Nartey Akumaa Lameley Dorothy
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Welcome to the Personality Show where we get close and personal with the body of PENSA-KNUST. This week we meet a beautiful pearl of the church, Nartey Akumaa Lameley Dorothy.

Who is behind Nartey Akumaa Lameley Dorothy?

Nartey Akumaa Lameley Dorothy is my name. I am 20 years of age, a third year midwifery student. I am the last of seven children. I hail from Agomeda in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. I am a Krobo and I currently reside in Ashaiman. I am very sociable. People think I’m a sanguine because I talk a lot but I think I’m a melancholic. My favorite food is banku with pepper and sardine and I like oil rice with hot pepper as well.

Share with us your experience in the second cycle institution?

I had my second cycle education at Kumasi Anglican Senior High School. We call ourselves “Disciples”, so I am a “Disciple”. SHS life was interesting. I had lovely school mothers who took care of me and made me feel comfortable in school. SHS has made me who I am today in terms of spiritual and academic life. I didn’t like praying but SHS changed me and made me a prayerful person when I joined Scripture Union and PENSA. Way back in SHS I was appointed as the SU president and PENSA Organizing Secretary where I worked tremendously well in service to God.


I wasn’t thinking of the kind of school I should choose for tertiary education. I had a dream and in the dream, I was on KNUST campus with some friends when I went to the administration and saw our names on the notice board, being admitted into the school but then we didn’t get our first choice. We all had our second choice programs with the exception of one guy who had his first choice. I then decided to apply for only KNUST but my dad suggested I buy four forms. I didn’t buy all four even though he suggested, but I bought KNUST and I knew since I dreamt of it, I would get it and by the grace of God I had it.

Nartey Akumaa Lameley Dorothy, kindly tell us about Midwifery.

Midwifery is a nice program, basically, it’s about taking care of a mother and a baby from the ante-natal stage to the post-natal stage which is after delivery. The joy in midwifery is saving a mother and a baby after which she says God bless you.

How has campus been from first year to third year?

First year first semester, campus wasn’t smooth. I didn’t know a lot of people even though a few of them were my SHS mates. I didn’t know much about the midwifery course so it was quite difficult to get used to the system. From second year, I had a senior course mate who helped me out in my course. I attached myself to some of the executives and members and indeed I had a nice family, PENSA-KNUST, to move with. Life on campus became interesting from that point and I thank God for such an awesome family.

What can you tell us about PENSA-KNUST?

PENSA itself is a lovely family and the need to be in KNUST is very nice. We have this large membership and for you to really love PENSA-KNUST, you have to be in a committee which you are taught some things the leaders of the church wouldn’t get much time to teach the whole congregation. I really like their activities and punctuality, their time; they conform to their opening and closing time.

Amongst all the committees, why did you decide to choose Prayer Force committee?

I didn’t really like praying way back in SHS. I had a father in the Lord who encouraged me to join the Prayer Force Committee and because of that now my prayer life is working out for my good. Prayer Force is helping me a lot, they have a kind of impact on the ladies over there. Aside my father in the lord, I thought it wise to also join Prayer Force Committee as well.

What is your take on this year’s theme and focus?

Becoming like Christ:  It is a Spirit filled theme. As a believer, though our mandate is to win souls to the kingdom of God, we should also have it in mind that unbelievers look up to us to exhibit Christ-like behaviours before they accept Christ. It is to help us believers of today to be an example of Him and to be like Him.

Abiding in His word: The word of God is everything. It teaches and guides us. Abiding in His word is everything to all and as a Christian we have to look up to this focus and know in everything we do, it should be in alignment with the word of God. We don’t have to follow any other teachings, we should refer to the word of God if we are in doubt and abide in it as well.

Which part of the Bible really speaks to you?

Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” At first, I looked down on myself, in class and at church, in all activities I was tasked with. I was given this quotation in Philippians and that made me know in Him are all things. All you need is to consult God and He is going to help you in everything you do.

Who is your favourite Bible character?

