms us.

Though the testing of life may feel like a burden too heavy to bear, we can have the full assurance that our heavenly father loves us deeply and knows our load limits. Remember, God only leads us to troubled waters to deepen our faith.


God Bless you.