PERSONALITY – Josephine Amo Badu
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Josephine Amo Badu

Welcome to personality show where we bring your way great people of God, as part of our duties we bring to you a virtuous lady from Music and Drama. Please relax, read and enjoy what she has to tell us.

P.C: Can you tell us about yourself?

Personality: I am Josephine Amo Badu 20years old, I live with my parents in Kumasi am the last born of six children; two guys and four ladies. I attended St Louis jubilee school right from nursery to JHS and continued to St Louis senior high school and currently here in knust offering BSc human biology (a.k.a medicine hehehe) and in level 200 now. My favorite food is omotuo and groundnut soup you can locate me at west end hostel.

P.C: How was life back in S.H.S?

Personality: I am the sanguine phlegmatic type with sanguine dominating, kind of a talkative and the free type so life in shs was not boring for me. I had fun not in the bad way, I was also not notorious.

P.C: Do you have a nickname?

Personality: Yes Jossy from my name Josephine.

P.C: What can you say about knust?

Personality: Knust is good, for me I didn’t have anything like a dream school, I’m okay with wherever I find myself so far as I have whatever I may need there so I’m really happy being in knust and especially with my programme of study.

P.C: What can you say about pensa-knust?

Personality: Well, it’s a very nice family with a very large population and if you do not belong to any committee you would feel like nobody likes you. If you are a member of a committee, you will get people to chat with especially after church service, getting to know your wellbeing and other stuffs. I would like to congratulate last and this year executives for their good work and also being time conscious.

P.C: Which committee do you belong to?

Personality: I’m in the music and drama committee precisely, RVT. I really love dancing since childhood I have being performing right from Sunday school through to senior high school so I wanted to continue it here that was why I joined music and drama committee.

P.C: How do you understand pensa theme and focus and the impact on you?

Personality: To excel in something example an exams, you have to study your books.So for you to excel in the knowledge of Him; you have to learn about Christ and know Him well. The only way to learn about Christ is to read the Bible and through revelations, you pray and understand the word of God. When you understand the Word, you begin to grow, knowing Christ more and you stop your old life.Yes it has. I have realized I have moved to another level. My relationship with God has changed it wasn’t intimate at first but I can see some changes now.

P.C: Who is your favourite bible character?

Personality: I don’t have any particular person as my favourite, I just like most of the good characters in the Bible maybe Joseph because I’m called Josephine. I think Paul, because among the Apostles Paul came late but he worked more than the other Apostles who came before Paul. It doesn’t matter how long you have been in Christ because God wants quality not quantity, it’s not about the number of time you go to church but it’s about your understanding in Christ. That was why Paul was able to do great things and said I have fought the good fight ,I have finished the race,I have kept the faith (IITimothy 4:7) and what is left for me is the crown of righteousness. He was serious for God.

P.C: What change do you want to see in pensa?

Personality: I wish RVT get more time for ministrations and also we stick to our time allocated for service.

P.C: What do you dislike in life?

Personality: For someone to disrespect me or to take me for granted. People do take me for granted because of how I am very open and free. They sometimes do certain things which they think you can take it but it really hurts.

P.C: Are you born again?

Personality: Yes.

P.C: Do you have any testimony to share?

Personality: Yes. When I had an admission to medical school, I was excited because that was my heart desire but the fees was huge because I was a fee-paying student. I didn’t have any hope of getting that huge sum of money to pay my fees so I was sad. I was there one day, then my Dad called to tell me that his friend will come and take me to the bank to pay my fees. I didn’t know what to do, I was overwhelmed after hearing that good news. Truly, he paid everything and I was able to come to school. I know for sure that it was God who did that and I really appreciate it because I know it wasn’t my Dad’s strength.

P.C: Are you the bookworm type or you interested in sports as well?

Personality: I’m a football fun a strong Liverpool fun, I watch and I play football. I was the captain of my school football team but my school was not participating in the Milo games but  basketball. I used to play basketball but my mother was not allowing me to play so I only played basketball during P.E. I used to run  back in JHS but now hmmm. I can play volleyball too.

P.C: What are your plans after school?

Personality: I want to specialize but it depends on the number of years. I want to do general surgery and I learnt it is five years, before that you are expected to do two years workmanship and maybe have some working experience but I can’t wait for that long. If I’m able to finish at the age of 25 years and I get a specialization which is three years, I will do that, if not I will marry, give birth, do everything then I can specialize later.

P.C: Have you been grabbed?

Personality: NO. I’m not ready for now.

P.C: What is your take on Christianity and grabbing?

Personality: It is good. Before you marry someone you should know the person in detailed and so far as you don’t engage in erotic things, I see it to be good.

P.C: What do you expect from your husband?

Personality: He should be a God fearing and ambitious person.

P.C: What is your take on this popular saying “once saved, forever save?

Personality: When you are saved, it doesn’t mean you are forever save because Christianity is a life style and it demands a conscious effort. You can lose your salvation when you go wayward and you do not come back to Christ. I can say that if you are saved and you do not live to the standard of God, you cannot be forever save.

P.C: Where do you take your inspirations from?

Personality: From the Bible and myself. How, I inspire myself through personal assessment, by checking my life right from basic school to senior high. Although I wasn’t academically inclined back in basic school but I was able to improve from JHS to SHS which indicates that I can do more and this keep me going. I don’t really have somebody that I look up to, I just encourage myself and it has helped me a lot.

P.C: What has been the worst experience your life?

Personality: The day I checked my result and I had trailed,I did well in all but trailed one that was first year second semester during the long vacation. We were at the ward working and one guy came to inform us that the results are in so I logged-in to check my result. I had ‘A’ in all but only one subject I had “F”. I was shocked, I didn’t know how to tell my parents, but I was able to gather the courage and told my mum who later told my dad and infact he blasted me. It was a terrible experience but it taught me a lot of lessons

P.C: Is it true that those in SMS are inactive in church activities?

Personality: I can say that I’m an active member both in church and in my committee. I am able to combine my numerous studies and my church activities because I discipline myself. Second year in SMS is one of the busiest of all, you will have a lot of things to do so if you don’t balance your life, you might think the time is too small for you but you should know that sufficiency is from God and the horses are prepared for war but victory comes from the LORD. That was what I learnt when I trailed because some didn’t learn, others also taught they will trail but they didn’t so I couldn’t understand why I trailed. I realized that it doesn’t matter the number of hours you spend to learn, what matters is God granting you the grace.

P.C: What is your mission and vision in life?

Personality: My mission is to win souls for Christ and my vision is to become a doctor. I want to graduate as a medical doctor so that I tell the love of God to the patients after giving them medical treatment.

P.C: Do you have any advice for the church especially the youths?

Personality: You can dress in a fashionable way but make sure it is decent, not provocative, decent dress do not show parts of the body which will make the gentlemen confuse. Dressing in a weird way will let people have wrong perception about you but it should be modest

PC: God bless you so much for reading till we come your way next week remain fruitful.