MEET Edward Nketsiah
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Please we would like you to introduce yourself to the Church.

Thank you very much for this opportunity. My name is Edward Mensah Nketsiah. I hail from the Western Region but currently live at Tema. I come from a family of 7 (Two Elder brothers and two younger sisters).

Kindly trace us through the root of your academic background starting from where you started schooling to where you are now (telling us of the portfolios you held through this journey too).

I’ve been to 3 schools all my life. I started primary school education and completed at Little Rock Academy in Kasoa. Then I furthered on to study Science Ghana Secondary Technical School (GSTS) in Takoradi. After my WASSCE, I gained admission to KNUST to read a degree programme in Biochemistry. During my school days, I was mostly into Christian leadership. In GSTS, I was the Assistant Prayer Secretary of both PENSA and Scripture Union. I was also the Vice President of all the prayer secretaries of the various denominations. In KNUST, I started as the Prayer Secretary of Bible Study committee of PENSA, then I became the Prayer Secretary of the Church and later became the President. I must be quick to add that all these have solely been by God’s grace.

What drew you to KNUST?

I believe it is by God’s divine agenda. I gained admissions into UDS, KNUST and University of Ghana. After prayer and inner peace in my heart I decided to come to KNUST.

How inspiring has life here been and have all your expectations been met regarding your program of study?

Life has been truly inspiring since the first day I stepped my feet here. I have learnt a lot of life lessons which I know will help me in future. KNUST has also really contributed to shaping me into the person I am today.My expectation regarding the course I read has been met and I must say beyond my expectations. The programme is really a fascinating one and requires research and critical thinking.

Please we would like to know if you’re born again and what circumstance led to that?

Yes please. I am a born again Christian. I was born into a strong Christian family so I thought I was saved but after going through the tenets of the Church especially through Man’s depraved nature and repentance at my Junior Youth class, I was convicted by the Holy Spirit and gave my life to Christ. This happened somewhere in 2012.

Have you experienced any transformation so far?

Yes I have. I have seen great transformation since I started my walk with the Holy Spirit. I have seen transformations in my character, speech and life.

Before we come to PENSA can you briefly tell us of your Vision and Mission as an individual?

My mission was to grow onto maturity as a Christian and also to develop my personality. This is because I got to realize early that God takes people through a process in order to prepare them for His purpose. I learnt this from Ernest Darfah (one of my Christian leaders in GSTS). So all I wanted to do is to allow myself to go through God’s process so that I will be made ready for God’s purpose.

Drawing you back a little, is there any lesson you’ve learnt from your childhood that has sprouted you towards these heights?

Diligence and discipline. These two were the foundations that were laid back in my primary School. Every successful person is both diligent and disciplined.

Now to a question we know you have been looking out for, please describe PENSA.

PENSA is a big Christian family made up of spirit-filled and lovely Christians. In PENSA, you are brought up by training through the Word and prayer. Also you meet gifted people who will inspire you to live for God.

How did it feel being the President of PENSA-KNUST, and what are some of the duties that comes with this role?

I was amazed. I really got to realize that it was solely by the grace of God.

Being the President of PENSA-KNUST involves a lot. First you serve as the spiritual leader of the group. The President is the head of the executive body and so he chairs all meetings by the Executive body. The President also draws up a vision document with the Executive body and sees to the implementation of the visions. The President as well is a member of the Advisory body of PENSA-KNUST, a member of the National Central Committee of PENSA GHANA , a council member of the Student Chaplaincy council (SCC), the sector Head for PENSA Asokwa Sector, a member of the building management committee and an ex-officio member of all committees in PENSA-KNUST. All these come with their own responsibilities. I always say that the most difficult part of the work of being the President is the part that is not seen by everyone. It is really a call to numerous responsibilities and anyone who fills that role must have gone through God’s process.

And being a member of the immediate past executives, we will like you to shortly appraise us of the Theme and Focus and the inspiration that brought it forth and lastly how well you feel the members caught this vision?

Our theme was “Perfecting Holiness” with the focus “Standing firm in Christ”.

We were once far off and in darkness but God through Christ has called us into the light. Our call is a call unto holiness as we await the coming of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore we ought to stand firm, separating ourselves from the things that contaminate the body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God. Christ is coming for a holy and blameless Church and we must be prepared to meet Him.

We believe the members really caught the vision, looking at their eagerness and earnestness to live a holy life in spite of the temptations they face. In all, we give glory to God.

Please we would also like to find out what you wish could be implemented by the current house and take out your word as to some of the challenges they should expect?

We wish the current house will strengthen visitation as well as discipleship. We also wish that prayer and evangelism will be strengthened at all levels. Finally we wish the current house will teach the members and also use social media reach out to the world.As far as the Christian race is concerned, challenges will come. These challenges help us to know what sort of material we are made of (The sort of every precious material that is tested by fire). Challenges also help us to put our trust in God.

The new house should expect the challenge of inconsistency on the part of some of the members as well as ‘reluctance’ on the part of some of the members to evangelism. In all they should trust God for guidance and also put measures in place to help the members.

Coming back to your personal life, has there been any challenges while growing in Christ and how do you chunk out such difficulties in order to mature in Christ?

The main challenge I have realized is inconsistency in fellowship. There have been times where I have been inconsistent in prayer and study of God’s word but what I do now is to rely on the Holy Spirit and do my best to give myself wholly to prayer and study of the Word. I set goals for the year and discipline myself to achieve them. I now study the Bible a lot as well as read Christian literature.  I must say that I see consistency now.

Please let’s tackle your motivations in one question, who motivates you in this life and who is your favorite Bible Character?

I draw a lot of motivations from different people but the person who motivates me most is my Dad. Looking at his personality, his commitment to the things of God, his consistency in fellowship (that really inspires me), his discipline as well as the height he has reached in this life inspires me a lot.

My favorite Bible character is Paul. He is a determined, disciplined and goal oriented Christian who’s aim to achieve God’s purpose for his life (You can read Philippians 3:10-14, 1Corinthians 15:10 and Acts 20:24)

Share with us your favorite memory verse also.

God is not a man that He should lie, neither is He the son of man that He should change His mind. Has He said and will He not do? Has He promised and not fulfilled” (Numbers 23:19)

How do you see yourself after school any plans or things we should watch out for?

I plan to further my education as well as give myself diligently to the study of God’s Word. I wish to become a researcher into drug development as well as an apologist and teacher of God’s Word.

A question many itch to know the answer to, let us ask it the KNUST way, Eddie are you Grabbed, have you Grabbed or has someone Grabbed you?

Haha… I knew this question was around the corner. I have met someone special…let me end here. Haha

What are some of the qualities you expect from your future wife?

A Christian who is submissive, respectful, supportive and hardworking. She must as well be a good cook.

What is your favorite food, and do you have any Hobbies?

I love rice balls and Thick groundnut soup. I love to spend quality time with friends and loved ones during my free times. I also read books and listen to music.

Please do you have any needs you would want us to bear up in prayer?

I want the Church to pray with me that God’s purpose concerning my life will be fulfilled. It is a simple but deep prayer.

Finally, just as the last words of the dying are treasured dearly, what are your last words as you leave PENSA?

God has a purpose for everyone. His plans are to give us a hope and a future. He works out everything in conformity to His will. With this in mind, we ought to allow ourselves to go through His process of refining and preparing us for the task ahead. We should trust in Him and let our hearts be at peace.

With God on our side, we are REST ASSURED.