MEET Ashley Emmanuel
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Happy New Year!!!  Welcome to personality show where we bring your way great people of God, starting this year we bring to you a wonderful gentleman from the Computer Committee. Please relax, read and enjoy what he has to share with us.

PC: Please can you a brief introduction about yourself?

Personality: My name is Ashley Emmanuel the fourth of five children. A second year student reading computer science. I come from Greater Accra but lives in Cape coast.

PC: How did your education begin?

Personality: I had my primary education at Mary Queen of Peace Catholic School in cape coast and my junior high at Flowers Gay Schools. Then I furthered to Mfantsipim School where I study General Science and finally I’m in KNUST.


Personality: Well, I choose KNUST because, I wanted to change my environment, because I have lived in cape coast from childhood that aside all of my siblings schooled in KNUST so I also wanted to come and have a feel of it.

PC: Having spent almost two years on campus, how do you see KNUST?

Personality: One thing I will say is that, I haven’t regretted choosing KNUST and with regards to my program of study, I am really glad to be studying Bsc. Computer Science.

PC: What do have to say about PENSA-KNUST?

Personality: Hmmm, PENSA-KNUST is the largest denomination on campus, I stand to be corrected though. If any member wants to really feel the wave of the church, then he or she has to join a committee.

 PC: Talking about committee, which committee do you belongs to and why that particular committee?

Personality: I chose computer committee over other committees because I have interest in computing stuffs and I believe I can also serve God through I.T.

PC: What do you have to say about this year’s PENSA-KNUST theme and focus?

Personality: Personally. I want to commend the leadership of PENSA-KNUST, for the theme and focus. I believe as a Christian, one thing we ought to take note of, is no matter the circumstance that come our way, we have to really stand firm. And we should also note that, definitely, we will go through trails and temptation, but at the end of all, we should stand firm and I believe the lord himself will bless us.

PC: Do you enjoy any sporting activity?

Personality: Yeah, I really enjoy football even though I don’t enjoy playing so much but I love to watch when others are playing.

PC: What do you enjoy doing during your leisure time?

Personality: I love to read a lot particularly technological books

PC: What are your plan after school?

Personality: I want to work for one of those notable and great I.T firms, Microsoft won’t be a bad pick.

PC: What is your favourite bible verse?

Personality: Deuteronomy 31: 6. I prefer the last sentence which is ‘He will not leave you nor forsake you’. This particular bible verse gives me an assurance that no matter where I find myself or what I go through, God will not forsake me and He will provide all my needs. I always get inspired and it keeps me moving as I go through this Christian journey.

PC: When did you become born again?

Personality: I gave my life to Christ after I had finish writing my B.E.C.E. It all happened during one Sunday service, after the sermon the Minister made an alter call and I surrendered my life to Christ. I also had my Holy Ghost baptism on that same day. At first I was inconsistent, I hardly go to church on Sundays because I wouldn’t wake up early but I changed though I can’t determine the exact time this habit stopped. After I gave my life to Christ there has been transformations, I can’t boldly say that all have been well, there were challenges but I believe that when I fall, I will rise again and continue with the journey so I am still keeping on.

PC: Have you grabbed?

Personality: No. The issue of relationship is vital so I have to take my time before I go into. I think at the appropriate time, I will get my own.

PC: What traits would you like to see in your future spouse?

Personality: A virtuous lady, beautiful, God fearing, loving and caring

PC: Can you share your testimony?

Personality: Back in 2008. I had a medical report which testified that I had a problem with my appendix so the Doctor told me that I will be put on drugs to aid in curing the illness if not I have to undergo a surgery but Glory be to God that after my medications I recovered from that illness.

PC: What would you like to see in PENSA-KNUST?

Personality: I would like to see change with respect to the songs we sing during church services. I wish that Pensa can encourage other spiritual and inspirational songs which are not Pentecostal songs, I think if we can blend both songs it would be great.

PC: What is your advice to the Youths?

Personality: What I can say to the youths is since we are in this adulterous generation there are certain ungodly things that may sway us from our faith but we should stand firm in Christ no matter the circumstance.

PC: What is your prayer request?

Personality: I ask for the prayers of the church that I can keep on with my Christian walk and not be swayed.

God bless you for Reading!!!