Elder Oboh Micheal
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Welcome to the personality arena of PENSA-KNUST where we get to interact with the members of the church to know more about them. We met our immediate past vice president in the person of Elder Oboh Micheal tell us about himself, his portfolio and the church.

Who is Elder Oboh Micheal?

I was born on the 27th of December, 1995 to Mr. John Oboh and Madam Grace Quayson. I am the fourth of eight (8) children and the only male child. I come from Abrem Agona where I had my basic education at the Catholic Primary and J.H.S school. I then went to Edinaman Senior High School where I read business. Currently, I am a 4th year Social Work student here in KNUST. I like to read, engage people in conversations on various subjects and listen to them as well. Micheal is a very curious, analytical and detailed person.

Share with us your experience in the second cycle institution?

I was a day student until the third term of form two. Before I went to the boarding school, I was a cool student outwardly but I masterminded some of the pranks in school. In those times, I used to walk a long distance to school because I lived in an apartment with my father’s friend who was the headmaster of a private basic boarding school. We lived on campus with the school children who were boarders. One day, we were asked to truck bricks to our residence for renovation. After work, a few students and I took the truck for a ride but we were met by misfortune when we bumped into a police vehicle. The police pursued us and for two days, we stayed in hiding without going back to the school for fear of being punished. After two days of wandering, I was punished together with my accomplices in front of my guardian’s school children.


KNUST was never in mind but I gained admission here through the less endowed schools system. Though I never knew about BA Social Work as a program, it did not appear far-fetched after reading about it. I just loved the program because I could see myself oriented in that direction. I have always loved jobs that will offer me the opportunity to interact with people so I accepted the offer and came.

Elder Oboh Micheal, kindly tell us about B.A Social work?

It is one of the best programs that one can ever read. Social work in itself is Christianity. Though it doesn’t lead people to salvation, it is full of good works.  It is aimed at enhancing people’s wellbeing and welfare and providing social support for individuals, families, groups, and communities. It is about reaching out to the vulnerable, persons with disability, orphans and other marginalized populations.

How has campus been from first year till you assumed office as the vice president?

Campus has been a very good place for holistic development. The spiritual atmosphere is good so I took advantage of it. Right from first year, I have enjoyed working for God. On campus, I have met wonderful people I can call friends and some fathers who have contributed immensely to who I am now.

How were you able to effectively combine your portfolio as the vice president with your studies?

I was unable by myself. It was God’s grace that abounded for me. By grace, I was able to manage my time well, balance and coordinate the various responsibilities attached to each of the two offices I held at the time as well as other responsibilities that came along the line. Where necessary, I delegated some responsibilities to people so I could focus on the most important ones.

What are some of the challenges you faced during your tenure of office?

The balance I talked about was a challenge in itself. Getting enough time for books, church, personal development, friends et cetera was a challenge but God helped me. Stress was another major challenge. There were days that I woke up very early but stayed up late into the night in a repeating cycle. Yet, through it all, God was making me a better person.

How has the portfolio affected your life?

In summary, it has made me a better person. It has refined my mindset about working for God. I have become wiser, more diligent, courageous and humble.

What can you tell us about PENSA-KNUST?

PENSA is God’s family localized. It’s a very good place for holistic growth- spiritually, academically, socially, financially and so on. If you commit yourself to carefully follow the theme and focus and the various ministrations and activities of PENSA, you will understand what I mean by holistic development.  It is also a good place for networking. People meet their life partners here. Some meet their business partners and others meet their employers. Because of how big a family PENSA is, one needs to be committed to a committee to feel the family life.

What improvement have you seen in PENSA-KNUST during your time of office?

By God’s grace, PENSA has now purchased a bus. We have also contributed immensely to the ongoing building project. More chairs have been added to the existing ones. We reviewed the meeting schedules of the Halls and committees to ensure that members had enough time to develop themselves in other aspects of life aside their spirituality. We have also encouraged many of the members to take up leadership positions in the school as a means of impacting their generation. By God’s grace, we have two members in the SRC and many others in leadership positions in the various colleges, faculties, departments, students as well as Christian associations.

Which committee did you belong to and why did you join the committee?

