Lady Esther Manu Amankwah

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Today on the personality corner, we interview Lady Esther Manu Amankwah our personality for the week, a final year Actuarial Science student of KNUST. Read on to find out thrilling gist about our personality as well as her ideas.

Who is Lady Esther Manu Amankwah?

Esther Manu Amankwah is a great lover of Jesus and a lover of people. I love to serve the Lord and serve people. I’m from Bekwai Kusiasi and stays at Nsenie. I’m the second born of my parents and have two other siblings who are also ladies. The first born is a nurse and the last born schools at Yaa Asantewaa Girls Senior High School.

What is your salvation story?

I am not part of the people that got saved through someone’s preaching. I grew up in a Christian home so I knew about God but I had not developed any relationship with him. God by His own beautiful plan found a way of revealing Himself to me and that’s how I got saved back in 2013. I have been on that journey till now.

Tell us about your educational life (the various institutions you attended)

I attended Kent M/A Basic School for my primary and JHS level. I also attended St Louis Senior High School…Slopsan!! Hiiiiiii!!

Share with us your experience in the Second Cycle Institution? Any fond memories.

St Louis SHS contributed to the growth of my relationship with the Lord but back then it was sort of “zeal without knowledge”. We were so eager to do God’s work without knowing much about what we were doing. Regardless of this ineptness, God used us mightily at Protestant Community and PENSA Louis. I can recall going to pray for a friend who was seriously sick. I thought that was all for the prayers not knowing all the family demons were preparing to meet me in the night. Eeei! what an attack! I can never forget that attack in my life. I innocently slept like a baby expecting a smooth night. Hmmm, a number of them attacked me in the night, threatening to kill me because I prayed for their family member. A lot of voices talked with me at the same time and I almost died during the night. But God being so faithful, He delivered me, saved me from their hands and delivered my friend as well. Oh hallelujah!

I again remember one of my classmates moving forward to ask me how I’m able to spend almost all my extra time in the church and with God’s people and yet still perform excellently in my exams. I was shocked at first that she could enquire about this because she was one of the people that used to ridicule the “churchy” girls in the class. I got to realize that men will not be able to despise your spirituality when they see your results.

I can assure you every moment counted in my walk with the Lord, formation of my character and who I have become now.

There’s an assumption that all prayer warriors are outgoing and outspoken. How true is this assumption?

We are all different, mostly because of how we were brought up and the environment we found ourselves in. I don’t know where this assumption came from anyway but what I have heard rather is the opposite; that they are introverted and reticent. In any case, there is no tag on prayer warriors. Everyone responds to the working of the HOLY Spirit in a different way. Some people change when they become prayer warriors from garrulity to reticence, others from the latter to the former. For some people, they remain the same. It all depends on the individual.

What is your temperament? (Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholic, Phlegmatic)

I’m a MelChlor: Melancholic and Choleric but the Mel is dominant. Better still, I exhibit all the temperaments when necessary based on the Spirit’s leading and the circumstance.

Why KNUST and why Actuarial Science?

I bought two forms, KNUST and Legon but KNUST admissions came first so I pushed forward with that. Later, Legon admissions also came. At a point, I felt like I rushed but I later realized that I would have missed a lot if I didn’t come to KNUST. This is actually where God wanted me to be so He guided me towards it.

I came to know about Actuarial Science through a senior course mate who was an executive of the Protestant Community back in St Louis Senior High School and that’s how come I chose it. Actuarial Science was my first choice anyway.

What does Actuarial Science entail?

Actuarial Science is mainly insurance centered but it is comprehensive. It covers a lot of areas including Finance, Accounting, Statistics, Economics, Mathematics, programming just to mention a few. It doesn’t only center on insurance and life contingencies, it also provides knowledge about other related subjects. Actuarial Science, Statistics and Mathematics are intertwined.

