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A picture of love

So bright yet so calm as the tides of the sea

No wonder people whammy its colour is blue

And John Legend is constantly mesmerizing many with his rhythm

“Give your all to me” that’s is typical slang of R&B

But love’s most depicted colour is red

With Eros shooting an arrow

Or a broken heart, when one has been damped or in limbo

Thinking about those times that Bae said he loved you

In truth my colour for love is also Red

But only Christ is Boo

Because from a crown of thorns His blood bloomed

From His lacerated cuts and tortured wounds

His disfigured and marred face men booed

Yet with that I want to take selfies

For my guilt and shame He took without taking fees

Greater love has no one than this

That a man should lay His life down for his friends

His death inscribed our names in His Daddy’s palm

Who also loves me more than my mom

He thinks of me before the sun rises

Specifically I am is always on God’s mind even the earth takes a bow

Hakuna matata! I have no worries

How I wished today was Drama Praise

Because I want to celebrate His love with His grace

Christ wrote to me a love letter

Let me tell the world about its ABCs

He wrote it not in ink but with the spirit of the living God

Not on tables of stones but on fleshy tables of the heart;

“Je t’aimais que le monde a commence

Je vous toujour aime quand j’etais sur la croix

J’ai meme t’aimais la croix

Et maintenant Je t’aime plus que j’aimais

Vous etes parce de cet amour.”

And at la mesa de la mour,

I also answered but in spanish

Gracias Jesus port u amour