MEET David Kweku Ntow Akyea
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Welcome to the Personality Show where we bring your way great people of God, this week we bring to you a wonderful gentleman from the Ushering Committee. Please relax, read and enjoy what he has to share with us.
PC: Please can you give a brief introduction about yourself?

Personality: My name is David Kweku Ntow Akyea. A final year student reading BA Social work from a family of six including my parents. I live in Accra precisely Hebron with my parents but on campus, I reside at Nana Adoma hostel.

PC:  Can you trace us through your educational background?

Personality: I had my basic and JHS education at Base Ordinance Depot, a military government school at 37, a suburb in Accra. I later continued to Presbyterian Senior High Technical at Aburi in the Eastern part of Ghana then I found myself in KNUST.

PC: So how was life back in High School?

Personality: In fact life was stressful and intimidating for me. So personally I never liked Senior High School. The behavior of both the teachers and students were very unacceptable. But in whole, my four years in Senior High was successful and my Spiritual life was also not bad.

PC: How did you become a born again Christian?

Personality: Hmmm, it was one fateful Saturday morning, when my dad surprisingly questioned me whether I have given my life to Christ. I replied by saying when I get to Senior High but he also replied that there is no time to waste, so I should do that as soon as possible. So eventually that led me given my life to Christ.

PC: Has there been any transformation aftermath of that?

Personality: Sure, there has always been this urge to know Christ more.

PC: What influenced your choice of choosing KNUST?

Personality: Wow, KNUST actually wasn’t part of my selection, I had wanted to be in UCC because, there has been this stereotype that UCC is known for studies but  I found myself in KNUST due to the delay of UCC’s admission but being on campus for almost four years, I have never regretted coming to KNUST.

PC: What do you have say about PENSA-KNUST?

Personality: It’s an interesting place to be in terms of spirituality. It is also a united family of course

PC: Which committee have you found yourself in and why?

Personality: Ushering committee and I chose ushering because I see myself to be a steward and that I have to serve.

PC: Perfecting Holiness and Standing Firm in Christ is the theme and focus for PENSA-KNUST respectively, have they impacted you personally?

Personality: Yeah, as an assistant Queen’s Hall overseer, because I have been interacting with my members, it has actually opened my mind with regards to Christ.

PC: Among the lot of characters in the bible, which of them is your favorite?

Personality: l like David, this is because, I see David to be the reflection of Christ. He is very determined and diligent in the work of God.

PC: What is your favorite bible verse in the bible?

Personality: Romans 6:1. People continue to sin because of grace but I believe it is very bad as Christians. Some people consciously do that, and after all they think they can ask for forgiveness

PC: Now to social life, do you enjoy any sporting activity?

Personality: Yeah I play football but not too much.

PC: This is one of the few questions which most readers are keen to know. Are you in any relationship?

Personality: No, the reason is that, I just want to wait for some time.

PC: So what are some of the qualities you want to see in your future spouse?

Personality. A strong believer of Christ, responsible and respectful.

PC: What keeps you moving in life?

Personality: Christ Jesus and David.

PC: Can you share with us, your vision and mission in life?

Personality:  I want to serve God very well and my vision is to be a blessing unto many.

 PC: Any testimony to share?

Personality: I will use my admission to KNUST as a testimony because, the admission date was actually closed but by the grace of God I gained admission to KNUST.

PC: What is your take on Christianity and fashion?

Personality: In simple words, I will say as a Christian, you should dress decently.

PC: Do you have any advice for the youth?

Personality: I believe the youth should be wise in the things of God.

PC: Any prayer topic you want the church to pray about for?

Personality:I want the church to pray for the members and that when Christ comes we all can go.

PC: Thank you very much for your time

Personality: It’s my pleasure