Midweek Service (Thanksgiving) – “What Shall I Render” BY Mr. Gabriel Agyare

Another great time in the presence of God is just enough to describe what a glorious service it was at Queens Hall Dining Hall .

Before the ministration however, the music and drama committee led the church in a time of worship where every body was lost and captured  in the glory not forgetting the RVT(Royal Vine Theatre) whose ministration also set the pace for the word of God.

Testimony Time

People thanked God for their lives and how far God has brought , it was a heart touching one .

Time Of Worship

Melodious music which brought God down . The room was filled with the Holy Spirit.

The speaker for the evening was Mr Gabriel Agyari in his opening account said when he became a born again his name was changed to pastor. In God’s plan he was he was never a mistake. He prayed that God should never let him forget anyone who has done him good.

The  topic for the day was, “WHAT SHALL I RENDER”

Scripture Reading was Luke 17 vs 11-19 which talked about the ten leapers. The Jews thought leprosy was a communicable disease so they changed their name to outcast. According to scripture,ten leapers were healed but only one came back to thank God.

He then advised that we should never say we have thanked God enough and he backed his statement  with Psalms 103.

1 Chronicles 17 vs 16-17 also talks about David’s prayer of Thanksgiving.

In your bad times give thanks to God. Our system were made that we should anytime in our life give thanks to God.

As the congregation got inspired, he continued  that thanksgiving is showing gratitude that God has done something good to in your life.


 John 4 vs 24 . Worship comes from the  Spirit. We must humble ourselves in worship.


  1. They are distinct act or work together . Psalms 105
  2. Praise affect our soul .


  1. Anytime we worship and praise GOD, He automatically comes down.
  2. It put our challenges in God’s perspective
  3. It strengthens our faith
  4. It is a great weapon of mass destruction
  5. It also shows our level of maturity in God.

In the dying minutes of his ministration, the preacher catapulted the congregation into a deep moment of prayer.

God bless His word. Amen

[Written by the Excerpt Crew of the Editorial Committee]

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