Bernice Osei Owusu 
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The personality arena comes to you today with another thrilling moment where we get to hang out with one of our very own, Bernice Osei Owusu, a second year BSc. Land Economy student.

Who is lady Bernice Osei Owusu?

Am Bernice Osei Owusu. The fifth child out of six children.  I went to Eben International School for both my elementary and JHS education. I then went to Kumasi Academy in the year 2016 and completed Kumasi Academy in the year 2019 by the Grace of God. I am currently in second year reading BSc. Land Economy. I come from Bekwai Dominase but stay at kronum Afrancho(Kumasi).


What is your temperament?



Tell us about your salvation story.

I was born into a Christian family and I gave my life to Christ early because I was exposed to the faith.


What is your fondest moment in Kumasi Academy?

My fondest moment in Kumasi Academy was the day my friends and I laughed and made fun of one another after class and also the times our teachers would be sacking students for preps, and dinning.


Why KNUST and why land Economy?

I chose KNUST because KNUST it is closer to home and land Economy because I want to be a real estate developer someday. I love Land Economy because of the career opportunities.


Can you tell us some career opportunities Land Economy present?

Land Economy presents so many opportunities like real Estate Developer, Surveyor and Valuer just to mention few.


Describe PENSA -KNUST in 5 words

Place that builds us spiritually


What is your take on this year’s theme? “Maturing in Christ, Manifesting His Glory”

Our fruits are proof of our maturity. Maturity is a continuous endeavor and not just an event. Maturity in Christ is when a person attains the fullness of Christ in every aspect of his or her life. One way we can mature in Christ is constant reading and meditating on God’s word

Which committee and why?

I am in Prayer Force Committee and I chose Prayer force because I love to pray and prayer is a necessity for man’s survival.


Do all prayers get answered?

All prayers get answered. It might not be exactly what we are looking for but our answers will definitely come. In the end, His will for our lives stands as opposed to our wishes. As children of God, we must all be able to say in all situations like Jesus did that “not my will but yours be done Lord”. It isn’t always easy accepting His will for our lives.

Who is your inspiration?

My mom is my inspiration


What is your walk word?

In God’s own time, He makes things beautiful.


Would you rather have seen Jesus feed the 5000 or seen Him raise Lazarus?

I would have seen Jesus raise the dead. For feeding, He fed the Israelites with manna on the dessert but raising the dead, I would wish to see how a rotten body with maggots came back to life after 4 days.


What is your favorite food and can you prepare it?

My favorite food is Jollof rice and yes, I can prepare it.


Is lady Bernice in relationship? If yes, tell us about this faithful gentleman.

By the grace of God am still single.


Are we supposed to be actively looking for a spouse or wait on God?

I believe we should not be actively looking for a spouse. We should allow God to lead us. That is not to say we should become passive and lock ourselves in the room expecting God to throw a spouse onto your laps. We should be friendly, make friends and also be sociable. Who knows where our spouse might come from?


What do you look for in future spouse?

A man who fears God, is dedicated and most importantly faithful.


Where do you want to be in next 5 years?

In the next five 5 years, I see myself to be a real estate developer.


A word to a church

God is still in His church…Hallelujah!!!

The church is still marching on.

God bless you lovely reader. Catch you on our next exclusive encounter as we bring to you yet another intriguing personality.