Customized Bushels of Mass Obstruction

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Though nobody lights a lamp and puts it under a bushel, the world has decided against all odds to venture into the business of mass production of bushels which will be customized to deem, and if possible, extinguish the light of the glory of Christ from the face of this present world. Friends, this is an agenda the world is relentlessly pushing with all its energies and resources. Today it’s a new philosophy, tomorrow it’s a new theory. Sometimes they are some liberties they seek to inculcate under the guise of human right systems. At other times they are the introduction of some ‘helpful’ strategies to boost the productivity of various sectors of development. In short, the world’s bushels come in various forms unnoticeable to the undiscerning fellow. But, this is very battle we have been called to offensively confront as God’s militia in this present world.

God’s glory—hidden in the face of Jesus—will be seen clearly when the knowledge of Christ covers the earth as the waters cover the sea. This is our agenda as Christians in contrast to the world’s. The knowledge of Christ must be made to fly high over every world system regardless of the world’s attempt to cover Christ’s light with its custom-made bushels. Hence, we, God’s army, have two basic tasks: one, to extensively show forth without fail, fear nor fervor, the glory of God among the nations as we excel in our knowledge of Christ Jesus, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and glory. Two, to offensively confront each and every single world-designed bushel at the very first glance with unmatched strength from the power of the Holy Spirit. Here, we seek to forcefully remove and destroy every single one of these evil bushels in order to make bear the light of Christ before every single eye which was hitherto blinded by the darkness of those bushels.

Friends, can we devote ourselves, I mean every breath of our existence to the course of making the light of Christ and the glory of God revealed to all creation? If yes, then I think there’s no longer room for timidity, but courage which rises with danger and strength, to oppose the strength of these customized bushels of mass obstruction.

Arise, all ye Church of God, till Christ is crowned Lord of ALL!

Elder Michael Amewu

President, PENSA – KNUST