MEET Daniel Ansong
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Welcome to the personality show where we bring your way great people of God, this week we bring to you a wonderful gentleman from the Prayer Force Committee. Please relax, read and enjoy what he has to share with us.

Can you kindly tell us who you are?

Ansong Daniel is my name, from a family of 10 including my parents. I’m the 4th child and the first son. I was born on the 24th of May 1995. I’m from Obo Khawu in the Eastern Region.  I’m in my 3rd year reading Disability and Rehabilitation Studies. I went to a Senior High School in the Brong Ahafo Region called Busunya SHS.

How did SHS life treat you?

Initially it wasn’t my intention to go a Secondary school, because there was some kind of life that wasn’t that good, so it wasn’t the passion of my parents to take us to the SHS. I was to school in the Ashanti Region, but due to some circumstances, we were led to Brong Ahafo. I was handed over to the school chaplain on my first day that eventually led me to be active in Christ. SHS was very nice though.

What can you say about your programme of study?

That one is also something else. I never wished to do that course but due to the encouragement of some people, it helped me grow an interest for the course. Now, the course has been interesting to me.

How did you end up in KNUST?

I came as a less endowed student, but I was going to the nursing training at first. I had my admission at the nursing training and the KNUST admission form also came out, so I was weighing the two to know which one will be of more benefit. I spoke to other people as well concerning the two courses, but I ended up in KNUST.

How do you see campus life?

Campus life is a two way thing, because when we speak of the university, it’s not about only education but there is something else in addition to education; to be spiritual for God or the other way. So to me campus is very interesting and I have found a very good family to join, which is PENSA KNUST.

How would you describe PENSA-KNUST?

PENSA KNUST is a family who will never leave you behind as we are moving, so that we’ll all come to the same realization of knowing Christ as our Lord. That is how I see PENSA KNUST.

What can you say about the structure of PENSA-KNUST?

To me I’ll say everything is good, because it is through the direction of the Holy Spirit that people are chosen and prepared for the work at hand.

Which committee do you belong to?

The Prayer Force Committee

What is your take on this year’s theme and focus?

My take in this year’s theme and focus ‘walking in the will of God’ and ‘abounding in good works’, It is a theme and focus which has been prepared for this generation. In every generation, there is a word that God wants to communicate with his people and in those words lay the good works of God. I can see some good works in this theme and focus, once I have believed and paid attention to it, I’ll attain those good works. So I’ll walk in the will of God so that I can abound in good works.

What is your favourite Bible verse?

Colossians 1:16

Who is your favourite Bible character?


Which sporting activity do you enjoy? And any additional hobbies?

Football. For my hobby, I like sewing.

What is your vision and mission in life?

My vision is to pursue the purpose of God upon my life and my mission is to work harder to attain that purpose.

How did you become born again?

It was through a conversation with a friend that led me to be born again.

Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years?

In ministry and also in the job market.

Are you in a relationship? Have you grabbed, are you grabbed or you’re grabbing?

I have not grabbed yet and no one has grabbed me too.

What quality do you look for in your future spouse?

One who fears God and loves the things of God

What keeps you moving in life and as a Christian as well?

There was one thing that my father said, “Always be active, continue in faith, obedience and fear, and you’ll hear from God. Don’t rush, always be patient.”

Please do you have any testimony to share with us?

I never thought of even attending SHS, but with God I am now in the University. This is by the doing of the Lord.

What has been your happiest day in life?

The happiest day in my life was when I was being baptized and the Pastor who baptized me said, ‘You’ll remain who you are.’ Those words made me very happy

And your saddest day?

I used to visit the game centers and one night, I went out of the game center and when I was going back I saw some policemen inside the game center. That made me very sad because I had already bet all the money on me on that particular day, and my money couldn’t be refunded too. So that night I went to bed very hungry.

Any advice for the youth?

We should believe the God that we are serving and we shouldn’t be easily taken away by the storms of this world.

What change do you want to see in PENSA- KNUST?

There must be the spirit of visitation to encourage our members.

Your last words and any requests from the church.

My last words are, Once you are a Christian, you must know that God is not done with you in terms of transforming you to the perfect image that he wants, and so you shouldn’t rush.

My request is for the church to pray for me.

Thank you very much