Midweek Service (Workers’ Handover) – “The Basic Leadership Methods Of Jesus and Our Founding Fathers” by Ps. Nyamekeh

Another time in the presence of God saw the church witness a handover service. On Wednesday 25th of April, the church of God was privileged to be ministered unto by Pastor Richard Nyamekeh, a time where one group was laying down the mantle for another to take up.

In what was a workers handover at Queens Hall Dinning Hall, Pastor Nyamekeh spoke on the topic “The Basic Leadership Methods Of Jesus and Our Founding Fathers.”

In the beginning of his sermon, He cited the following scriptures to be used in the sermon: Luke 9:57-62, Luke 10:1-3, Hebrews 13:7.

He spoke about fact concerning Jesus’ commissioning unknown people, from this He said that, there was a task to pray to select people into God’s work. He also mentioned that He sends those He calls as sheep into the midst of wolves.

Moving on, He furthered expounded on the Jesus basis of choosing leaders.

  1. Praying.
  2. Impartation.
  3. Delegation or Deployment.

Moving on from here He said again that Jesus established these methods in the following ways:

  1. Word ministration
  2. By His Open Lifestyle.
  3. Evangelistic Outreach.
  4. In indoor programs or in small groups.
  5. Staying together with them by walking, sleeping and eating with them.
  6. Through Mentoring.
  7. His prayer life was also an example for His disciples to learn.

In the climax of His message Pastor. Nyamekeh made the point that God can use any person that He wants to use, and that God has no “Superman or woman”  but needs people who can come to Him in the sincerity of their heart.

In the closing stages, Ps. Nyamekeh spoke about His family background and  how far He has come even in His Christian walk since He came from a Muslim background.

He recalled that, It was the doing of the Lord as he shared other great testimonies from the experiences of other men of God.

He made us understand that the power that we have is greater than any other power we can imagine and thus we should exercise that authority after which he led the church in a time of prayer and ushering of a new breed of executives.

Amen, God bless you.


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