Ruth. On the account of Ruth, you can see she was very submissive to Naomi, though she was going through a lot of problems, she had the heart of service towards her in-law. I love her for her humbleness, submission and service and as a Christian lady we have to exhibit this character of Ruth.

Who inspires you?

My mom inspires me. If I analyze her life story from her teens up till now, she didn’t get someone to take care of her. The motherly love and fatherly love wasn’t there, she had no one who stood up for her despite all that she stood up for herself. She is very prayerful. Though she is not really educated, she has good knowledge about the word of God. She is very hardworking and that really inspires. She calls me “Aku” or “Mama Cash”, and advises me to pray and dedicate my life to Christ each and every day. My Dad also inspires me as well but my mom inspires me more.

Which sporting activity do you enjoy and what do you enjoy during your leisure time?

I enjoy playing football. I like to participate in the game way back in primary up to JHS. We had a park in the community called Lazio park, so my colleagues called me “Lazio Defender” because I was always the defender. It’s really nice playing with ladies, missing shots and having chit chats. I enjoy taking naps during my leisure time but I enjoy reading too.

What is your vision and mission in life?

My vison is to see myself one day working more for God and also to be a noble woman with a nice family and a good job as a midwife.

My mission is to equip myself more with the word of God and also now as a young lady participate more in the activities in the house of the Lord and take my education serious so as to achieve to achieve my vision.

How did you become born again?

My family is a Christian family. I was born in the church but when I got to SHS, through Scripture Union and PENSA, I became born again. We had a program way back in SHS when the minister called for souls, I thought being born into a Christian family was all, but then I got to know you’ve got to declare the Lord as your Lord and personal savior before you become born again. I then moved forward and gave my life to Christ.

What should we expect from you in the next 5 years?

I should be done with my first degree and my national service, procced to do my masters and have a family. I should also have a business of my own aside midwifery. I am looking up to hair-making. I want to do that aside my profession. If God graces me with money, I will set up a hospital.

Are you in a relationship?

Yes, I am with a guy very humble, respectful and God fearing. We have been friends since childhood. I met him when I was in class 4 and currently we are in a Child Development Center (Compassion International, Ashaiman branch) which is an NGO whereby he is the president and I am his vice.

What is your take on dating on campus?

It is not something which is bad, but it depends on you two what you set up your mind for or what you want to achieve. Most of us always go with the worldly way of dating but then we can have a Godly relationship where we can study each other for things to work out right. So, dating is not bad. It depends on you to make it godly or worldly, though they say dating is not biblical.

What do you look out for in your future spouse?

He should be a supportive man in all things. His spiritual life should even be more than mine, as it is now. He should go high and high as I also climb and follow along. I pray he will be a responsible father to the family and even to the outside world. He should be financially stable as well.

What’s your motivation in life?

My motivation is when I see ladies do something on stage in church. It inspires me to do more to get to that level, so I will also become like them and deliver on stage in church.

Please do you have any testimony to share with us?

As I said I am from a family of 7 together with my parents making 9. My parents had to care for us all though things were very difficult in terms of finance. My parents were informed I have been selected as a beneficiary of the NGO where they took care of me from class two. A scholarship was given to me as a beneficiary of the NGO. We were 58 and we all went for the interview but they selected 50 people and by God’s grace I was part of the 50, all my fees were catered. I thank God and the NGO for such a privilege.

What improvement do you want to see in PENSA- KNUST?

Speaking on the side of ladies, we don’t really come out, it is always the gentlemen doing everything with few ladies participating. Therefore, I encourage the church to involve the ladies in most activities undertaken in the church and not only in ladies’ wing activities.

What advice do you have for the youth?

I want to advice the youth to be vigilant because the way things are moving now, everything is centered on the youth. We have to stand firm to embrace good things and not the bad things; things that don’t make us socially accepted by people. With dressing, we should dress to glorify God, and look very decent and presentable. We should be very mindful with our dressing especially the ladies. The gentlemen as well should have decency in their dressing.

Thank you very much for your time. God bless you.