Prince Kofi Guadzi

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The personality arena comes to you today with another thrilling moment where we get to hang out with one of our very own, Prince Kofi Guadzi, a second year BSc. Business Administration (Accounting) student.


Mr Prince Kofi Guadzi, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name as you have already sighted above is Prince Kofi Guadzi. I come from a family of five a little brother, an elder sister and my parents, Mr. Robert Kwablah Guadzi and Mrs. Mary Arkorful. I had my formative education at Palmar International School, located at North-Patasi here in Kumasi. I proceeded to Kumasi Anglican Senior High School also located at Asem in Kumasi and spent 2014 to 2017 there. These were some of the best times of my life with so many wonderful memories and a few sour ones. After completing senior high school, I was lucky enough to head straight to the university after gaining admission into Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Accounting option) in 2017 and I am still on course with an expected graduation in August this year. I grew up in many places here in Kumasi because my dad had to be transferred a couple of times across regions and finally even in Kumasi where we have finally settled, we still moved a couple of times. I grew up in South Suntreso, North Patasi, Kwadaso, Santasi-Fankyenebra and finally Suame- Kropo.


What is your temperament? (Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholic, Phlegmatic)

I am definitely a phlegmatic person with subtle charismatic features of a Sanguine and a Choleric. I love to be by myself and also just sit down to observe others and just how things go about in their own way without seeing a need to interfere or make my presence felt there unless there is a necessity for me to do so. I love to have conversations with the right people and in unknown crowds I still do my best to come out of my shell and interact with a few people all in a bid to find the one person whose ideologies align with mine so we can while away time together- spoiler alert, this rarely happens.



Tell us about your salvation story

I was baptized in 2013 at the North Patasi Church of Pentecost. Although I knew the repercussions of the ordinance I was taken through, the true implications of this was seen at my time in Kumasi Anglican Senior High School. At one of the many end-of-term Praise and Worship programs organized by my school to climax our examination week, I felt such a heavy heart that I began to weep uncontrollably at a spot very close to one of the exits of the Assembly Hall where the program took place. In route to my dormitory at Brobe-Mensah House, I saw a surge in my desire to do the work of God and from then, I have resolved to let my life be a reflection of God’s saving grace as He has saved me from several unruly attitudes, acts and thoughts of mind which only He could do.


Share with us your fondest memory in Kumasi Anglican Senior High School. Any nickname?

Although I loved being on my own, I was very sporty and loved to play basketball. I joined the school’s basketball team from my first year at KASS. My fondest memory were the many times we had to wake up so early to jog around the school and sometimes get to class so exhausted and always had to be met with Financial Accounting as the first course for the day. It infuriated my teacher affectionately called Fayol so much that although I was pulling my weight so well academically, I had decided to join the Basketball team which was still at a developmental stage and took so much of my time. In the end, it all worked out perfectly academically even though an injury during preparation for Sprite Tournament in Accra took me out of the final team for the renowned basketball competition in 2017.


Was KNUST your first choice institution for tertiary education?

KNUST was not my first choice for tertiary education. I had dreams of proceeding to University of Ghana but a funny thing happened right after school. We completed around May in 2017 and had to wait until August or so access our final WASSCE results. By God’s grace, I came out with flying colours and was looking forward to proceeding to University of Ghana, Legon. I woke up one morning in August to classic, “Dear Prince Kofi Guadzi, you have been admitted to the University of Ghana, Legon to pursue Business Administration (Accounting option).” I was extremely elated as I showed it to my parents very early in the morning. The deadline for the submission of a response was close as we were supposed to report to campus by Monday of the following week. I had secured my fees and was ready to pay at Ecobank in Adum on the Friday of the said week preceding arrival on campus when on the morning of that same day, KNUST also sent in the admission message.

I was conflicted and decided to proceed with the payment of fees for Legon. My dad was all for it as both he and my mom both grew up in Accra but upon several reasons tabled by my mom, we had to settle with me pursuing my tertiary education at KNUST. It is to the glory of God that I say, it was the right decision and my time here on KNUST campus has been one of the most informative, fulfilling and life-changing experiences I have had in my life until now.


What does Business Administration (Accounting) entail?

