MEET Linda Boateng
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Welcome to the personality show where we bring your way great people of God, as part of our duties we bring to you a lovely pearl from Music and Drama committee. Meet Linda Boateng. Please relax, read and enjoy what she has to share with us.

PC: Please can you briefly tell us who you are?

PERSONALITY: My name is Linda Boateng. I’m in a family of five and the second born. I had my primary education at Kwadwo Aggrey Memorial School in Accra and my SHS education at Aburi Girls Senior High. I come from Kwahu in the Eastern part of Ghana and live in McCarthy.

PC: How was life back in high school?

PERSONALITY: Life was cool for me because I wasn’t that “illegal” so most seniors really like me for that.

PC: Why KNUST?    

PERSONALITY: Actually because I had stayed in Accra for so long, I decided to experience some new environment. Aside that, I like the course am studying, BA Social Work, that is why I ended up in KNUST.

PC: So how do you see PENSA-KNUST?

PERSONALITY: Even though I’m not a Pentecostal, I really love PENSA-KNUST. In fact I enjoy everything about them. They are the best.

PC: So which committee do you found yourself in?

PERSONALITY: Music and drama committee. The reason is that I love to use music and dancing to inspire people.

PC: What is your mission and vision in life?

PERSONALITY: I want to impact positively in the lives of people for them to also have impact on others.

PC: What is your take on our theme and focus for this year as PENSA-KNUST?

PERSONALITY: I believe that as Christians and humans, we sometimes face some challenges, which we have to stand firm and trust God that everything will be okay.

PC: So then what is your favorite bible verse?

PERSONALITY: Psalm 46:6 “be still and know that I am God”. I really like this particular verse because, it is somehow linked with our theme for this year. I believe that, no matter what, as Christian, you have to be still and know that your God can make it for you

PC: Do you have testimony to share?

PERSONALITY: Yeah, a lot of them but I will say one, this actually happened back in high school, where I had an eye problem and so went for a checkup. I was diagnosed of glaucoma. I was transferred to Korle bu hospital in Accra to have an operation. I was very afraid of the operation and I didn’t want to undergo the procedure. So when I got to the hospital, I ran away from the hospital with my file. This is because I believed that when I pray, I can be healed. Indeed I prayed to God and later I went for my check up and I found out that, my sickness has gone. I really thank God.

PC: Who really inspires you in life?

PERSONALITY: First and foremost, I will attribute that to God and also my elder brother because his whole life has been a testimony.

PC: When did you become a born again Christian?

PERSONALITY: Way back in high school that is 2013 because I wasn’t too strong a Christian.

PC: Do you have anything you really addicted to?

PERSONALITY: Listening to music

P.C: What was your saddest day?

PERSONALITY: When I lost my grandmother whom I was named after.

P.C: Has there been consistency in your Christian life?

PERSONALITY: No. In a Christian life, there are lots of temptations so what I do to remedy my inconsistency is to ask for forgiveness when I fall short and I become conscious so that I do not go back to what led me astray.

P.C: Which sporting activity do you enjoy?

PERSONALITY: I love swimming but I can’t swim. I used to play basketball too.

P.C: What are your hobbies?

PERSONALITY: Watching movies, singing and dancing.

P.C: Have you been grabbed?

PERSONALITY: I have not been grabbed.

P.C: What qualities do you want to see in your future spouse?

PERSONALITY: Spiritual person, faithful gentleman, educated and handsome.

P.C: Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

PERSONALITY: I would like to be a good counsellor and a philanthropist.

P.C: As the chairman of the church, what is your advice to the students of KNUST?

PERSONALITY: My advice will be about dressing because aside what we say, the first impression about us is our outfit. When someone meets you, the first thing the person will see is your appearance so if your outfit is bad, the person will have bad impression about you and the vice versa.

P.C: What is your take on dating?

PERSONALITY: Dating is not bad.  It becomes bad when partners engage in things which are not acceptable such as sex which is for the married. Having a good motive for dating is best. In order to have a good relationship, good communication should not be left out and you should start with friendship where you can know the person more before you accept the person for a serious relationship.

P.C: What is your prayer request?

PERSONALITY: My first prayer is for the church to increase spiritually. I also ask for more grace and strength to be able to complete successfully, long life and a faithful gentleman.

PC: Thank you for your time

PERSONALITY: You are always welcome.

God bless you for Reading!!!