Naturally, I enjoy engaging and interacting with people. I joined the evangelism committee to be equipped with knowledge and skills for effective evangelism so that through doing what I enjoy, I could be sharing Christ as well.

What is your take on this year’s theme and focus?

The ultimate aim of the Christian journey is not to go to heaven or have a godly appearance but have the character of God. God has made Himself known to us through Christ and so to become like God is to become like Christ. Christ is the fullness of the glory and power of God. We need to seek to become like Christ than to go to heaven. We have to become like him so we can live with him in eternity (2 Cor. 3:18).

Abiding in His word

 “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God” (John 1:1). The word of God is God inscribed. We cannot know God outside his word. If we have to become like him, His word is the only means. As we live by His word, we exhibit His very character (John 8: 31).

What is your walk word?

Proverbs 22:29, “Seest thou a man who is diligent in his business, he shall stand before kings, he shall not stand before mean men.”

Who is your favourite Bible character?

There is at least one lesson to be learnt from each character in the Bible including Judas Iscariot and any other characters’ people may consider as bad. If I have to choose one, then my favorite is Jesus Christ. He alone is the standard. Apart from Him, Paul inspires me so much especially in the area of working for God.

Who is your favorite member/leader in PENSA-KNUST?

Being on campus, many people have impacted my life, some by close association and others from afar. One man that I really like so much is Elder Yaw Danquah. Though I never got very close to him, I have drawn a lot of inspiration from him. He is a man who spends time with God. As a result, he is so glorious and powerful. When you meet him, you know you have met a man who walks with God. He has both character and charisma. He is a very humble person as well.

Which sporting activity do you enjoy and what do you enjoy during your leisure time?

Well, for now I am not really a sports fan. But growing up, I was an athlete.

What is your vision and mission in life?

My mission is to establish God’s purpose for my life and my vision is to become all that God wants me to become, to be like Christ ultimately and to give my best to humanity. I want to lead people to Christ and help them live life to the fullest. I live to serve God and humanity.

How did you become born again?

My SHS class prefect invited me for one of Scripture Union’s services and I enjoyed it. I got committed to PENSA too but I hadn’t given my life to Christ yet. One Wednesday, I was called by my patron and vetted for a position in PENSA. I couldn’t speak in tongues then so he tasked me to come back the coming Friday speaking in tongues. I declared a fast from that day and on Friday the chapel prefect led me to Christ. He also prayed for me to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

What should we expect from you in the next 5 years?

God has a way of leading people and usually His plans are better than ours. All things being equal, I should have finished schooling or getting ready to finish.

Are you in a relationship?


What is your take on people who are single on campus and feel anxious about it?

It’s unnecessary to be anxious about not being in a relationship.  Actually, anxiety is not a good basis for building a relationship because you can easily make mistakes in such an unstable psychological state. When you do not feel any pressure to be in a relationship, then you know you can be in one. In such a case, you are sound and sober and it is usually best that way.

What do you look out for in your future spouse?

She should be God-fearing, and have good interpersonal relationships. She should be interested in serving God and humanity.

Please do you have any testimony to share with us?

My younger sister became very ill last semester. I was praying one time at the Ayeduase School Park when I had a vision of her. In the vision, she told me she didn’t like where she was so I should come and pick her up. I called my dad to inquire after her. Apparently, she was sent to a prayer camp so I told him to bring her home. I went home the next day to pray for her. By God’s grace, she was healed and has been healthy till now.

Do you have any proposal for PENSA-KNUST/ improvement you will want to see when you visit us one day?

Many PENSA members are matured but I would like to see a more mature church when I return. I want to see more people loving God and involved in service to God and church activities. I want to see the building completed and more than one bus for PENSA.

What advice do you leave with the church and the incoming house?

Take these three principles seriously; breathing, eating and drinking. Regularly confess your sins and ask God to fill you with His Spirit (breathing). Do not allow your sins to rob you of your relationship with God. Continually partake of the word of God (eating). Study the Bible for yourself. Continually pray (drinking of the spirit of God). These three will keep you alive, active and alert in the Spirit. Enjoy the fellowship of the brethren because it is very important for your spiritual nourishment.

Thank you very much for your time. God bless you.