Alexander Otoo
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The personality corner, interview’s our dynamic personality for the week, Alexander Otoo, a fifth year Doctor of Optometry student. Read on to find out thrilling gist about our personality as well as his ideas.

Who is behind Alexander Otoo?

My full name is Alexander Paa Kwaw Sesah Otoo, but I like to shorten it to Alexander Otoo. I was born at Breman Asikuma in the Central Region but I reside at Cape Coast. I was born to Mr. Richard Kobena Otoo and Mrs. Agnes Sesah Otoo. I’m the fourth of six children. I started my basic education at Shekina Academy in Breman Asikuma. I proceeded to Adisadel College. After several years, I ended in knust. I like soccer a lot. I’m an astute Barcelona fan. I like working a lot, especially one that brings me money.


Share with us your experience in the second cycle institution? (Any teaser name back in SHS and fond memories)

Back in high school I had many teaser names, notably Obama, “Onupa”, “formula man”, amongst others. I was called Obama because I resembled president Obama. I used to quote his philosophies a lot. A year after visiting Ghana, they started calling me that. For formula man, it originated from our Elective Mathematics teacher. He engaged in a lot of work. Though he was a teacher, his classes were not really on point. I had no problem with him, but there was a particular day he was teaching a topic under circle theorem. He was trying to quote formulas for the class but he kept forgetting. I was staring at the formula and an idea came with which I used to deduce mine and after using it for several examples it was correct, since then they started calling me formula man. That was a long time ago.


Why KNUST and why Dr. of Optometry?

Back in high school we didn’t like UCC. It was a general feeling in high school, for most schools in Cape Coast actually. I had the chance of purchasing two forms. Knust was the main choice that I had, but the other choice was either UDS or UG. Most of my mates had purchased UG and I didn’t want to meet a lot of my mates in school. I chose Optometry because I wanted a six-year program. I wanted the title “Dr”, not of Pharmacy, though I stood the chance. I just want to contribute my quota to help humanity. I felt the best way to help people is diverse but I chose this profession to use it as a means to help others.


Can you tell us about Doctor of Optometry?

It’s a prestigious program and fresh in Ghana, we are 42 in the class, I think the class before us is 26. It became Doctor of Optometry in the 1980’s. It is one of the most prestigious programs in the United States. For optometry, it has a good work and life balance. It is basically about making the eye comfortable. Though we don’t have major surgeries, in some African countries, they have been taught to undertake the cataract surgeries. The optometrist is the first point of call for all the eye problems and we also dispense glasses and other optical devices. We are independent from the other health fields.


How has campus been from first year till now?

I was in Republic hall in first year, there were a lot of programs going on and especially during the weekend. I started working in second year – talk of software and hardware, web designing amongst others. During that time, there were a lot of conflict among Katanga and Conti and almost every day there was a problem with a student. We witnessed the greatest demonstration the school has ever seen. I’m the editor of Atinka news. In second and third year, I was the Computer Committee web app head and the Dean of Students hired us to teach KNUST students about SPSS.


What can you tell us about PENSA-KNUST?

It’s a capacity building place. It is pregnant with a lot of capabilities. There are people loaded with a lot. It’s the most spiritual place I’ve ever encountered. It is one of the places where you definitely have to go far if you find yourself there. In the corporate world, it helps you a lot. Every single service equips you for life and helps you to grow spiritually and emotionally. It is one of the places you can grow and develop. It is superb. If even you are in a different denomination and you happen to read this, you should come visit and your life wouldn’t be the same.


Amongst all the committees, why did you decide to choose Computer committee?

Initially, I used to be a drummer. I was not that good so I wanted to improve myself. During one session, I realized I could do more somewhere than the Music and Drama. I joined Computer Committee because I was already vested in IT and I wanted to learn more. I just like IT. I wanted to do more for the church though I’m shy. Other committees were going to expose you. I tried Editorial but their meeting time was not the best for me. I chose Computer Committee as the final place.


What is your take on this year’s theme and focus?

There’s an adage that “If a crab comes out of the sea to tell you the crocodile is dead do not doubt it”. I’m saying this because to proclaim Christ, you have to know him. Each and everyone in the bible has an experience with him. Paul for example, always teaches us about the love of Christ. You can not go out to proclaim his love if you don’t know him. In Jeremiah 33:3, it admonishes us to commune with God to know him for ourselves. It sounds simple but it is very loaded and self-explanatory as well.


How did you become born again and what are some changes you’ve seen?

I was born in the church. I was transitioned into the church around age 13. I think that was after BECE. Before that, there was fasting and prayers for three days after which they told us they wanted to baptize us. I think that was how I became a born again. There has been a lot of changes. Right after baptism, I began to see things very differently. Before I went to high school, I was the best student though my grades during the BECE were not the best for Adisadel College. I remember praying very hard for God to give me Adisadel and I heard a voice saying I’ve had it. Most of my choices are taken by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes, I’m shocked and sometimes I think I made the wrong choice but it comes out positive.


Who is your favorite Bible character?

Melchizedech. He was the only person compared to Jesus, a high priest. His beginning isn’t known and he was almost perfect aside his human nature that was his only flaw. He was very loaded and I would wish to be like him. He became my favourite because in high school we had a Bible quiz. We went to the finals and the tie breaker was about him. My opponents knew the answer and afterwards I went to read about him and since then I’ve never forgotten.


Who inspires you?

My uncle. He is currently the area head for Yendi. He is Pastor Emmanuel Kojo Aidoo. He is time conscious. I learn a lot from him. He does not make negative circumstances influence his decision. I like his administrative skills. He was area secretary for several areas and his skills are the best. He is really jovial, strict and directive.


What do you enjoy doing during your leisure time?

Mostly, I’m glued to my laptop and I edit news scripts. I’m a great marvel fan but if I am down to zero, I sleep. Sometimes, I stream Kakra Baiden’s videos on YouTube


What should we expect from you in the near future?

I should be a public figure, one of the top notches in the church, money and other places. I wish to help build our church in my district and a mission house too.


Are you in a relationship?

YES, she’s not in PENSA though she’s here with us in KNUST.  


What do you look out for in your future spouse?

She should be humble, smart, God fearing and of good character.


What is your take on people who are single on campus and feel anxious about it?

We have all been there before and I don’t think you should be anxious. No matter what, you would have your partner out there. It gives you the opportunity to go the extra length and develop yourself. There is always a life partner for you so there is no need to rush. It takes time to sample because when you get into a relationship you are blinded.


What’s your take on long distance relationships?

It depends on the individual, purely subjective. You don’t really need to see the person that frequently. You have to trust the person and even if the person is around and you can not do any marital stuff. If you know the person before he or she left, I think there is nothing wrong but if it’s a blind relationship where you haven’t seen the person that is too risky and not recommended.


Do you have any proposal for PENSA-KNUST/ improvement you want to see?

The leadership should be extended to those reading a six-year program and even post graduate students. They should be given the chance to lead the church because they can carry it out perfectly. Computer committee and the Evangelism heads should be included among the executives since they are not part. I think PENSA should also get a hostel after the building project to house the executives and less endowed students as well.

God bless you lovely reader catch you on our next exclusive encounter as we bring to you yet another intriguing personality