MEET Nancy Pearl Osei Boakye
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Welcome to the Personality Show where we bring your way great people of God. This week, we bring to you a lovely pearl from the Organizing Committee. Please relax, read and enjoy what she has to share with us.
PC: Please introduce yourself briefly.

Personality: My name is Nancy Pearl Osei Boakye, a final year student of BSc. Geological Engineering. I come from Bekwai, a suburb in the Ashanti Region and live in Accra. I’m from a family of six including my parents and I’m the third born.

PC:  Can you trace us through your educational background?

Personality: I had my basic education in Kumasi then continued to Aggrey Memorial School in Cape Coast for my secondary education then finally in KNUST.

PC: So how was life back in High School?

Personality: Life was really fun in Aggrey because I always complied with the rules in the school, even though I didn’t like it initially because it wasn’t my first choice but I don’t regret going to Aggrey.

PC: When given the opportunity to go back to any High School, will you go back to your alma mater?

Personality: Not at all, because I believe whatever thing I have to do with Aggrey, I have achieved that, so there is no need for me going back to Aggrey.

PC: What influenced your choice of choosing KNUST?

Personality: Well, I didn’t really have any influence, I just bought two tertiary institution forms including KNUST and fortunately for me, I gained admission. Even though I was sad with regards to my program of study given, which was my second option, I haven’t regretted.

PC: What do you say about PENSA-KNUST?

Personality: In simple words PENSA-KNUST is a wonderful family. Even though I’m an Associate, I believe it has really impacted people including me.

PC: Which committee have you found yourself in and why?

Personality: I’m in the Organizing Committee. As I came to PENSA, I was wondering those in charge of cleaning and arranging the chairs for service because it is a great work to do. Surprisingly,  there was a list going round for people who wanted to join the Organizing Committee to put down their names and I quickly did that. And I must say, one of the major reasons I’m still in PENSA is because of Organizing Committee.

PC: Perfecting Holiness and Standing Firm in Christ is the theme and focus for PENSA-KNUST respectively, what is your take on this and have they impacted you personally?

Personality: I believe it is a good course and that it has impacted me personally.

PC: Among the lot of characters in the Bible, which of them is your favorite?

Personality: King David, this is because he loved music, so do I. And also he is someone who realizes his mistakes and ask for forgiveness.

PC: What is your favorite verse in the Bible?

Personality: Numbers 23:19. I love this particular verse because it really encourages me in all situations.

PC: Now to social life, do you enjoy any sporting activity?

Personality: Just a little but I don’t play, I only watch football.

PC: Aside watching football which is very little, what else do you do during your leisure?

Personality: I also listen to music.

PC: This is one of the few questions which most readers are keen to know. Are you in any relationship?

Personality: No please, I believe it is not time for me. So at the right time, I will go into relationship.

PC: So what are some of the qualities you want to see in your future spouse?

Personality: Obviously the person should be a very good Christian, responsible, should also be very conscious, taller than me and also educated.

PC: Can you share with us your saddest and happiest moment in life?

Personality: Hmmm, for my saddest moment, that was when I didn’t get my first choice senior high school and the happiest moment was when I checked my WASSCE results and I passed.

PC: What keeps you moving in life?

Personality: My family.

PC: Can you share with us, your vision and mission in life?

Personality: My vision is to help a lot of people in life and my mission is to work to achieve that.

PC: Any testimony to share?

Personality: It was in third year, when I was a worker, and combining it with my academics. In fact, it wasn’t easy but by the grace of God after our examination, I performed well. So I thank God for that.

PC: Many people who see you from a far, have different perception about you, can you really tell them who you are?

Personality: I’m very tolerant, I like to accommodate everyone no matter their background.

PC: Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years?

Personality: I believe I should have completed my masters, may be married by then, with a good job and still growing in the Lord.

PC: Do you have any advice for the youth?

Personality: They should focus on God and what is ahead of them.

PC: Thank you very much for your time.

Personality: It’s my pleasure