MEET Michael Oboh
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Welcome to personality show where we bring your way great people of God, this week we bring to you a wonderful gentleman from the Evangelism Committee. Please relax, read and enjoy what he has to share with us.

PC: Please give us a brief introduction about yourself?

Personality: My name is Michael Oboh. I come from Abrem Agona but I stay at Agona Swedru that’s if I’m not on campus. I’m the first among five siblings of a family of seven including my parents. I attended Edinaman Senior High School in Elmina, a suburb in the Central Region. Currently I’m a second year BA. Social Work student of KNUST.

PC: How was life in high school?

Personality: Initially I was a day student, then I became a boarder. I became a born again Christian in form two through my chaplain prefect who was a good friend of mine. I was not a bad boy before I gave my life to Christ but I have realized some changes in my life after giving my life to Christ

PC: You were once a day student, then eventually, you became a boarder, was a there any difference because you had the privilege to enjoy both.

Personality: Well, comparing the two, I prefer being a boarder to a day student. The reason is, in the boarding house I saw tremendous academic improvement.

PC: As a student of BA. social work, what do you make of your course?

Personality: BA. Social Work wasn’t one of my options. When I had admission to read this course, I took it upon myself to read about the program. I was satisfied with the information I gathered and decided to pursue it. In fact, I have never regretted reading BA. Social Work.

PC: Did you ever dream of coming to KNUST.

Personality: Not at all, not even for once. I had wanted to be in UCC. I came to KNUST because I had the admission on scholarship, though I missed the scholarship.

PC: What do you have to say about PENSA-KNUST?

Personality: Hmmm. PENSA-KNUST is a very big church well structured by the leadership to cater for all her members. We are fed with the pure word of God in all it’s simplicity.

PC: Why did you chose evangelism over the other committees?

Personality: I initially wanted to join the organizing committee but they scared me off at first sight. All Christians are given a ministry of reconciliation. Christ expects us to make disciples of all nations. I therefore chose the evangelism committee to get my self involved in the great commission of populating God’s kingdom through evangelism and discipleship.

PC: What advice do you have for other friends who haven’t joined any committee?

Personality: Well, I will just edge them to look for committee of their choice to join because PENSA-KNUST is a very big denomination. If one really wants to be a part of the church, then he/she has to join a committee. The committees help to enjoy the fellowship of the believers.

PC: What do you make of this year’s theme and focus?

Personality: Our theme is “perfecting holiness” (2 Cor 7:1). Scriptures say that ‘without holiness, no one can see God’ (Heb 12:14). As Christians, we have to live holy because God has made every provision for holy living available to us through Christ. The focus, “standing firm in Christ” is very much important. To perfect holiness, one has to stand firm in Christ.

PC: Can you share with us, your happiest day?

Personality: Wow. I will say the day I gained admission to KNUST. In fact I was very happy, not because I had gained admission but because I gained it without buying any form. My family was very happy as well. I had good treats for some days at home.

PC: And your sad moment.

Personality: Hmmm, when I lost my uncle who I took to be a father completely.

PC: Who is your favourite bible character?

Personality: I set Jesus Christ above all others as a perfect example. After Him is the Apostle, Paul. When I studied more about him (Paul), I realized he was very committed and would do anything for Christ. Without commitment, we can not be in God’s service. I get encouraged through him anytime my zeal is growing cold. When I remember his statement, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13), I see possibilities. He went through a lot yet he stood firm in Christ. He makes me feel I have a lot to do as a servant of God.

PC: What’s your favourite bible verse?

Personality: 1 John 5:11-12. It says “And this is the testimony that God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his son. Whoever has the son has life and whoever does not have the son of God does not have life.” I got that scripture on campus when I was attending my Christian maturity class organized by the Inter-hall Christian Fellowship (IHCF). This word actually gave me the assurance that I am saved and if Jesus Christ comes I would be taken up to heaven. Having Christ is enough for me even in challenging times.

PC: How do you go about challenges in life?

Personality: A lot challenges come to us as Christians in order to test our patience and build our faith. Challenges also give us the opportunity to discover our capabilities and strength. Though challenges are not desired in one’s life, whenever they come my way, I remember that out of a dead seed springs a tree. A perfect example is the death of Christ which brought life to many.

PC: Who do you look up to or aspire to be like? It could be a mentor or someone that inspires you.

Personality: I don’t have a particular person I look up to, though I take inspiration from some men of God. However, when I was in Senior High School I took a lot of inspiration from my Chaplain Prefect. I learnt lot of things about Christianity from him. At home, I am inspired by my Pastor and some of the officers. In school, from some continuing students and officers in the church.

PC: What is your mission/vision in life?

Personality: My mission is to fulfil God’s purpose for my life. I really love to build people. I want to be a very influential Christian impacting and making disciples of all nations for Christ.

PC: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Personality: After my first degree and National Service, I want to work with any Non-Governmental Organization which is focused on helping people out of vulnerability and inspiring them to achieve more.

PC: Do you enjoy any sporting activity?

Personality: I enjoy watching football but not necessarily playing. Though my interest in it has dwindled nowadays, I don’t mind watching if it does not crash with any time I have to do something else.

PC: What do you usually do at your leisure time?

Personality: I personally believe that leisure is a time that you allocate out of your own schedule for reading, playing or any other thing. At my leisure time I write down life quotes and principles of life. I also write inspirational messages.

PC: We can see that you are a man of confidence? Where do you get it from?

Personality: I can trace it to the days of nursery and Sunday school. I was always given leadership roles in class. That made me bold to stand up to such roles. But I believe confidence is about conviction, that if you really believe in your heart that you’re capable of doing something, you can actually do it.

PC: What is your relationship status at the moment?

Personality: I believe in “grab for keep”. Marriage is a life long companionship. God is not pleased with divorce. I therefore have to take my time as I observe and make friends. Currently I have not committed myself to anyone’s life. It is a matter of time.

PC: What traits do you want to see in your future spouse?

Personality: She has to be a committed, Spirit-filled Christian of character. Looking at my pattern of life, if she does not possess these traits, it would be difficult living together.

PC: Do you have any testimony that you want share with the church?

Personality: Yes I do. I went to pray alone on campus last semester on a certain day and the Holy Spirit ministered to me to pray for my father concerning an impending accident. That very day I prayed agonizingly about for him. When I went home for the vacation, my father told me that he travelled and while on the way driving, he met two accident occurrences on the road. He also said his Pastor told him about it and while he was on the way, a voice prompted him to stop driving on two different occasions during the journey. I was really overjoyed that nothing happened to him and I thanked God. I thanked God even when I had not heard the news because I believed that the prayer by God’s grace has overturned the situation.

PC: What change do you like to see in PENSA-KNUST?

Personality: As for the structure of the church, I really wish it would be maintained because it is very strong and it covers most of the populace of the church. However, I wish to address the members using the mission of the Church of Pentecost which says “We exist to establish responsible and self sustaining churches filled with committed, Spirit filled Christians of character who will impart their communities”. I encourage all the members not only to be prayerful, but also to study the word of God in order to grow. We should also be committed to the work of the Lord at all times. Let’s also exhibit good character everywhere we find ourselves. Through these, we will impact our communities.

PC: Any advice for the youth in general?

Personality: I’ll advice the youth on fashion. In as much as we like to look good, we should be modest and decent. During outreaches and evangelism, some people consider our appearance and can reject the message if we do not dress modestly.

God bless you for Reading!!!