Deborah Opoku Agyemang
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The personality arena comes to you today with another thrilling moment where we get to hang out with one of our own Deborah Opoku Agyemang, a fourth year Bachelor of law student.

Who is behind Deborah Opoku Agyemang?

Deborah Opoku Agyemang was born on 4th July 1998. I am the second of three children. I hail from Amoanapraso in the Ashanti Region but reside at Kotei here in Kumasi. My parents are Mr. Opoku Agyemang and Mrs. Genevieve Opoku Agyemang. I attended New World International School and moved on to Wesley Girls’ high school where I studied General Arts. I love to read and listen to sermons.


Share with us your experience in the second cycle institution? (Any teaser name back in SHS and fond memories)

GeyHey was a very interesting and wonderful school. When I was admitted initially, I thought there was too much discipline and that I couldn’t survive. However, the training and holistic education they gave made me a better person. The training improved my leadership abilities and helped me relate better with different kinds of people when I became a prefect.

Why KNUST and the program?

There was no special reason. I just knew I had to come here so I just bought KNUST forms. My brother was already here and when I visited him, I knew I had to come here. I chose LLB because it was the only profession I saw myself in since childhood.


What can you tell us about LLB?

It’s a very interesting and practical subject and I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to read it. As the name suggests, it entails learning law. It talks about laws in Ghana, contract laws, criminal laws, laws from other countries and how some of them have effects on Ghana. There are several branches of the law but in our university, you learn about contract law, the Ghana legal system, law of Torts, Jurisprudence etc.


How has campus been from first year till now?

Very wonderful so far! It has had its ups and downs, from academic to spiritual and social challenges. It hasn’t been easy balancing these facets of life but by God’s grace I’ve sailed through. I’ve met very nice people on campus. People have become family and have helped shape my life.


What can you tell us about PENSA-KNUST?

PENSA is full of wonderful people and made up of persons from different backgrounds. The church PENSA-KNUST touches on the various aspects of life through its sermons and activities that are held. People complain it’s too big and they seem to be lost in it, but you get to experience the love when you join a committee and actively participate in their activities. Moreover, when you pay attention to the teachings, you grow and become a matured believer. I admire PENSA-KNUST a lot because of its organized structures and systems and the receptive nature of its members.


Amongst all the committees, why did you decide to choose Bible study committee?

I’m a person who likes to engage in discussion with people about subjects especially about the Bible so joining the Bible study committee was the avenue for me to do so.


What is your take on this year’s theme knowing Christ, proclaiming his love?

I think it’s a very timely message to us in the university in that it is time for us to know God and who He is as a person. Having that experience with who he is, we in turn show the love we have encountered from him to others. It is time we know that we can only show genuine and perfect love to others after knowing Christ.


Are you born again?

Yes, please.


How did you become born again and what are some changes you’ve seen after such an encounter?

I was born into a Christian family and I’ve known God throughout my life but I would say I was born again in high school when I decided to give my life to Christ during an alter call at a program called, “Jesus festival”. I have had a very personal relationship with the Holy Spirit since then and I must say it has been wonderful so far. I realized that I didn’t need to carry a lot of worries or burdens because I had someone who caters for all of them. From that time, I’ve lived a very peaceful life. So far, the Lord has not disappointed me and I don’t think he would ever do so.

Bible study committee, what part of the Bible really speaks to you?

Psalm 91. It’s a chapter in the bible that addresses the subject of fear. It was a chapter that spoke to me at my very challenging moments. It also gives me reassurance of how much I am loved and protected by the Lord.


Who is your favorite Bible character?

I have three actually, the first is my namesake, Deborah. She was very courageous, and a judge, which I can relate to in my career path. I also admire Esther a lot. She was also very bold and wise. She had the needs of her people at heart. The last person is Joseph. Even though he went through a lot of troubles, that didn’t stop him from serving God and in the end, it made him triumphant.


Who inspires you?

My mom and my grandmother because they are true epitomes of strong women in the Lord who have also sacrificed a lot for their children to be where they are today. I love them very much.


What do you enjoy doing during your leisure time?

I love to rest a lot, practically sleep. I read at times and listen to messages too.


What is your vision and mission in life?

I aspire to be a woman of virtue. In that, wherever God takes me, I would be the best.


What should we expect from you in the next 5 years?

Hopefully, I would be a lawyer and probably would have been married and actively involved in ministry.


Are you in a relationship? If Yes can we know his name? I’m sure our readers would be poised for that.

No, please! I don’t intend to be in one currently.


What is your take on people who are single on campus and feel anxious about it?

It’s very nice to be single since a lot of problems are avoided. It is also a good opportunity to develop yourself without any distractions. That’s what I think. You are able to concentrate better on the more important things in life. However, I don’t think anyone should be worried or pressured into getting into a relationship. It’s a matter of maturity, timeliness and knowing yourself as well. No one should be desperate about getting into a relationship which might end in regrets and mistakes. I am not against relationships on campus. If one is certain about being able to balance it with other facets of life, they can go ahead to do so.


What do you look out for in your future spouse?

He should be a God-fearing man who is also passionate about me. He should be hardworking, understanding and must be my soulmate. He must be respectful towards others.


What’s your motivational quote in life?

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” and “With God, all things are possible” and Philippians 4:6


Please do you have any testimony to share with us?

Yes, in learning for exams in first year, I prayed that God should show me the areas that where highly probable to appear. I was directed to certain topics. Lo and behold, God did not lie. The questions that appeared were the very ones I studied. I really did well in that paper. Also, there was another paper I wrote and I was supposed to answer three questions but I only answered two because of time constraints. However, when the results were out, I had an A.


Do you have any proposal for PENSA-KNUST/ improvement you want to see?

I think the church has started with a discipleship class for first years every Saturday. I think I would love to see it every time I come back to visit.


What advice do you have for the youth?

The little I would say is that they should discover their purpose in life and anything they do afterwards would be successful. Also, they should desire to have a personal relationship with God through Prayer and the ardent study of God’s word.


What’s your take on the Comprehensive Sexual Education Directive in the new basic school curriculum?

Introducing that subject to tender kids at that age is not necessary. I believe what the teachers should focus on is building the kids academically, socially and more importantly spiritually. I believe that certain subjects, like Religious and Moral Education, do justice to what children should know about sex and its related activities. The CSE in a way is not a healthy subject for children at that stage and I’m very happy the government has struck it out of the curriculum.

Thank you very much for your time, Miss Deborah Opoku Agyemang.

God bless you, lovely readers! Catch you on our next exclusive encounter as we bring to you yet another intriguing personality.