MEET Bismark Danso
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Welcome to the personality show where we bring your way great people of God, as part of our duties we bring to you a gentleman from Bible study Committee. Meet Mr. Bismark Danso. Please relax, read and enjoy what he has to share with us.

P.C: Can you tell us about yourself?

Personality: My name is Bismark Danso . I am in a family of 10 and I happen to be the last born. I come from Effiduase Dadease, currently known as Kumawu Dadease.  I reside at Suame, Kumasi. I had my basic education at Rosant Vineyard preparatory and JHS, Kasoa and had my secondary level education at Prempeh College.  I reside at Ebenezer Hostel, room 22. I’m a 4th year BSc. Agriculture Biotechnology.

P.C: How was life back in S.H.S?

Personality:  I love the school a lot, because the teachers were not spoon feeding us. There was a positive pressure to learn and the enthusiasm to learn was there. I started playing truant somewhere in the middle, that was affecting my grades. Another challenged was the few molesting here and there but in a nutshell the school is indeed a school. I love Prempeh College.

P.C: Do you have any nickname?

Personality:  Snappy. This was a name I was forcefully tagged with because of my unstinting love for the revamped peanut “snappy snacks” in JHS. And just like a shadow it followed me to SHS.

P.C: Why did you choose KNUST?

Personality: I just loved the school. I knew KNUST was a better place than the University of Ghana, legon. I simply desired the school over all the other schools.

P.C: Why Agriculture?

Personality: I wanted biomedical engineering, but I unfortunately didn’t get that. Though I didn’t like it initially, I girded up my loins and I started making progress. I regretted not taking it serious initially because of my lack of interest.

 P.C: What are your plans after here?

Personality: I would like to be a Microbiologist, continue my education either here or abroad then if God calls me into the full time ministry, I will.

P.C: Coming home to our own how do you see PENSA?

Personality: PENSA is a family, a denomination and an organization with nice doctrines. I love their way of worship, the way they follow up after evangelism to mentor the new converts, and the spirit of visitation. Initially I wasn’t so open so I didn’t experience this breeze of love.  People do not open up so they do not experience the good things in PENSA. I see PENSA as a wonderful family especially the various committees. I love everything about PENSA.

P.C: Talking about committees. Why Bible study?

Personality: I like reading the Bible a lot so when I heard of the Bible study committee, I decided to join.

 P.C: What would you like to say to the church?

Personality: What I would say is, if you have accepted Christ and you come into his presence you need to be on your guard since you do not know when Christ will appear. We must make Christ known to everyone.

P.C: Tell us about your happiest moments and you sad times.

Personality: My happy moments are when am with the church, PENSA and so every single moment I spend in the church was a moment of joy. With my sad times, I delve there every time I see other people sad.

P.C: Have there been any inconsistency in your life and how do you remedy it?

Personality: Yes. I do experience it in my life, we are humans aren’t we? But our conscience always pricks us to come back and pray for forgiveness. I have not been consistent but whenever I fall off I quickly come back. I don’t stay in my sins.

P.C: Do you have a walk word?

Personality: Seek first the Kingdom Of God and his righteousness and all things shall be added onto you.

P.C: Do you support the saying that “once saved forever saved”

Personality: No. if you are saved, it does not mean you are forever saved that is why Paul said we should work unto our salvation with fear and trembling. Before you receive Christ, you are in darkness so when you accept Christ into your life you will have light so you should walk in that light. The progressive salvation is what you are expected the walk on.

P.C: What is your hobby?

Personality: Watching action movies.

P.C: Which of the sports activities do you prefer?

Personality: I enjoy watching football matches and I know how to play very well.

P.C: Have you grabbed?

Personality: Well yes!

P.C: What do you think about grabbing in the church?

Personality: Grabbing is not bad and grabbing in church is not bad but if you are not ready don’t get yourself into it. One must go in with the intention of marriage.

P.C: What are some of the things concerning the youths that you would talk about?

Personality: I would like to talk about dressing. We shouldn’t dress to cause someone to stumble.

P.C: Why dressing?

Personality:  I think our people are copying blindly in relation to the western world. We have different skins, culture and even our stature. Somethings worn there may seem normal but others here will be utterly different and very provoking. When these things continue to happen in the church, the church becomes unhealthy place. I think our dressing is poor and needs a touch of modesty.

 P.C: What can you say about your social life?

Personality: I’m extrovert but sometimes I can behave as an introvert. I like to joke a lot, make friends and visit people.

P.C: What is your source of inspiration?

Personality: The Bible, Minister Paul Worsher, the leaders of the church of Pentecost and Elder Mireku, through his songs.

P.C: Any prayer request?

Personality: I ask for prayers on my personal life that the Lord should help me so that I can do His work diligently.

PC: Thank you for your time

Personality: You are always welcome.

God bless you for Reading!!!