Midweek Service – “The Appointed Time” by Mr. Daniel Sarfo

On the 2nd of May we were blessed to be ministered unto by the immediate past Assistant Off-Campus Overseer in charge of Prayer and Evangelism. Even though it was the decided time for students to write the End of Semester examination, it was also a nice time as he took us through the topic, Appointed time. It was a nice time as he enlightened the church on the inexplicable attitude of God and how He works with time.

“If my presence here is nothing short of the blood, then you can sack me. Nothing but the blood!” -Mr. Daniel Sarfo. He gave a scenario describing God’s omnipresence in an incident which happened in heaven. God asked two of His angels, Gabriel and Michael about the minutes He will take to deliver a message on the earth. Many answers were given but God answered Himself by saying that He need not go there, He is already there with His people.

God is one that creates beautiful situations out of ugly things. He said this by describing the creation story of how the earth was ugly and full of darkness. The principle of ugly to beautiful was established. The speaker made mention of a Poem which was derived from the word Poema and said God took His time to mould man out of the ugly dust like a poem. He gave varying examples concerning this ugly to beautiful concept.

He elaborated on the fact that things have to be ugly before it becomes beautiful. The speaker proceeded by talking about the principle of time. Mr. Sarfo made mention of the biblical concept of time.

Chronos – This time is characterized by normality. In this time,God doesn’t move. He doesn’t work and so it’s as though He is hidden.

Kairos – The special, appointed, acceptable time of God. God is a respector of time. (Galatians 4:45)

He said God cannot be moved to move before His appointed time. None of the prophets who existed before the New Testament could fast and pray for The Messiah to come, IT WAS NOT YET TIME!

In the Chronos ,the best men fail. Moses and David were practical examples from the Bible. In the Chronos, the things we face are things that may be above us. It’s as though God has forsaken us, but our answer is still in waiting.

You might be wondering why the prayers of the people around you are always answered and yours isn’t, the speaker added. It all has to do with time. Mr. Daniel Sarfo encouraged and enlightened the Church about God’s timing. He is never too early nor too late!!!! It’s a matter of time.!!!!

Time aso ooo!!Now it is your time to dominate. In the Kairos realm, God  has gone ahead of us and he is waiting for us to catch up.

Using the creation story as stated earlier Mr. Sarfo linked these two instances and said day by day and step by step new things are created because it’s your time, God has started to adorn you with riches and He is refreshing you, he asserted. The time of invisibility is past, we are now visible.

Mr. Daniel also stated a few things that the Kairos time can do for you. He said it can cause you to be at the right place at the right time for Him to bless you. The scripture readings were  from Ecclesiastes 3:11, Habakkuk. The only time He delays is when He wants you to catch up with the beautiful things He has created for you.

Before Mr. Daniel concluded ,he encouraged us to believe in God, wait on God, and He will renew our strength just as he did for Sarah at that old age. He shall do same unto us.

May God help us even as we wait on His own appointed time to move.


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