Tell us about your favourite PENSA-KNUST moment

There have been many favorites but the most outstanding one was when the executives performed a choreography during one of the carols night. Apparently, most of us were not veterans when it comes to dancing but we managed to give out our best. Positioning me as a front liner was engrossing. I couldn’t stop rehearsal in my room because I didn’t want to disgrace myself. It was just fun.

What is your take on this year’s theme?

The theme, KNOWING CHRIST AND PROCLAIMING HIS LOVE is a topic germane to the Christian journey. We cannot serve a God we do not know; neither can we be taciturn about a God we’ve known. Even with our earthly beloveds, we feel proud and excited when talking about them, how much more our heavenly Father. Christianity will not be a pedestrian to you when you know your God. Dan 11:32b

Why Prayer committee?

When I came to school first, I was ambivalent about Kings Praise and Prayer Force Committee. Eventually, I settled on joining prayer force committee because of my love for prayer and intimacy. I also believe God directed me towards choosing prayer force committee because of his ultimate plan for my life and the church.

How did your position as the Prayer Secretary affect your life?

Being a prayer secretary of this body of Christ was one of the best things that happened to me. It proved to me about God’s faithfulness and how He can mercifully use anyone at all for His work. This position also taught me how to relate with different cageories of people and most importantly, it taught me humility. It also helped increased my love for people and for God.

How did you manage to balance your academic life with church activities?

Balancing the two has never been easy but it all boils down to being disciplined and time conscious. We have to come to the understanding that we need to Glorify God in all things including our academics. With this in mind, I was able to put in much effort concerning my studies. Indisputably, there is the grace factor. God has always been faithful with making His children excel in all aspects of their lives and thus my success.

Do you have a role model? If yes, tell us about him/her.

Well, my role model is my spiritual father. I owe my life to God and him. He is not only concerned about one’s spiritual life but also concerned about other aspects of this life. He has been a paragon of balanced Christian life and humility and that is what I hope to become in the future. Ultimately, Jesus is our role model. We look forward to Him and Him alone.

Who is your favourite female Bible character and why?

I love Esther in the Bible, name’s sake but my love for Deborah in the Bible is greater. Deborah was an intrepid and a versatile woman. She was a judge, a mother, a wife and a prophetess (Judges 4:4). When Barack was afraid to go to war, he requested that Deborah, the strong and fearless woman, goes with him. I love how Deborah balances all aspect of her life to please the Lord.

Can a Christian woman be a feminist?

What is feminism in the first place? Some may say equal rights, others, the right to do the same thing a man can do and better still some say justice for women. In any case, I don’t see this to be necessary. God created both man and woman uniquely and there is no need fighting for our right or importance. Jesus first point of entry into the world was speaking significance about the value of women. It is not necessary being a feminist or fighting for the value of women as a Christian because we are already valuable in the sight of our Lord and Father. Shine at your corner as a woman and other women including “the men”, will come and see the brightness of your rising. Let’s allow the men to be how God created them.

Is the beautiful lady Esther in a relationship? If yes, tell us more about this faithful gentleman.

Well, I’m not OFFICIALLY in a relationship but hey, I’m booked, seriously engaged. I’m very unavailable for anyone else. He is a very fine gentleman who has never been in PENSA so “stop thinking”. I guess that’s all I can say about him for now.

What is your view on campus relationships?

Relationships in themselves are fickle. God has a beautiful relationship plan for everyone. With some, His plan is that they will meet their husbands in school, others it is years after school. It all comes back to purpose. Find out God’s plan for your life and follow suit. Obviously,many campus relationships do not end up in marriage because they followed their emotions instead of purpose. May God help us!

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

In the next five years, I see myself as an academic minister, about completing my PhD, married and enjoying marriage, counseling marriage couples and as a relationship coach.

A word of advice to the church

We have no business doing “other things” in the church if we do not know the God we are serving. Again, it is not enough to know God. It is imperative that we know HIS WAYS as well. Let’s all allow God to take us through the journey of knowing Him and knowing His ways.

God bless you lovely reader catch you on our next exclusive encounter as we bring to you yet another intriguing personality.