Midweek Service – “Understanding Faith” by Rev. J.W. Acheampong

The last midweek service before the Easter break was an exhortation for the church. The church saw the need to understand the principles of faith and appointed our very own SCC VC, Rev. Joseph William Acheampong to address that. It was also an avenue for seed sowing and offering into the SCC complex and the church gave their all.
He first congratulated the church for contributing the most in the building of the SCC complex.
The first text of the sermon was taken from Hebrews 11:6. He first defined assurance as the state of being sure or certain about something you’re hoping for. Faith therefore was defined as the surety and certainty in the midst of atrocities and impossibilities. Reverend charged the church to look into the eye of impossibilities and declare positively.
The man of God again defined faith as the feeling of being sure that what you believe or say is true; a strong persuasion of belief.
The preacher stated some of the characteristics of faith and they are outlined below;-

  • Faith is abstract
  • It may not make sense
  • Faith is radical
  • Defies science which draws conclusions based on criteria and principles.

The next talking point was the presupposition of faith.
First of all faith presupposes hope. It describes the fact that you’re desperately in need and the resources you have can’t get you that, therefore you need the help of a more power and resourceful person. Secondly, one is sure of the realisation of what is hoped for.
Many references were raised concerning the understanding of faith,  some of them include the story of the woman who was diseased with the issue of blood for many years. This study text was culled from Matthew 9:20. It was her faith in touching the hem of Jesus’ garment that saved her.
Another was raised from Luke 19:2; the story of Zacchaeus. The tax collector despised himself as a sinner and said that he was not fit to have Jesus Christ as a visitor. Faith is what makes all  things possible. By faith, we believe that we are saved and by faith we believe that we are going to meet our saviour when He comes.

In conclusion,  Reverend urged the church to  hold onto this calling of faith, to believe until the very end and the Lord who has called us will not disappoint us.


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