Midweek Service – “The Lifter Up Of My Head” BY Mr. Prince Samuel Adjei

All was geared towards Queens hall for the first midweek service for the semester after the revival week. It was indeed going to be a great time in the presence of God and the church was honored to be ministered to by its own secretary, Mr. Prince Samuel Adjei on the Topic “The Lifter Up Of My Head

He started the ministration by laying down his expectations inspired by the Holy Spirit to the congregation. Starting his ministration, the opening scriptures he gave were 2 Samuel 15: 30 and Psalm 3:1-3. He made this statement about the book of Psalm calling it a hymnbook after which he gave 7 classifications of the book of Psalm.

  1. Praise Psalms
  2. Historical Psalms
  3. Ethical Psalms
  4. Penitens
  5. Imprecatory Psalms
  6. Messianic Psalms
  7. Ceremonial Psalms

He went on to categorize Psalm 3 as an imprecatory Psalm “meaning a Psalm for the enemies”. Moving on with the sermon he said that David in the book of Psalm 3 was reaffirming his faith in God urging the church to do the same. He again said that God is the only one who has the power to know your future and encouraged the church not to look at the things from the earthly point of view or from people’s view.

The minister for the day getting to the end of the sermon made very interesting statements

  • God calms the storm to calm you.
  • God allows the storm to calm you.
  • God can be silent in certain situations and passing yet still His hand would still be on you telling us that God is always with us and will never forsake us in hard times.

Mr. Prince Samuel Adjei coming to a conclusion said that “God is a shield but the only challenge is for us to stand firm in Christ, not compromising on our faith”. He ended the sermon by saying that you don’t measure things based on earthly parameters, but rather know that in everything it is God who provides, according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

He led the church in a time a prayer which was indeed a great time in the presence of God and yes indeed everyone’s heart was at peace as we had a visitation from God.


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