Midweek Service – “Single But Not Alone” by Mrs. Eunice Appiah Kubi

She started with a story of a certain Jeffrey Brown, a renowned author and marriage counselor. Mr. Brown found his purpose at age 40 and wanted companionship but God told him to build an intimate relationship with Him first before any other person.

She continued by defining singleness as a state of not being attached or involved in a romantic relationship. The speaker then stressed on the fact that singleness is not bad or evil. She further explained that singleness was the first ideal purpose for our lives in order to have a relationship with God  before getting attached to someone.

The speaker outlined the categories of singleness as:

  • A Life Decision such as Paul in the Bible
  • Delay

The church was enlightened on certain worldviews that corrupt our perspective on singleness. Namely:

  • As a person, you need another person to be or feel complete.
  • Singleness is loneliness
  • One cannot be single and be happy
  • Singleness means Rejection.
  • Singleness means one is ugly

She then, emphasized that these views, although  false have pushed the youth and adults alike into intoxicating relationships or relationships that have no purpose or direction.

The speaker went on to expound the importance of singleness.

  • Singleness gives one the freewill to make as many friends as possible and relate with many people to enable one identify qualities he/she wants in an ideal partner.
  • Singleness helps us build our relationship with God.

The speaker concluded by suggesting to the church tips to remain happy and single:

  • Accept your self
  • Discover yourself
  • Avail yourself to God’s purpose for your life
  • Maintain a circle of friends
  • Give yourself to others(service).


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