MEET Benjamin Owusu Boateng
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Welcome to personality show where we bring your way great people of God, Today we bring to you a wonderful gentleman from the Ushering Committee. Please relax, read and enjoy what he has to share with us.

P.C: Can you tell us about yourself?

Personality: My name is Benjamin Owusu Boateng. I am in a family of 5. I had my basic education at Air force basic and Junior High school at Burmah camp and later attended St Peter’s Senior High. I am in HALL 7 a proud member of the Ushering Committee and a Final year Chemical Engineering student in KNUST.

P.C: How was life back in S.H.S?

Personality:  “I was everywhere some” entertainment, church everywhere?  School was ‘dj33’. I tried to keep things balanced. I was sociable yet very reserved too.

P.C: Did you carry any nickname here?

Personality: lol! My friends used to call me “wanny” derived from “I wan” just because they claim I looked like him after I trimmed my hair bald.

P.C: Why did you choose KNUST?

Personality:  First of all I wanted a change of environment, also because of the program. We can all testify to fact that when it comes to engineering, KNUST is second to none.

P.C: Why Chemical Engineering?

Personality: “I wanted petroleum because Charlie, Ghana get OIL oh, and everybody wants money oh” but unfortunately I had Chemical which I have come to realize it is broader than petroleum (chemical is the mother of these forms of engineering [Petroleum and Petrochem]). This means we do a whole lot of stuff so after getting this revelation things have, one become clearer and two better.

P.C: Coming home to our own how do you see PENSA?

Personality: PENSA is a family, and a movement and I think I couldn’t have found myself in any place better.

P.C: Talking about committees why Ushering?

Personality:  I must say I love helping people; I pride myself in rendering good service but my choice was influenced by my friends who thought I fit perfectly well in ushering because of my charming looks. I don’t regret making this choice since I have found myself very useful in the Lord’s vineyard directing people to their seats.

P.C: Tell us about your happiest moments and you sad times.

Personality: I’m glad you asked both questions together because it seems like a good fit for me, at one point in my academic career here in KNUST I had more than 3 trails because I didn’t put in the necessary efforts so my only option was to either withdraw or repeat the year as a Fee-paying student, I couldn’t break this news to my parents and the only help I could give to myself was to go on my knees and seek for divine intervention and divine intervention indeed did the Lord give me because for the first time in the college of engineering the PROVOST was disappointed about the results and all my trailed papers were cancelled. When I got to hear of the news that I could now continue with my education without taking any step backwards I became so joyous that I gave all that I had on me that day during Mid-week.

P.C: What can you say about PENSA’s theme and focus for this academic year?

Personality:  it’s a nice and strong focus and theme. Christians are supposed to stand firm without toggling between falling and coming back and one must also mature and grow in the spirit by perfecting the holiness which has been conferred on us.

P.C: Do you have any favourite Bible character?

Personality:  Elisha. How he served Elijah and how he managed to stay in God even in death.

P.C :  Could you please share with us your VISION AND MISION?

Personality: Mission is to help make an impact in the world and my primitive vision is to die knowing more about Christ than all I have known in this world.

P.C: Have there been any inconsistency in your life and how do you remedy it?

Personality: Yes. I do experience it in my life, we are humans aren’t we? But our conscience always prick us to come back and pray for forgiveness. I have not been consistent but whenever I fall off I quickly come back. I don’t stay in there because I know there’s a High Priest who will forgive us of our sins we confess and repent of it.

P.C: Do you have a walk word?

Personality: Seek first the Kingdom Of God and his righteousness and all other things shall be added onto you.

P.C: What is your hobby?

Personality: Watching action movies. You will kill me with series, I don’t mind spending a full holiday in front of my laptop or on a TV screen and I enjoy watching football matches and exceptionally good at kicking the ball too.

P.C: Have you grabbed?

Personality: I used to but not anymore. It always tempered me, with crossing the boarders but since I have dedicated my life to holy living I had to call it quit for the prestige I want to hold.

P.C: What do you think about grabbing in the church?

Personality: There’s nothing wrong with it, relationship fosters happiness and even motivates us to strive hard for the best but if it becomes a temptation to holy living then we have to refrain from it.

P.C: What is your advice to the youth and PENSA at large?

Personality:  Our dressing, it is sometimes inappropriate. Not only for the ladies but also for the guys.  For some ladies too…hmmm, I rest my case. Let us dress modestly to church so we don’t tempt the weak ones amongst us to fall

PC: Do you have any prayer request?

Personality: Pray for my family, God has given me a wonderful family and I want him to continually shower His blessings on each and every member and also foster the love and bond we share.

PC: Thank you very much for honouring our invitation

Personality: I am also very grateful.

God bless you for Reading!!!