MEET Jacob Amartey Ashong
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Welcome to personality show where we bring your way great people of God, this week we bring to you a wonderful gentleman from the Organizing committee. Please relax, read and enjoy what he has to share with us.

PC: What do you know about “personality of the week”?

Personality: I believe it is an avenue to make the whole church know more about a particular person who works a lot in his committee but may not be well known in the church.

PC: Can you tell us about yourself?

Personality: My name is Jacob Amartey Ashong and I come from Labadi but I stay at Kwabenya, both in the Greater Accra region. I’m an associate, attending Christian Pentecostal Church at Kwashieman. I’m the second born of my parents and together we make a family of ten. I had my basic education at Achimota basic school and went on to further at Tema secondary School. Currently I’m in KNUST, Fourth year student reading geography and rural development and a proud member of Pensa-Knust, organizing committee. I’m in royal gate hostel, Bomso Gate, Room number 35.

PC: Can you tell us something about your family?

Personality: My parents are not the strict type at all. Initially my father was a Muslim but he converted by the grace of God when I was very young. He became very sick at a point in time, when he was a Muslim, but he came to church and through prayers he got healed. Then decided to follow the Lord ever since.

PC: How was life back in SHS?

Personality: I was quite anti-social in SHS because I wanted to stay away from bad company and habits. I studied General arts and that influenced my choice of program here. I was quite selective in choosing friends so most of my friends were just like me in character.

PC:  How did life in SHS influence your walk with God?

Personality: I was born again before I entered SHS, and while in school I was committed to the things of God. I used to also help in organizing the places of worship before service. But I would say I’ve been more committed here in KNUST.

PC: When did you become born again and what influenced the decision?

Personality: I became born again in JHS. I read a tract about salvation and decided to seek salvation. I also began to renew my mind with the word of God as the bible says in Romans 12:1-2.

PC: What have been the transformations that you have seen in your life after giving your life to Christ?

Personality: I’ve seen a lot of transformations ever since I gave my life to Christ. Now I consult God before making any decision in my life.

PC: Why did you choose KNUST as an institution to further your studies?

Personality: I actually had UCC in mind but the UCC forms were not available when I went to buy them so I had to buy Tech and Legon forms.

PC: Was Geography and rural development the program you wanted to study?

Personality: I chose Law and Political Science ahead of Geography but I had Geography.

PC: So what was your reaction when you got admission to study Geography and rural development?

Personality: I was very happy because when the initial admission list was released, my name was not in the list. However, I was offered admission later, together with my brother so I became very happy.

PC: How has your program of study been for you so far?

Personality: Well the program has been demanding but it has also equipped me with knowledge on how to alleviate poverty and help people in need. And by the grace of God I’ve not faced any challenge as far as academic work is concerned.

PC: What do you have in mind after obtaining your degree?

Personality: I would like to further my studies and do my masters.

PC: How has the environment in KNUST been for you so far?

Personality: The environment here has helped me come out of my shell and I’ve become a sociable person.

PC: What has been the happiest day in your life?

Personality: Well the day I got admission to study in KNUST. My brother and I were very worried when the admission list came and our names were not in the list. So when later we gained admission, I became very happy.

PC: And what has been the saddest moment in your life?

Personality: Well in situations I count it joy, so I don’t have a sad moment.

PC: How do you see Pensa-KNUST?

Personality: Pensa is a large and happy family, probably the largest on campus, and I believe pure and unadulterated word of God is ministered here.

PC: How do you also see the structure of Pensa-KNUST?

Personality: I believe the structure is very strong and formidable, but as the saying goes there is always room for improvement, so we can also do more to improve it.

PC: How has Pensa-Organizing committee been for you?

Personality: Well the committee has helped me to become more interactive and sociable. I’m actually in the technical faction of the committee.

PC: What is special about being in a committee that you would advice the “committeeless” to join one?

Personality: Through the committee, you feel the love in Pensa and the committee would make you well known because it is not as large as the whole church. I would therefore encourage anyone who is not in a committee to join one.

PC: Do you have a bible character that you really admire?

Personality: I would say Paul because he was a man of commitment. He stood firm in the faith and though he faced a lot of trails and persecutions, he still preached to the people in his time.

PC: What is your favourite bible verse?

Personality:  With men this is impossible but with God all things are possible. This verse inspires me that all things are possible if we involve God in whatever we do.

PC: How consistent is your Christian walk?

Personality: I would say I’ve been consistent though one way or the other I fault, but I believe if we come to God humbly and seek forgiveness he will forgive us.

PC: Do have a word of inspiration that you walk by?

Personality: Yes I do. Hebrews 13:5. God says he will never leave us nor forsake us so no matter the challenges that we go through, we know that God is with us.

PC: Do you have a mentor or someone you look up to?

Personality: Yes. That will be Dr. Osei Kwame Despite because of his entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. He has been able to achieve a lot though he did not have any formal education so he inspires a lot.

PC:  What is your take on this year’s theme and focus that is  “Perfecting holiness and Standing firm in Christ”?

Personality:  The bible even said without holiness it is impossible to please God and also standing firm in Christ can’t be achieved without being holy.

PC: In terms of spirituality, is there anyone who inspires you in life?

Personality: Yeah, Pastor Mensah Otabil of the International Living Word. I just like the way he teaches and explain the word of God.

PC: Do you enjoy any sporting activity?

Personality: I really enjoy watching football. On the lighter side I support Chelsea football club. Aside that, when I’m also free, I read books.

PC:  What change would you like to see in PENSA-KNUST?

Personality: I want to see more togetherness among members even if one does not belong to any committee.

PC:  What have you noticed in PENSA-KNUST that you want the incoming house to continue?

Personality: i believe if they continue with the visitation, it will really help, because members will realize that, the church think about them.

PC: what is your vision in life?

Personality:  I want to make life very comfortable for me and the people around me and help the needy because it is very dear to me

PC: What advice do you have for the youths?

Personality: Anything they find themselves doing, they should remain focus, seek God and also be determined, and I believe everything will work out well for them.

PC: Are you in a relationship?

Personality: Yes

PC: So what actually drew her to you?

Personality: she is God fearing and also she has vision in life.

PC: Any prayer request?

Personality:  I want the church to pray for the final years even as we are leaving campus, we should still keep the fire burning.

PC: Thank You

Personality: It’s my pleasure.