Mr Gideon Offei Owusu Acheampong

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Today on the personality corner, we interview Mr Gideon Offei Owusu Acheampong our personality for the week, an Alumnus and former secretary of PENSA KNUST. Read on to find out thrilling gist about our personality as well as his ideas.

Who is Mr. Gideon Offei Owusu Acheampong?

Mr. Gideon Offei Owusu Acheampong is a very zealous young guy who believes in his convictions and is ready to take the world for Jesus Christ. I am from a humble Christian home; a typical Pentecostal one. I have two other siblings: an elder brother who completed UCC and a younger sister in second year at the University of Ghana Legon.

How and when did you get born again?

I was born into a Christian home so I had a lot knowledge about God and Christ Jesus and church but I became born again in 2013. I would say a youth camp in August 2013 gave me the opportunity to make a decision to actually accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and saviour. The Mfantsipim SCHOOL sealed the deal for me because I entered High School in 2013 too. My Senior High school experience is the best of all my life experiences. Mfantsipim made me who I am today.

How did you come to be known by the name Azuza?

Azuza Prophet🔥🔥…

Okay so I hope we all know of the Azuza Street revival which happened in the early 1900. It actually sparked the Holy Spirit revivals which spread throughout the world, even to Africa.

I joined the SCC Prayer Subcommittee in first year, I think some weeks after arriving on KNUST campus through the then Prayer Secretary then for PENSA – Papa Danny. (David Daniel Sarpong).

I was made the coordinator of a prayer session called Azuza Hour which was from 12:00pm to 1:00 pm everyday. You can imagine skipping lectures just to make it for an afternoon prayer session everyday. That one-hour prayer session was a time for Revival and Supplications in prayer. We prayed for the school, Ghana and the world.

That was where I got the name Azuza Prophet because I was the one in charge of that prayer session. So after serving as the Azuza hour coordinator for the SCC Prayer Sub Committee, I carried the name along.

Which Second Cycle Institution did you attend? Share with us your most memorable experience there.

Mfantsipim School. THE SCHOOL

Please to be very sincere with you, I have too many experiences to share. Like a lot. But I will try my best to pick out one.

I can’t forget this: I remember running away with some of my friends for an HALF NIGHT service at UCC. We had to walk through the bush (kwashe route) all the way to Adisco, then through some shortcut routes on foot all the way to UCC. We were very tired but charlie the joy of sitting under the man of God’s ministration was enough joy for me. I think the man of God was Prophet Bernard Nelson Eshun. That night was one of a kind. Unfortunately for me on my way to the auditorium for the program I bumped into my brother who was then still in UCC. The shock was obvious on his face. He nearly scolded me in front of my friends. But still I went for the program.

After the service we were preparing to go back only to find ourselves with another prayer meeting with one of our Botwe alumni who was in UCC. Brethren, we prayed the whole night. And you can imagine about five young boys on a dark street blowing in tongues till 5am. Those who dozed off dozed off.

Was KNUST your first-choice institution for tertiary education?

It was.

I had received a prophecy from one of my brothers from Botwe (Mfantsipim School) about God using me mightily in KNUST so I bought only KNUST forms.

Tell us more about Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering, though for now is one of the best and very lucrative ventures, requres some time to be in the limelight. I say this because with the continuous threat of Fossils on the environment and the changing trends of the day such us the influx and exploitation of Electrical means to power vehicles and all energy-demanding machines, we just hope the world doesn’t lose the value of Petroleum Engineers.

Petroleum Engineering is mainly about exploitation of Petroleum, that is the crude oil from below the Earth or the seabed. The mechanism involved patronizes other Engineering fields such as Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering and other fields of Geography and Petro physics.

Without Petroleum Engineering there would be no means of effectively drilling Crude oil. All Oil reserves will just be lying waste.

Share with us your experience in PENSA KNUST in six words

I enjoyed every bit of it.

Which Committee were you a part of and why?

Prayer Force Committee

It was more of the burden for prayer and relevance.

What is your take on this year’s theme?

God calls us to inherit HIS KINGDOM not to possess this earth. This earth is fallen. There is no hope for this earth. That is why Jesus came. JESUS’ first message He preached was about a KINGDOM He was establishing. The Church is the gateway to that KINGDOM. We have a mandate to get all men into this KINGDOM. How do we do that?

