Revival Week, Day 3 – “Endued with Power” by Apostle Nana Yaw Agyei

With all strength of character and a buoyancy in his spoken word, the man of God blessed the people of God with a message on the topic

Luke 24:49 was still under consideration.

Dr. Luke had a style of writing different from many. This was the eye witness account style  of writing, the man of God mentioned. ‘Behold’ as used in the book of Luke 24:49 calls for military compliance, gives a new focus from the old to the new. Power from on high suggests that there is a different power from the usual( The Holy Ghost power). The descent of the Holy Spirit on Jesus was a gentle dove, but on man it was blazing fire ,Apostle asserted. It is not enough to repent, but the baptism of the Holy Ghost is expedient. No amount of anything can replace the power of the Holy Spirit, he mentioned. Paul tells Timothy to fan into flames the gift of God that was given to him.

“Don’t leave Jerusalem until you are endued with power”.

This verse suggests that the people had a good meeting place(they were together in one accord and broke bread and shared all they had), they had a good political system). Yet they were asked to wait for the power of Holy Spirit. The man of God told  the church of God that he sees a generation that is going back to the old believeism. Where there is no fire, the church will become a grounds for entertainment, gospel musicians battle with secular musicians for fame and recognition, he said. Preachers think about their wealth and not the impact they are making.

The descent of the Holy Spirit brings about many great and wonderful things. When the fire came, the people spoke in other languages. When they tarried for the spirit, Peter and John were going to pray, but they ended up healing a sick man(Acts 3). In chapter 4, they were commanded not to mention the name of the lord, but the church met to pray and the building shook. In chapter 6, the face of Stephen who was under accusation began to change into that of an angel. These are a few of the things the power of the Holy Spirit can help mortal men achieve. May the Lord raise a new breed without greed. God bless His word!


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