Michael Osei Ampofo

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Today on the personality corner, we interview Master Michael Osei Ampofo. Our personality for the week is an alumnus and former organizing secretary of PENSA-KNUST. Read on to find out thrilling gists about our personality as well as his ideas.

Who is behind Master Michael Osei Ampofo?

Michael Osei Ampofo is a young devoted Christian, who is very open to everyone, loves to make new friends, and learns new things but sometimes prefer to be in solitude.

Do you have a nickname? If yes, what is it and how did you come by it?

Well, I actually have nicknames. I had a couple of them from basic education and I had one at Senior High School. During one English class in SHS, the English teacher, as part of the teaching process, sang a song in the class and asked a friend seated next to me to tell the composer of that song. I whispered in his ears to say “Bob Marley” which was a wrong answer and he said it. It was all laughter in the whole class, so in his quest to shift the focus from him, he told the class I was the one who actually told him to say it. Someway somehow, the whole class started to call me “Bob Marley” and it spread to the other classes with time. There is a unique way they pronounce it though.

What is your Salvation story?

I was born and raised in the church, so I accepted Christ and practiced the life of a Christian right from infancy. That notwithstanding, I consciously accepted Christ at the age of 14 before I was baptized on the same day. From that time, I have loved God and have always had the desire to live like Christ, yield to the Holy Spirit as my guide, and partake in church activities.

Tell us about your educational life (the various institution you attended.)

I attended Blessed Redeemer Preparatory/JHS, in Nkawkaw-E/R, for my basic and junior high school education. I had my senior high education at St. Peter’s Senior High School, an all-boys school located at Nkwatia-Kwahu-E/R, where I read General Science. I completed my first degree this year in KNUST, as you all know. Throughout my education, I found much interest in science and mathematics. I must say with much gratitude to God, that it is absolutely by grace that I have come this far.

Share with us your experience in the second cycle institution. Any special memories?

Life in senior high school was just full of memories, good and bad, and I admit the experiences contributed to my growth. One memorable event I experienced in senior high school was a prank on me. I happened to have a junior as my bedmate, who occupied the top bed of the bank bed. After one evening prep, I stayed a bit overtime to study further. When I returned to the dormitory, my bedmate was not in yet but my bed was scattered and all the content of my trunk was in disarray. I was honestly pissed off. One of my colleagues in the room told me it was the junior whose bed was on top of mine that did it. In anger, I sent for him and I made him kneel with his hands raised, warning him strongly not to utter a word. After several hours, one of my close friends in class came to my room and told me he was the one who did that. I felt really bad for punishing my bedmate for something he knew nothing about.

What is your temperament? (choleric, sanguine, melancholic, phlegmatic)

Well, I am more of choleric and a bit phlegmatic. My temperament is however subject to the control of the Holy Spirit, as I am a Christian.

Was KNUST your first-choice institution for tertiary education? If yes, tell us why?

Yes, KNUST was my first-choice institution. I just loved the idea of being a student in KNUST. I knew many of my seniors from high school and friends from home who were Teknocrats and that did arouse my interest to school there. And I think it was the best decision to choose KNUST. I deem it a privilege.

Why Biological Science?

I am a lover of nature and diversity as a whole. I find Biological Science a very interesting program that makes one appreciate the beauty of God’s creation and how they interact in the entire universe.

What goes into Biological Science?

It basically deals with the study of life (in both plant and animals, and other life forms), and how they interact with their environment. It is very broad and encompasses several special studies.

Tell us moments in PENSA-KNUST that you will miss.

I will miss every moment in Pensa-Knust, but most especially, I will miss moments with the Organizing Committee of Pensa-Knust. Organa was essentially my family.

What is your take on this year’s Theme?

I believe, as a church, God is calling us to be a spotless and blameless church that will be as salt that adds flavor and preservation to this perverted world and as light that shines over every darkness in this world. The church will only be a glorious one when its members show forth Christ in every aspect of life, and such a church possesses the nations.

How were you able to balance your role in the church with academic life?

Like I said earlier, my entire academic life has been a story of the grace of God. I did not see balancing church and academic work a challenge at all. I made good use of every opportunity to study so I won’t find excuses to not be in church or perform a church activity. I usually fixed my study times at dawn. I walked on God’s assurance in His word that as we seek Him and His righteousness first, He will add all other things, academic success inclusive, to me. Diligence and commitment are two virtues I strongly upheld.

Did being the Organizing Secretary change any aspect of your life?

Being the Organizing Secretary changed a lot of things about me. I believe God brought me to that position to teach me. I learnt how to relate well with different people and many leadership nuggets during my period as the Organizing Secretary.

Who inspires you?

My ultimate source of inspiration is the Bible, but I’m inspired by every person (far or near) in my life.

Tell us about your favorite Bible character?

Many Bible characters greatly impress me in their field, but to choose one, I will say Moses is my favorite. I really admire him for his leadership qualities.

Can a Christian lady be feminist?

Being a feminist, by definition, is to support the idea of women having equal opportunities and rights as men. I do not find any issue with a Christian lady being a feminist. I however advise that the feminist agenda should not be a yardstick to rig the outcome of a fair and equally-fit challenge of both genders.

Is our Organa paired? If yes, tell us more about this precious pearl.

Please I am single. I will let you know about her when I am paired.

When do you presume is the right time to start a relationship?

Huh, I think when one has met his or her beloved and has counted the cost of being together with the person.

Where do you see your life going five years down the line?

If it is the will of God, I would want to have finished my Postgraduate studies and have built my career in one of the fields in Biology. I also wish to have married five years from now.

Thank you for your time Master Michael, but before you leave, please give a word of advice to the Church.

Let’s all consistently fix our gaze on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. No matter the circumstance, look up to Jesus. Thank you very much and may God bless us all.