Business Administration (Accounting) entails learning the rudiments and principles behind the preparation of financial statements and also setting up internal control systems to help organizations with their financial systems. Accounting is founded on Principles and standards and as such all we do is based on a set of statutes peculiar to only the accounting profession which are widely known as the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Accounting Standards which are all promulgated by various boards and committees under the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).


Can you tell us some of the career opportunities a degree in Business Administration (Accounting) presents?

Most people have the presumption that a career in Accounting limits the opportunities of the student however I beg to differ. The versatility and necessity of Accountants in various industries regardless of size makes the work of accountants indispensable. The career opportunities available include: Accounts Clerk, Financial Controller, Budget Officers, Tax Accountants, Chief Finance Officer and the most Coveted-Auditor among others.


Describe PENSA-KNUST in five words?

Family, Friendship, Fire, Soul-winning and Experience.



What is your take on this years’ theme? (Maturing in Christ, Manifesting His glory)

Ephesians 4:13, 2 Corinthians 4:6. From the focal texts, the unity of the spirit which reaches its zenith with a pure display of unity in the faith is exemplary of the end time army God is building. The glory of God being manifested by our deeds, our thoughts and our speech even in our individual levels of spiritual growth should show a congruent and vibrant church which is ready to do the necessary to see the propagation of the word of salvation even on to the ends of the Earth. This can only be done when we, each as saved souls, come to a saving knowledge of Christ and strive to attain excellence in our walk with Him which is the maturity that we need as the saved of God.


Which committee are you a member of and why?

I am a member of the Editorial Committee but I have also enjoyed sometime with the Music and Drama committee. I love to read and write with the latter being my most enjoyable. The PENSA Editorial Committee gives me an opportunity to explore and meet others like me who also have a passion to write and as the Bible says,” Iron sharpens iron”.

Should a Christian listen to secular music?

As an instrumentalist, there are times that we give the excuse of listening to the nice beats from secular music as inspiration to learn up on rhythms and expand our repertoire but I believe music is also a food for the soul and what you listen to ultimately affects your thought pattern and outlook on life and so I am not a proponent of the above notion.


Who or what inspires you?

My biggest inspiration so far has been my dad, Mr. Robert Kwablah Guadzi. He is an accountant and only came on retirement this year. I have learnt so much from him in waiting on God, being charitable and also seeking the face of God in whatever you do.


What is your walk word?

Answer: I have two favourite statements that have impinged my walk on this Earth:

Avec Dieu, tout est possible literally converted as with God all things are possible.

Que Sera Sera also translated as whatever will be, will be.


Would you rather have seen the miracle of God parting the sea or have seen Jesus walk on the sea?

I would rather have seen Jesus walk on the sea because it showed another justification of the essence of him being God in human form and yet still wielding power of an unruly and yet beautiful part of nature-the sea.


What is your favourite food and can you prepare it?

My favourite food is Banku with okro soup or stew. The preparation of the stew has not posed a big enough challenge as learning to prepare Banku. I am still on track to learning it.


Are you in a relationship? If yes tell us about this Precious Pearl

Yes, I am and it has been very cool so far. The Precious Pearl is a wonderful woman of God, an up and doing person and is very subtle in all her doings but always finds time to help others in need and also serving God’s church in any role she can.


When is the right time for a relationship?

The right time for relationships per our social setting is after tertiary education where we start life as we proceed to have our national service and subsequently enter the job market. However, there is no one good way for all and it all borders on the maturity of the two individuals entering the relationship and how well their plans match up financially, emotionally, socially and belief-wise.


What do you look for in a future spouse?

Tenacity, goal-oriented, loving, independent and hospitable.


Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I hope to be done with my masters and also be done with my professional exams as I work and prepare for the next stage of my life.


A word of advice to the church

The grace of God abounds and being in a dispensation of grace, there is so much to do and there so many souls to save. The culture of liberalism and “I want to be free” is leading the world astray and it is only the saving knowledge of Christ and a general change in attitude that can help save this dying earth and so as we were tasked with a Great Commission (Matthew 28: 18-20), we should keep on keeping on and God will crown our toils on the Great Day. God be with us all.

God bless you lovely reader catch you on our next exclusive encounter as we bring to you yet another intriguing personality.