  1. Preach the Gospel to all
  2. Make Disciples of all Nations

How did your journey to becoming the ever charismatic PENSA-KNUST Secretary begin?

I think it all began with me being in University Hall PENSA. I was a Family Head. I am the who will “kill himself ” when assigned any duty. From there I became the PENSA Katanga Prayer Secretary and also the Prayer Rep for Prayer Force Committee. When I was in 2nd year about to go to 3rd year, I was appointed the PENSA KNUST PRAYER SECRETARY. Then finally I became the PENSA KNUST SECRETARY for my final academic year. I think it’s all about availing yourself and doing your best to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. HE is the one who gives Grace and more importantly, His Spirit to people like me who was once a sinner. To him be glory forevermore.


Please help us understand how you were able to excel at your academic work while serving as Secretary for PENSA and SCC

As for this question I think Mfantsipim School helped me build an attitude towards life. From Mfantsipim School I knew I was for God. I knew this is what my life was going to be about: God and His work. And yet I knew that God was not a lazy man. In Mfantsipim School I became the Head of all the Prayer Secretaries of the School and yet by God’s grace I excelled in my WASSCE with 7As and 1B. This was because after all my plenty church and prayer meetings “I killed myself” trying to catch up with all the time I had used for the church stuff to study. It is a very difficult thing to do and comes with a lot if sacrifice. And I mean a lot of Sacrifice.

I guess I just continued to do same in KNUST. Just that it was much more difficult here. I remember a lot of stressful moments, especially a day or two to exams. Charlie it’s not easy at all.

How did the various positions you held impact your life?

Wow I can’t thank God enough. All these positions have helped me appreciate the two positions any person find himself in at a point in time in life:

  1. The Served
  2. The Servant

After all my positions I have held, I can boldly say that it’s good to be the Servant every time.

Who inspires you?

Any “Fiery” preacher inspires me. I remember breaking into tears on two different occasions in  Mfantsipim School, at a meeting when the speaker was talking about the Fathers of Old and how the laboured for the course of Christ and His KINGDOM.

Any Preacher with the passion for souls, who is dying for the KINGDOM of God inspires me. To mention a few, Reinhard Bonnke, Billy Graham, Evangelist Dag Heward Mills and Rev. Eastwood Anaba. Missionaries of old like David Livingstone inspire me a lot. And of course the Chairman of my Church, Apostle Eric Nyamekye – He is very “fiery”.


Is Mr. Gideon Offei a successful paired man or is he still looking to pair? If yes, can you tell us more about her?

Okay hmmmmm

I found a lady but Charlie I had to let her go because of some incompatibilities. Right now, I am lying low kakra but God will not shame me

What do you look for in your future spouse?

She must be beautiful, have a lot of natural hair and slim with well-defined shape and light skinned.

Of course, I am a Missionary and Evangelist so she must like people who are always thinking about traveling to go and preach and all.

And She definitely should be a believer and a keen disciple of Christ.

But lastly, she must be easy going. She should flow very well with me. I can’t stay with someone who is rigid and is not willing to move with me easily.

How far is too far in a Christian relationship?

When the two individuals lose the place of SELF-CONTROL then it’s too far. What do I mean? Do not create any atmosphere that will temper with or make you compromise or lose your SELF-CONTROL. From conversations to pics to video calls to physical engagements. Don’t create any atmosphere that will tamper with your SELF-CONTROL.

When Gideon is not evangelizing, being a secretary or going for lectures, what does he do?

He is normally watching Music Videos of Hillsong or Jesus Culture or Bethel Music. Gideon loves music. If It is not music, then he is cooking or watching a movie or cartoons like Frozen and Coco.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I see myself in China raising disciples of Jesus Christ in the next five years as a Missionary. Don’t forget I will be happily married by then.

Finally, please give word of advice to the workers in Gods vineyard.

Jesus Christ in Mathew 9:37 made a statement that breaks my heart. He said that the labourers are few. What do you understand by “the labourers are few?”

If Jesus Christ was to be here in this era, will He still say that “the Labourers are few?” Are you a Labourer? Think about this!

God bless you lovely reader catch you on our next exclusive encounter as we bring to you yet another intriguing personality.