Asare Benjamin
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The personality corner, comes your way with an exclusive interview with our gallant personality for the week, a proud fellow – Katangee, Asare Benjamin a third-year metallurgical engineering student. Read on to find out thrilling gist’s about our personality as well as his ideas.

Who is behind Asare Benjamin?

I was born on 18th February 1997, to Cecilia Mensah and Emmanuel Asare. I’m the second of three children and I reside in Achim Oda. I attended Kov preparatory school. For my junior high school education, I attended Joe-Oduro Integrated School and headed to Ghana National College in Cape Coast, Central Region where I read General Science. I attend Central Assembly at, Nkwantanum District, Achim Oda. I’m the local youth secretary in my church back home.


Share with us your experience in the second cycle institution? (Any teaser name back in SHS and fond memories)

A senior came for my bucket and in retrieving I got to realize when you bring a bucket to the boarding house, it’s not yours again. He made me kneel down from 8am till around 3pm. I missed almost all events in the school that Saturday. There was another day I went to learn and when I was returning, a senior saw me and asked me to return to where I was coming from if there was no parcel in my bag. Truly, he searched my bag and asked me to kneel because there was nothing but books in my bag and he asked me to kneel till the time he came back from where he was going. He made me go through a lot of ordeal as he came back to meet me sleeping. However, I did not encounter any such situations again in the course of time. I was the secretary for Ghana National PENSA association.


Why KNUST and why Metallurgical Engineering?

There was no particular reason, but I knew I wasn’t going to go to any other university because of the program I wanted to read. I remember telling my mom I would not go to any university aside KNUST. I chose Metallurgical Engineering because I wanted to be a mineral engineer. I had interest in it because of the work my dad does.


Can you tell us about Metallurgical Engineering?

It deals with the extraction of minerals. After the geological engineer is done mining the ore, we get to extract the mineral of interest. We have sub courses such as hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy, mineral processing, mineralogy, assaying as well as transport phenomenon.


A re-count of all the experiences from first year until this current year?

Campus has been good. At times the lecturers stress us, assignments, presentations and everything. I’ve been able to make a lot of friends too. I think that has been a pretty good experience.


What would you say about PENSA-KNUST?

The members are nice and caring. I remember in first year second semester, my mum was admitted at the hospital and PENSA KNUST members were always calling me to find out how things were going and how she was. They really showed me love.


Amongst all the committees, why did you decide to choose Ushering committee?

I decided to join either Music and Drama or Organizing Committee. During one service, a sheet was passed around for interested persons to write down their names to join the ushering committee and I thought there weren’t going to be anymore sheets so I decided to join. I have had tremendous improvements nonetheless since I was a really shy person but now, I’m not that timid again.


What comment can you give about the year’s theme and focus?

As the theme suggests, before you proclaim His love you have to know him first. Knowing Christ means abiding by his word and living a good life. Your life alone should proclaim Christ without you saying a word. Your roommates, friends and family should be able to see Christ’s love in you through your lifestyle.

How did you become born again and what are some changes you’ve seen?

My parents were already in the church. I was baptized when I came of age in the church. I’ve been seeing so many miracles. It was notable when I defied all odds and gained admission to the university.


Who is your favorite Bible character and any lesson from the person?

David. I realized that David was a man who always gave thanks and praises to God and was quick in asking for mercy and remission of sins from God whenever he faultered.


Do you have an inspirational person?

Elder Mireku. I like the way he sings with courage, and I like his songs too. I remember one time I was sick and not knowing what to do. I was singing his songs on the bed and before I realized I was joining him in singing and I was on my feet. Since then, he has been an inspiration.

What do you enjoy doing during your leisure time?

Talking to friends, and sleeping. Basically nothing much to occupy me. Sometimes I read the Bible during those times too. There’s no better way than a fellowship with God.


What should we expect from you in the near future?

I want to travel outside and work there, make money, return and take my folks along. Basically, that’s the plan.


Are you paired? If Yes can we know her name, I’m sure our readers would be poised for that.

I’m single at the moment. Let’s just say I’m waiting for the right time. It can be today, tomorrow any day.


How do you want your future spouse to be like?

She should be someone who is always at church, not missing church for any reason. She should be nice and should smile a lot – someone who is friendly and relates with others very well.

Do you think Campus relationships are advisable and is it necessary to be anxious about it?

It is advisable but not necessary to be anxious. Some of our ministers met their wives in school. Yours might be here or not and if you do meet someone, it may work or not. You don’t need to cry over spilled milk if it does end it.

Do you have any proposal for PENSA-KNUST/ improvement you want to see?

I would propose that the church organize more concurrent services. I was a family head in second year and whenever there was a joint service, most of my members who missed it attributed it to the fact that the distance was far for both on campus and off campus members irrespective of the location.  PENSA KNUST should also improve on welfare. The welfare committee has no money in the account and the only money we get is from the selling of drinks and bread after church. The vice president should also call often and speak to us about the welfare since he is the head of the welfare committee. Aside that, everything is okay for now except the building. I’m hoping we finish it early.

God bless you lovely reader. Catch you on our next exclusive encounter as we bring to you yet another intriguing personality.