Appiah Kwadwo Lawrence
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Welcome to the Personality Show where we get close and personal with the body of PENSA-KNUSTThis week we meet our very own brother from Evangelism committee offering BSc. Statistics. let’s get ourselves inspired by what he has for us.

Who is behind Appiah Kwadwo Lawrence?

I am twenty-four years of age born on the 10th January, 1994 at the Okomfo Anokye teaching hospital, Bantama-Kumasi. I am the fourth of my parents five children. Also, I am known as “The Walking Bible” by a lot of people because of the Bible recitation I usually do at church services and conventions. I am affiliated to Unity hall. I am popularly known in the hall because I usually preached in the middle of the hall when I was in first year. I started my basic school at Faith Educational Complex, Aburaso and completed at Pataase M/A JHS in the year 2007. After 2007, I moved to Kumasi Secondary Technical School (KSTS) at Pataase where I studied Business. I furthered my education to KNUST where I am reading BSc. Statistics, currently in my final year. I fall between a sanguine and choleric.

Share with us your experience in the second cycle institution?

In Kumasi Secondary Technical School, first year, I won the Inter-class quiz for first years. During our time, we did core subjects in the first year, and I chose Business afterwards for the rest of the three years. That means I spent four years in the school. During my four-year stay in the school, I never missed any event held in the school or outside the school, being entertainment, church service, morale, inter-school competitions and other sporting events. School was fun, just that we never qualified for super-zonal but bullying juniors made it fun to me. At school, I used to attend Catholic Anglican Student Union (CASU) and later Matters of Christ. I wasn’t spiritual but use to visit PENSA and Scripture Union (SU) in order to dance at their services.


I didn’t have a choice because of my long stay at home. I wanted to come to the university and KNUST was the only school available at the time I was purchasing my forms. But I have loved the school because I have grown spiritually in Christ

Appiah Kwadwo Lawrence, kindly tell us about Metal Product design?

Statistics is the basis of life. It combines a lot of fields of study in a single subject. In this school, students use statistics to analyze their projects for all their programmes. The church uses Statistics to access increasing and decreasing attendance for services, the school also uses forecasting as a statistical tool to plan developmental projects like building hostels/halls.

How has campus been from first year to second year?

Campus is very lively for me. I have made a lot of friends, although I have forgotten a lot of them. I have been a course rep from first year to final year which has helped me to interact with students and lecturers. Also, I have been built up spiritually on campus from preaching in first year to writings of tracts in final year.

What can you tell us about PENSA-KNUST?

PENSA-KNUST is my home, although I don’t usually attend midweek services. I have been blessed by the messages of seasoned ministers. I have been able to be close to God and I always enjoy services. It was boring to me in first year because people never understood me but became lively when they understood me in my attempt of greeting seasoned ministers after services.

Amongst all the committees, why did you decide to choose Evangelism committee?

Evangelism is my life. It is my testimony. It is the tool I use to challenge God in order for Him to do something for me. I am always into Evangelism. For the ministries, evangelism does not have a limit being age or gender. I found myself in the Evangelism Committee because I am also an Evangelist holding firm the word of God and His commandment (Go ye).

What is your take on this year’s theme and focus?

Becoming like Christ: Christ is our spiritual father. He is the one with perfect holiness whilst other spiritual fathers are perfecting their holiness. So, any Christian should follow the footsteps of Christ than that of a man.

Abiding in His word: I like the word of God because the word of God is everything. The word of God created everything, the word of God is; water, fire, rain, food, meat, honey, lamp, light, hammer, sword, anchor, seed, and mirror among others. Ultimately, the word of God is Jesus Christ. So, abiding in the word of God makes one remain in the basic teachings of Jesus Christ.

Which part of the Bible really speaks to you?

It’s a lot but I like Angel Gabriel’s declaration to Joseph that she (Mary) will bring forth a son and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save His people from their sins, found in Mathew 1:21.

Who is your favourite Bible character?

Paul, because we share the same temperament, and he doesn’t withhold the truth, reproves and corrections. Also, he is very outspoken like myself. He is also immensely dipped into the lake of evangelism.

Who inspires you?

Apostle S.Y Antwi inspires me. He is very concerned about football, prayer, missions, giving, and others like myself.

Which sporting activity do you enjoy and what do you enjoy during your leisure time?

I really like football. I support Liverpool Football Club dubbed “You’ll Will Never Walk Alone”. I like to argue about football, politics, religion during my leisure time. Reading the Bible to me is not done during my leisure time but its fixed inside my daily time table which I abide by all the time.

What is your vision and mission in life?

I envision to employ 7,500 thousand people in my group of companies and also hold crusades worldwide and expand my tracts distribution worldwide.

My mission is to study, research and become a lecturer in order to pursue my vison and spread the word of God.

How did you become born again?

I was not preached but I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior through song ministration, when I walked six years ago into the church of Pentecost, Agric-Nzema Assembly of Kwadaso Agric District in Kwadaso area in the course of the service.

What should we expect from you in the next 5 years?

To complete my Masters and PhD abroad being a lecturer afterwards.

Are you in a relationship?

Yes. I just found one not long ago.

What is your take on students who are single and feel anxious about it?

They should take their time and search. They should be matured enough to date because dating is for the matured people. Also, they should not date for fun or any other canal reason but for, “till thy kingdom come”.

What do you look out for in your future spouse?

She should be respectful, God-fearing, neat, good-cook and pretty.

What’s your motivational quote?

“If the brain is an app, people will start using it”.

Please do you have any testimony to share with us?

God has been so good to me. He picked me from a home of no hope and made me the first person to be the in the university in my family at large.

Do you have any proposal for PENSA-KNUST or improvement you want to see?

The bus schedule for midweek services is allowing Kotei brethren not to attend mid-week services. So, I think, the bus should run on these schedules. Queens to Ayeduase and Kotei being first bus. Queens to Ayeduase and new-site being second bus and Queens to Gaza and Bomso being third.

What advice do you have for the youth?

They should set plans for their lives, and always listen than to speak. Also, they should trust in God and not follow luxurious ways of getting money early, (Jeremiah 17:7-11). In relationship also, they should take their time and always be truthful in all their deeds.

Thank you very much for your time. God bless you.