Midweek Service (Freshers’ Service) – “The Secrets of the Secret Place” by Mr.Godfred Asante

First time things always presents us with a form of excitement and thrill. PENSA KNUST on the 5th of September was no different as Mr. Godfred Asante exposed some truths to the church of God. The topic under consideration was , “ The Secrets of the Secret Place”.

The man of God began his message by telling the church about God’s intent for His people. God’s original intention has always been to have an intimate relationship with man, he said. The man of God asserted that, man was created to be God dependent but man became independent. And so, God devised a strategy of coming to man Himself in the person of Jesus Christ.

The first secret that was revealed unto the church was the Holy Spirit.

The man of God spoke about the secret place having only one entrance and only one source of light being having 7 lamps (Revelations 5). The seven lamps represents the Holy Spirit and Jesus is a full embodiment of the spirit (Isaiah 11). The speaker asserted that, the Holy Spirit testifies about Christ and until we know the Holy Spirit for ourselves, we remain in ignorance. Our fellowship with the Holy Spirit is the first secret of the secret place.

The man of God put forward the idea that the secret place is the place we mature. This is God’s ultimate purpose for His church (Ephesians 5). He again said that perfection comes in three levels;

  • Positional Perfection
  • Absolute Perfection
  • Experiential Perfection

In the secret place, the state of man’s heart undergoes a diagnostic test. Christianity on earth is the curing of the heart of man and the renewal of the mind, he asserted.

He made us aware that God deals with us based on the state of our heart. And our hearts can only be cured with the word of God. A very profound secret in this stage is the fact that we need to make time for the word of God if we want healing.

Works was another important secret the man of God emphasized. Our works do not guarantee our salvation but they are needed because of rewards. The greatest treasure on earth is time and what we do with it.  The secret place of God again, is a place of rest.

The last secret the man of God left with the church is the fact that the secret place is not a rosy jasmine field. It’s a place that will cost you greatly.

Narrow is the path and only a few find it.

God bless His word.


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