MEET Lady Esther Archer
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Welcome to personality show where we bring your way great people of God, this week we bring to you a lovely pearl from the Evangelism Committee. Please relax, read and enjoy what he has to share with us.

P.C:  Please we would like you to introduce yourself.

Personality: I am Esther Archer, a second year student reading publishing. I am the last of a family of seven. I am from Enyinase in the Western Region. I am at Evandy Hostel, Bomso, Room 62’

P.C: And kindly trace us through the root of your academic background starting from where your started schooling to where you are now.

Personality: I started schooling at Nav-West Basic through to Future Leaders and then Bompeh Senior High School all in Tarkoradi. Apparently I’m now in KNUST.

P.C: How was life back in SHS?

Personality: SHS was really interesting, I was quite reserved but that didn’t deny me of the Chaplaincy office for students. I coined a name for myself back then taking clues from my original name of a Queen, “Queenzy Galaxy”

P.C: What at all drew you to KNUST?

Personality: KNUST was my dream school although the old folks wanted UCC for me since that will be close to home, Tarkoradi. And I must say I’m happy to be here.

P.C: Was publishing your 1st choice, if not how are you taking the program now ?

Personality: No it wasn’t. Initially, I had difficulties but now am good. I am currently enjoying the program now.

P.C: Are you saved? If yes, tell us about the change you’ve experienced since then.

Personality: Oh yes, I found myself in family of believers as such very little thinking needed to be done about my religion, somewhere along the line I accepted Christ and gave my life to Christ. A lot has changed since then, am still in the act or process of change though.

P.C: Which committee do you find yourself and what influenced the choice of that committee?

Personality: Evangelism committee. I joined because I believe people need to hear the gospel, and I believe if they won’t or cannot come around we can pursue them. The committee is very interesting. I have made lots of friends.

P.C: The theme and focus of PENSA-KNUST: Perfecting Holiness and Standing Firm in Christ. How has it affected your life?

Personality: Well this theme and focus Perfecting Holiness and Standing Firm in Christ is one of drastic effect on my life on a positive side. I am still perfecting holiness and standing firm in Christ.

P.C: Now to a question we know you have been looking out for, please describe PENSA.

Personality: PENSA is really interesting. It has really been a big contributor to the improvement in my spiritual life. I think PENSA is a wonderful family.

P.C: Kindly talk to us about your mission and vision in life.

Personality: My mission, I believe is to let my light shine everywhere I go and the vision is that in the near future I want to own a big establishment.

P.C: Can you let us know your favorite Bible character and verse?

Personality: Abraham, because he is a man of faith. The verse is Roman 12:1: I beseech you therefore brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

P.C: What have you observed on campus that you believe must be looked at?

Personality: Yes. I strongly believe dressing has really not been understood by most of us. It seems we are always getting it all wrong. I think a dress code will really help curb this issue.

P.C: What do you wish could be modified in PENSA to make it a better place?

Personality: I think that there should be space provided for people who have testimonies and other who will want to exalt and even praise the lord.

P.C: What is your take on one saved forever saved?

Personality: I doubt that because sometimes we backslide and as such we have to fight to get back to path. So you realized that there is a constant struggle and man has to stand firm. So yes we are saved yet, we ought to work.

P.C: How do you see yourself after school any plans or things we should watch out for?

Personality: Yes there are plans but honestly I am the kind that loves to disappear so I won’t ask you to watch out for anything. There are plans and I know that as long as I am in His hands, I will be on track, the future is great, for sure! It is great for all who hope and trust in His provision and plan accordingly.

P.C: A question many itch to know the answer to, let us ask it the KNUST way, Esther are you grabbed, have you grabbed or has someone grabbed you?

Personality: No. I am still waiting patiently for the right time.

P.C: What are some of the qualities you expect from your future man?

Personality: God fearing, very hospitable, taller than me and dark.

P.C: Happiest and saddest moment.

Personality: Saddest moment was when I was leaving my home for school because I’ve been at Taadi all my life.

P.C: What Is your walk-word?

Personality: Aim at the sun and you will never miss the moon.

P.C: Testimony

Personality: I was diagnosed of having very low blood pressure and the doctor said it could be attributed to cancer. I was given some medication and told to come back later. I went home and did what I believed was the best action to take. I prayed. The next time I want back the doctor reported me healed. I thank God so much for that.

P.C: Any plans after school?

Personality: I want to further to Masters.

P.C: Prayer topic?

Personality: The grace of God should be abundant on my life.

P.C: What is your final words for everyone?

Personality: Let us live for Christ and not just say with our mouth. The world is not our permanent place. Where are you going after here?


God Bless you.